The richest man in the magic city

Section [152] crazy latitude

[ID Square]: "Bullying a friend who bullies the enemy? There is a kind, so much money can be thrown, how do you not directly throw a stack of waste paper to find someone to group?"

When Fang Xiaoyu's crash issued, the screen of the mushroom live broadcast was short. Soon, I saw ID I love crazy, I have bursted the latitude, see that tone, almost can't hate to the screen to come directly to attack the Fang Xiaoyu.

[Private letter: ID Mushroom]: "Fang Brother, thank you! But you don't have to provoke them again, these are not ideal, no morality, no quality, there is no discipline, the Large, the heavens, will not be thrown down, they will only be more The more fierce ... "

Fang Xiaoyu smiled slightly, only knocked on the mushroom four words.

[Private letter: ID Square]: "Don't worry."

It's so saying, but I suddenly saw ID I loved exited the live broadcast of mushrooms.

Everyone is surprised, the other side of the screen is outdoor, and the inner is just cured and immediately cured, and a serious problem is also noted at this moment.

His level is still 93!

The level is not high, I don't want to do my best, I have been working hard. I have been mixed for so many years. It is not easy to brush 100, now I will come to the scene to brush the ink. The child gave people a stick to 93.

However, at this time, if there is no good people who are willing to save the hero, the Hao Geo will save him, his level is estimated to go a level 100 in a period of time, after all, the higher the level, more difficult to upgrade.

Go, please ask Fang Xiaoyu to help save the fire?

No, no ...

This thought is just coming out, and it is swayed by the mushroom, and the visits in front of each screen look at the mushrooms that do not move the head.

Fang Xiaoyu took the hand, and he had directly helped him brush a big wave of gifts. He didn't think of Fang Xiaoyu will help him. This buddy is good, but what he can't owe him too much, owe a certain level It is the bad bonder to the debt, then when his brothers have to play?

Thinking of this, the mushrooms conversion, looked at the lens, and hoped that the lens can spread his poor small eyes to the point of view of the horses.

Is there any local ?

Quiet and other minutes, no.

Mushrooms can't help but feel somewhat frustrated, but this time I really came three levels to the emperor. When the mushroom biatred, the golden light was shine, but I saw the veteran of the emperor of the live broadcast, and the mushroom suddenly took a breath.

WhatAFUCK? !

[Level: Emperor I Love Intercourse] Added the live room.

[Level: Emperor I Love Zhang] Added the live broadcast room.

Mushrooms sigh, this special look, I will know that the ID I love the madness of the martyrdom, it is not to see Fang Xiaoyu to shoot, and I will take advantage of it. Ink, want to smash the dead, the way, the way, the ton of the ink is completely black!

Why is it really looking for someone to come to group? !

One million ink, two hundred and 15 million inks, 888 million inks ...

92, 91, 90, 89 ...

"NO! Don't make big brother!" The expression of mushrooms can't stretched. He looked at his level in his horror to show the speed of light. The line decreased. Ah! I really have any hatred, I will find a crowd on the road to beat me! Don't engage in my shark TV live broadcast? "

This world is not afraid of smart people, not afraid of stupid to unparalleled people, I am afraid that this brain is sky -oul! Tian Xiaoyu actually took a few million tens of millions, just in order to engage in his own live broadcast, in order to brush your own level, the ultimate goal is to revenue filial piety? !

However, the ants on the hot pot are also uncomfortable than the ants on the hot pot. He is always a bundle, and there is a hundred views in front of each screen obviously don't want these three money to smash the king. The comet, teriff is afraid that I am accidentally burned into gray.

I looked at tens of thousands of tons of ink on my own level, just like these ink splashled his Africans directly through the screen, for a few minutes, the level of mushrooms has been smashed by the three anger "" There is only 80 levels left.

The mushroom is so big, and the first time I want to cry and cry, and I will hit the wall.

[ID I love mad]: "Hey, you don't continue, come, I am afraid of you!"

[ID I love overbear]: "It is not a x, brush some gifts, there is no enemy of the world? Funny, !!!

[ID I love Zhang]: "Gua-store, what P, do it, let's put it! Come!"

Mushrooms have to be admitted, although he really doesn't want to make himself down the relationship of filial piety into the upper and lower levels, but he is really happy to stand in the eyes of Fang Xiaoyu at this moment.

However, there is no now.

The three emperors have become more and more proud, continue to smash the lives of mushrooms, ten minutes in the past, the level of mushrooms has dropped to level 75.

The heart of mushroom is extremely desperate.

"Drip -"

Despair almost let him fall into the cliff, the machine sounded and slammed him out.

The mushrooms are again sucking a cold, and then huge snoring because the air inhaled the belly is too much.

His parents!

[ID is less] to reward gifts to the anchor!

Mushrooms immediately went to see their level, he simply wanted to scream, Fang Xiaoyu went to 10 million, and he recovered one hundred!

The screen of the live broadcast is silent, and immediately immediately visited the explosion.

[See you]: "This is less poisonous!"

[Visitor B]: "These four are poisonous ... cough, I didn't say anything. (Lottery I can't afford it)"

[Visitor is propenfench ...]

Today, this shows, it is difficult to have a millennium.

And I don't say what you are in the live broadcast of the mushrooms, and the lights say that the shark TV's background works, I am so happy to make the thighs.

The emperor is not very tv! In this way, there is a user who has no brain, you must come more!

The background staff here is happy, the mushrooms in the live broadcast are excited, and the viewing visitors on the side are shocked, but the three emperors are angry.

Fang Xiaoyu actually has this kind of operation? !

[ID I love mad]: "Fang Xiaoyu! You are waiting for Laozi, don't kill you today!"

Fang Xiaoyu looked at ID I loved the madness of the madness (whose words were true for him), and the heart was quite disdainful.