The richest man in the magic city

[157] Alice 2

"Oh, wait, my name is Ali, I live near this. I am really trouble today, otherwise I will stay in contact. Next time I will ask you to eat." Allowed to chase it in his opposite side, it seems to be extremely thought Thanks to Fang Xiaoyu, ashamed him asked him to contact us, probably did not do this, she is a little nervous, and I will lift your hair from time to time.

"Okay." Fang Xiaoyu touched her mobile phone to hand, watching her slowly took over the store and handed over, see success to be number, secretly tone, blind, I am a lovely girl .

"Eat steak here, are you still staying with this?" Allowed to see the waiter so familiar with Li Zuhua, I can't help ask them.

"Yeah, I live in the villa area near this. I listen to him that this steak is not bad, I will try it." Fang Xiaoyu was arching Li Zuhua sitting around the arch, interrupted him to enjoy the sight of beauty.

"Oh, this steak is really good. If it is not that person, I can taste it today." I talked to eat, she showed a kind of snack goods, and sighed the good mood of eating food.

"Gourd, gourd baby, a vine on the seven flowers ..." A burst of other children's voice, suddenly the atmosphere is very embarrassing, just smiled and smiled, smiled from the backpack of your backpack .

"Hey -" Alice Long Jade Nature pulls up in the top, then can't help but laugh, it will stop.

"Okay, I am coming, my sisters are waiting for me." I don't know what to hear. She quickly said that she said to the bag and moved into the bag, and the action was very fast.

"Fang Xiaoyu, I have a few sisters waiting for me, we are here next time." She got up to the face of Fang Xiaoyu and Li Zuohua.

"Okay, goodbye." Alloweds and nodded and left.

"Goodbye beauty, my name is Li Zuhua." Li Zuhua saw that there is no chance to take a chance, the beauty is going, and the name is rumored to report his name, but people are far away. Both Fang Xiaoyu and Li Zuhua have both eaten, after Allowed, two people have the kung fu for a while, and I also bought it ready to go home.

The last two people have returned to their respective homes. After returning home, Fang Xiaoyu has nothing to do. Suddenly think of it before you eat, isn't it?

It's not that your shark TV's account has been unsealed, then he took out his own mobile phone from his own clothes, and found out the shark TV software, found that his account is really unfailed, but now Give yourself unchecked, there is no particular attraction to yourself, and you don't want to see what you want to see now.

Just when Fang Xiaoyu is preparing to turn off the mobile phone, a message suddenly popped up from the screen. "Hello, Mr. Fang Xiaoyu, I feel very embarrassed for the previously frozen your account, bring you some trouble, here we feel very sorry, it is really sorry."

"For this time our mistakes, I hope you can understand, and recently we will have a grand ceremony, you want to ask you to serve as an important guest of our ceremony, can you?" The organizers said very euphemism. It seems that I am really worried that Fang Xiaoyu will refuse them.

Looking at the text content on the phone, Fang Xiaoyu did not feel a lot of emotions at all, anyway, this is not a particularly big thing, but also can't talk about any mistakes, but all according to The rule is doing something.

However, for the important guests they invite themselves, they still feel very interested. I feel that this proposal is still, after all, I spend tens of millions of myself on the shark TV.

Although these tens of thousands of tons are just a piece of dishes, usually more than this money, he will not blink, you will not feel distressed. But if you go to the ceremony, you can also see your favorite anchor, why not?

Although I would like to be interested in the important guests who are a festival, I can see my favorite anchor is still very happy. So thinking, Fang Xiaoyu felt that the festival was to participate in the ceremony, and it was still a little good for him. After all, he can contact his idol, or very good, so he replied to the other's SMS "line."

After the reply is completed, there is no matter if I can do it. It is just that eggs from the upstairs, saying that they are a bit hungry, then call Fang Xiaoyu to make my own eggs, Fang Xiaoyu is naturally a promise.

Anyway, there is no matter what he can't do now, and he hasn't hungry feelings, this will listen to the proposal of ea, and his belly is also a bit hungry.

Then he got up, did not return to Ona, I walked in the kitchen without saying that Fang Xiaoyu did not speak, and there was no special feeling. After all, I was so filial, and she also understood the filial piety. If you talk to him, if you talk to him When he did not respond to others, only two situations, usually what he thinks in his heart, did not hear the other party.

Otherwise, he thinks what you said is right, so naturally, he can say something. Ona saw Fang Xiaoyu into the kitchen, she didn't return to the upstairs, sitting in the living room, waiting for the filial frying rice, and then said the folkon in the kitchen. After walking into the kitchen, the egg, hit the egg, then cut some egg fried rice, together with the pot, after a while, the egg fried rice is done.

After seeing the egg fried rice, Fang Xiaoyu quickly became two bowls, got it on the table, greeted eating eating in the living room waiting. Ona has long smells the scent of Fang Xiaoyu, this is not, hear that Fang Xiaoyu shouts yourself, and then come over.

Don't say, regardless of whether the Fang Xiaoyu is doing, just say that this egg fried rice, Fang Xiaoyu doesn't know if there is any secret, every time it is very fragrant, so I will not feel the tired of the family.

This rice, two people naturally eat fast, after a while, two people have finished eating, Fang Xiaoyu naturally leaving a clean table, then getting the kitchen ready to wash the dishes.

And Ona nature is back to the living room, after anything, go back to the room to sleep. After all the filial piety was packed, it didn't matter, the digestion was also finished, and then returned to the room to sleep ...