The richest man in the magic city

No. [142] Celebration

Just when Fang Xiaoyu is thinking about whether to participate in the celebration of the school, the Lisa teacher suddenly called Fang Xiaoyu, what he had just said. When Fang Xiaoyu said, he did not hear it in the words that he was in the goddess. He suddenly was discussed by the Lisa teacher. Some hands were in a hurry.

"Ah?" Fang Xiaoyu replied.

"You come first. LISA teacher called Fang Xiaoyu to the podium, although Fang Xiaoyu did not want to go, but he was embarrassed to smash the face of the Lisa teacher, hard scalp.

"Do you want to show what program is going to participate in the event?" Asked the Lisa.

Fang Xiaoyu shook his head. He didn't think about it or not to participate in this event. He didn't think about what the program would like. This question can make him feel distressed.

The classmates under the stage have no programs, and they can shout: "Sing a song! I haven't heard the filial piety singing, or sing a song to make them all other classes."

"Sing?" Fang Xiaoyu shook his head, "this is too low, singing a song more simple things, then saying that it is so much a few minutes, and it will not be able to make the strength of our class. Have a difficult program, let other classes see what is the level of the class? "

"Then tell me, what is your difficult program to participate in the event?" The Lisa teacher asked again.

Fang Xiaoyu pretended to think about it. After a few seconds, he became a look at the chest: "This is nowhere, but I have already arranged."

"Anyway, you just have to take a show to participate in the celebration, now there is no idea to wait until the afternoon, I want it. There is a rehearsal in the afternoon, when you go to see, temporarily think about it." Lisa The teacher slowly said that she believed that Fang Xiaolu must have a program to take the event. After all, Fang Xiaoyu is very much in a little bit, looking at it, it will definitely have a good solution in this matter.

Fang Xiaoyu took his chest and said to say: "This matter is handed over to me, no matter what, I will fight for the class, I can't let other classes look low. And I still want to make Press the whole game, let the scorpion two classes, we are the first, not only the first or the first place to learn, the first place! "It is very calm down to the platform, and sit back back Seat on the seat.

I have to say this sentence is very motivated, and each classmate is very active and enthusiastic to put forward their own suggestions. Lisa teachers have no way, and now other students in the class are not willing to go to the stage. Choosing Fang Xiaoyu is also helpless, so now I can only choose to believe in filial piety.

It is said that he has never disappointed her, and he is also possible. So the LISA teacher wrote the name of Fang Xiaoyu in the report of each class application program, but the program type and content were not filled, and the Fang Xiaoyu decided to fill it later.

After the LISA teacher left, Fang Xiaoyu fell into a deep meditation. Since I decided to participate in the event, then I have to take out a decent program, I have to show it tall, and I will not let others look low. The entire school showed a pointer in the past.

"Let's not sing, don't get a dancing, dancing is not a very simple thing." A classmate proposed.

Fang Xiaoyu smiled coldly, thinking that this is indeed a matter of not simple. Tomorrow is a celebration, and the time is not yet, let alone can't smoke so many people. This is indeed a challenge for him, but this program is still not challenging. But he doesn't like dancing at all! It is also very good at dancing this skill. Dancing this boring thing is still left for those who are good at dancing, how can someone who have a high martial arts can be dancing, this is too talent. Fang Xiaoyu's straightforward proclaimed his proposal.

In the class, I can't get a deadlock, who can't get a good idea, who can't mention what the program should be used to participate in the event, and finally the Fang Xiaoyu broke the embarrassing atmosphere in the class. "Teacher Lisa puts all the trusts. , Then I will never live up to the teacher and your hopes, as long as you trust me, I will definitely help our class to win honors. When you only need to give me a drum, you must let me see you high. Passion, can't let me think about it in vain. "

Chen Li stood up from the stool, very certainly said: "This is sure! What is the big brother? As long as the big brother needs us, we must do our best to support."

"Good brother, you have these words." Fang Xiaoyu said with his fist to gently touched Chen Li's chest, indicating that the two people's mind is the same.

Time is very fast, when everyone talks about the content of Tomorrow's celebration, there is no time to have a long time. Do you have to go with me? "

"I, I am going, I will go!" The students actively raised their hands to let Fang Xiaoyu on the rehearsal room, she can don't have to learn, although they are the students of the class, but participate in extracurricular activities. Not fall.

Fang Xiaoyu enlighted the classroom for a week, I found that I would like to go to my classmates, I can't just call a few people without other people. I think I have made a decision, "Let's go together, anyway, anyway, more people I want to do something, if there is any good proposal, I can implement it. "The students were very happy, and they felt the frying of Fang Xiaoyu together to rehearse.

Fang Xiaoyang, I started to worry about it. This is a student who will also have a second class in the rehearsal room. The two classes have to pay evil. If you encounter it, you will definitely have the impact on the speech. How to resolve it is a trouble. . But Fang Xiaoyu changed a way to worry, there is no way, the more I feel that I will meet. It is always necessary to meet, it is better to meet early, and there are many troubles in the future. Thinking of this, Fang Xiaoyu changed with fearless, with the students all the way to rehearse.

Sometimes, what is it coming, what is afraid of? Fang Xiaoyu has come to the rehearsal room, and those things that have been guess have happened.

Since everyone is the same time to rehearse, the pointed class and the scorpion are so very clever encounter. Fang Xiaoyu did not commit me, I didn't commit me. I didn't care about the scorpion of the two classes. After all, a king was going to see himself using the common people. Only in this way can only show his position.