The richest man in the magic city

Section [144] I want to be modesty

Fang Xiaoyu's attitude towards the teacher has been modest. After all, she has not been able to learn, if it is not to undertake the task of protecting Ina, I will not come back to school. How can I be a teacher and student, no matter whether you teach yourself, you will be your own teacher. It is better to be humble in front of your teacher.

"Teacher, you have just seen it, obviously the people who are scored two classes wounded, ironically, we are all the fools that only learn to learn. This kind of gas can be swallowed. If it is not a pointer, first provocation, we will not have a hand Hit. "

"Although they are wrong, you are too wrong, you should want them to have no things, and you will be able to come to school. For the school, what is the spiritual loss fees and medical. Although it is an aristocratic school, these parents are also I don't want to be the owner of myself. "

"If you come to school, you should come to school, you should come to me, after all, people are me playing, there is a matter of responsibility, but I am worried. Not only don't use school management, you don't need to manage, you are all self-adaptive, Don't give them lessons, they never know what is called the real king. "

The teacher sighed, anyway, he couldn't fight the filial piety, and then, he knew that it was a second class, it was not wrong. It was not wrong with them, and the sure was closed. The thing has passed, and it saves them to add some troubles to yourself.

"For the matter, this thing is responsible. You are rehearsing here. I remind you, I don't want to beat people, I can't afford to be responsible."

"Thank you teacher, I will not be beaten again." Fang Xiaoyu bowed a promise for the teacher.

After the teacher left, Fang Xiaoyu looked at the remaining students in the second class. "If you still want to rehear it in this rehearsal room, don't let me hear anything about us. Silly, let me hear a sentence, I will throw out your entire second class. Listen to it! "

In the last sentence, the remaining people were scared to shake, after all, I just saw the power of filial piety. Fang Xiaoyu is not a simple person, people who are not good for people with an enemy. For your own life safety, or choose a low-key man, because this kind of calling is not worth it.

In this way, people are learning, and Fang Xiaoyu will no longer take care of them, and continue to consider what program should be reported tomorrow. He didn't want to waste time with these people who were useless, and every minute was a one-minute ceremony.

Chen Li saw it for a long time, since he had seen his punch, it was always interested in funeralization. Before he always wanted Fang Xiaoyu to teach him the boxing, but also guaranteed, it was used to defense and fitness never to play people, but Fang Xiaoyu always said that his roots were not enough to learn. I thought that it was an excuse to teach him to teach him. Who knows that it is true. This set of boxing, not for more than a decade, I can't practice it, and I have to practice three or six months. Without these, perseverance fundamentally does not practice this boxing method.

Suddenly this time, when I was drunk, I've made a suggestion: "Brother, your martial arts is so good, do you want to play a boxing method, perform martial arts, to give you an eye."

"Playing a box?" Fang Xiaoyu thought about thinking, think this is a good suggestion. Just as he has no martial arts, playing a box is also the best way to show the force value, and you can shock the people who want to make with him.

"Then I will first give you a box, you will take a look, I have to feel good, I will practice it. It is also convenient to be familiar with the number of roads." In fact, Fang Xiaoyu does not need to drill, these boxing methods have already been cooked. The mind is like a flow, or how can his house be a killer to organize the first wolf head. Although it is very powerful but talk to these children who are still in high schools, they should communicate with this approach. If communication is not good, this will cause a very embarrassing situation.

Fang Xiaoyu saw a group of punches with his martial arts, and set the feelings of the students. Classmates feel good, but it is a short set of fist times, I hope he will play more or more. Fang Xiaoyu also felt more than a better, and picked up a box to integrate two boxes. It was a tiger and tiger that attracted a lot of existed classmates.

Fang Xiaoyu is good, just set the martial arts as the program you want, although there are still many people can't understand, but this is also a more special program that can attract the attention of the judges.

Fang Xiaoyu took two boxing methods for an afternoon, and the two sets of fist gentles were seamlessly seamless, and when the power was shown, it was a soft performance. A trick has its own characteristics, and its thousands of change is like the sea.

After practicing the boxing, I will let the students go back to the room, but I have to go to the office to find the LISA teacher. It is very unfortunately the teacher of the Lisa is exactly, and there are no other teachers in the office. For the helpless filial piety, I have to come to the LISA office desk, find the program application form, write the martial arts name and boxing of yourself to the application form.

After writing, hurry to leave the office, go back to the classroom to pick up your backpack. All the way, the filial piety is thinking about how to deal with the graduation ceremony tomorrow. If he plays a boxing method, there will be people who will not accept. If someone is not convinced, what should I do? Is it still doing it? In the ceremony, the impact is very bad. If you don't move, then you have to be questioned, he doesn't like the feeling of being questioned by others.

Today, I have made Fang Xiaoyu's brain to turn some pain, and the sure is no longer thinking about tomorrow. Tomorrow's things have a way to solve tomorrow, I don't think about any complete strategy today, so I don't want to go home than anything.

the next day.

If the college entrance examination ceremony is approximately, it has come to the designated place early this day, and it is expected that this three-year youth and struggle is a carnival, everyone is very exciting.

After the time arrived, the host arranged in order to admit in order. After everyone is sitting, the host is also a full spring station, first expressing his excitement.

"Classmates, everyone is good morning!"

Everyone loudly on the stage, everyone exhausted all the strength, as if to dare to hate this in the past three years, all in this applause.