The richest man in the magic city

Section [145] kill you 2

The host saw this scene was also very gratified. After everyone applauded, he continued: "It seems that today everyone's emotions are very high, this is also normal, after all, this ceremony is rare, perhaps this life, also Only this time, we have come in high school, confused, fight hard, and even want to give up, but fortunately, we can still sit here now, look at the grand ceremony of this adolescence! "

"Good!!! Say well !!!" Suddenly there was a small male, a special big boy, as if it was in an instant, followed by several people shouting, the atmosphere was very high.

In this case, I don't say anything nonsense. We start to step into the topic! "

The bottom is thunderous applause, Fang Xiaoyu is also sitting at the moment, and the palm of her fur sweat is in the palm of his hand. This may be the last time when he is watching the whole school.

He looked at the host, waiting for the host to report, his inner activities in this moment were also very intense. This time, he is also thinking about it for a long time. I don't know if you will be fascinating by his style.

Fang Xiaoyu is so thinking about it, and the face is exposed.

The most expected moment is finally coming. The host looked at the report sheet and smiled and looked at everyone. "Our first program today is a" Fang Xiaoyu to everyone ~ "

Before reporting the program, Fang Xiaoyu has standed up, ready to meet everyone's applause, but the next thing is in the expectation.

"Martial Arts" When the host said the show of Fang Xiaoyu to perform, there is no Fang Xiaoyu to expect the thunder, and some are just a hilarious sound.

Fang Xiaoyu suddenly felt that a feeling of being insulted, his face was also a red, a black, with a tone, never had a feeling, let him feel angry.

I also heard someone in the crowd said: "Wushu, haha! Is it funny?"

Then there is a person's call: "Yes, take the college entrance examination, it is wrong? Come here, no more,"

"Yes, yes, I am afraid not to prepare to play a set of Tai Chi, what is it funny!"

In this world, there is no lack of lively people, especially those who laugh at others, they never consider how much impact is caused by their words and deeds, and even if they don't consider whether others really have this strength.

They will only have a laughter, just ask for a heart of itself.

When Fang Xiaoyu is preparing to go back, I don't know who I said: "Go Go! Don't go up! Don't you think about it ?!"

Fang Xiaoyu suddenly arrived at the extreme, thought: You let me go, I can't go, why do you want to listen to you? ! I will let you look at it today, what is strength, let you only laugh at others, people stand and talk non-painful people look good!

Thought here, Fang Xiaoyu three steps and two steps to run to the stage, took the host's microphone, and tried to calm down, said: "You laugh at me, I understand, after all, the people who have the light, I am disdainful These people are more, I've always lazy in the tongue, I really have strength, or come to funny, let's take a look, you can't use you here to evaluate! "

After the end, I gave the microphone to the host, and the host immediately retracted to the stage.

Fang Xiaoyu stood up on the stage, glanced at the stage, and like an eagle generally sharp eyes let the students under the stage have an inexplicable sense of urgency, and a momentary station is silent.

"Ha!" Fang Xiaoyu fiercely fonds, it seems that the person under the air hammer, the person under the stage is very surprised, and it seems that this party is really one leg.

Fang Xiaoyu used Yu Guang to give a look at the expression of people, the expected effect has been reached, Fang Xiaoyu smiled in the heart, this officially started his performance.

Another punch! Fang Xiaoyu has not stopped after this punch, but a series of movements, one is unique.

This is a standard martial art!

The classmates under the stage did not dare to say anything, and they both widened their eyes and looked at this wonderful martial arts performance. It's rare. In this era, I can see such classical orthodox martial arts.

When the human heart, when Fang Xiaoyu closed, the crowd reached the extreme, the fried thunder's applause sounded, which was bigger than the previous voice!

Fang Xiaoyu sat down, at the same time, the host also got on the stage, laughed with the filial piety, and took his shoulders, and took the microphone to the person who said: "Fang Xiaoyu The classmates are right, some strength is not coming, he is not with your theory, because he is really powerful, not the air to the wind, hoped this, the classmates in seat I can understand that I will not laugh one of them later, because when you laugh at him, you will never know, how is he amazing and strength! "

The host this paragraph is not written on the report, but it is true from the heart, saying that it is also touching, and Fang Xiaoyu can't help but move.

When Fang Xiaoyu was ready to step down, the host suddenly retained him: "Classmates, etc., you said to the students"

Fang Xiaoyu turned back and thought about it, and he put a full martial arts shelf, saying loudly: "Only my world !!!"

"Good !!!" The applause sounded, and Fang Xiaoyu smiled again. When I was preparing to step down, I have introduced unhamined sounds.

"I thought it was too powerful, but it was a set of flower boxing legs. I didn't know where to self-confidence claimed to be the world." So disdainful voice, I caught a chance under the stage, I have seen him. Come.

Fang Xiaoyu also realized that people were not good.

Fang Xiaoyu is vigilant to see a look at the stage. I saw a full-row and a strong man, and I got up with disdain. Fang Xiaoyu looked with him, and the visual body is about one meter.

But he is so big that he is so big, nothing to do, not to mention a student who is empty, it looks fierce.

I saw a metest man in the country, and the face was suspicious and the nostrils were filial to the side, and the toes said: "Fang Xiaoyu, you are ah!"

Fang Xiaoyu knows, I understand, this is another person who is idle, there is a person who is nothing to pick, he is not angry, after all, the students who have just been in his strength is also obvious, he will I don't believe this will be overthrown because of this parenteral people's unhappy three words.