The richest man in the magic city

Section [164] Continue to laugh?

He just took care of it all the way, did not expect to show what the show I have to perform. When I heard the Lisa teacher called his name, he was almost a big brain.

But now, he can only have a hard scide. Go all the way, all the way to see what the program is going to perform.

At the moment I stepped on the podium, he finally decided to show the show that he had to perform, sing the challenge of the cold, "Qinghai Plateau". It is a bit sad reminder, although he grows in this era, but basically will not sing what epidemic songs, the only "Qinghai-Tibet Plateau".

Before the singing, he glanced at the classmates, and finally landed on the people of the people in the crowd. He was really worried that he sang this "Qinghai-Tibet Plateau", and the tall image of destroy.

But now, he has not retired, only do its best.

At first, he sang himself from me. I feel good. At least there is nothing to do, and those classmates seem to be imitation, let him feel the feeling of the aura of the sky.

However, when I sing, when I was the highest tone of the most challenging, he felt a bit of eating, and finally, no matter how hard, the treble is like the peak of the passover, he spends all the strength of the whole body and can't climb. Going up, I can only follow the waist from the half-mountain waist.

"Ha ha ha ... hahaha ..."

Fang Xiaoyu heard a laughter, this laughter made him suddenly red ear, and he knew that this did not choose such a song.

Fang Xiaoyu lifted the eye first, I went to Ona, I didn't laugh, which made him slightly comfort, another look, it turned out to make a laughter, nor a classmate of a pointed class, but another group outside the classroom student.

Fang Xiaoyu recognized that they were part of the class two classes. They probably heard the movement of the pointed class, and they didn't think that I didn't think that I didn't think that I didn't want to sing that treble. I have a ridicule. laughter.

Seeing that this born of the pointed two classes is laughing, it can bear it. Fang Xiaoyu is angry: "You help the garbage, laugh, ovals, think you sing very well?"

After that, I won the door and went out, and I have a few laughs of the biggest scorpion, and I am frightening the Lisa teacher on the side.

Looking at the scene of the eyes, all the students in the pointed class are in the class, only such a voice in the heart sounded "I rely, this side is too big too much, I caught up with the scorpion. People challenge, it is too powerful. "

But this does not include Chen Lihe and Ona. Originally, they have already seen it, but I only see this scene, I have no feelings, anyway, it has been accustomed.

Can not think so, I originally, he is not the Lord who is going to stop. Although there is no surprise for the movement of Fang Xiaoyu, it is already a tide.

In my heart, I have been called a good filial piety. Anyway, he is not worried about Fang Xiaoyu and the people who will fight. If you don't say such a few people, even if the boy from the entire tip is coming, there is no threat to Fang Xiaoyu.

The students who have a pointed class are just a kung fu for a while. However, between the transsthesis, the pointed classroom has passed the happy cheers, as if they laugh at the pointers.

The second class was originally unpleasant because the tip was held, and the result was laughing at people, and was also hit by people, and she was still in the face. I couldn't help it on my face.

At this time, I heard the cheerful cheers in the classroom. "You are waiting for me." You give me waiting, now I stand, I have a good look. "The few people in the second class were finished. This sentence returns to the scorpion two classes to find someone.

I heard what they said, Fang Xiaoyu did not take an event at all, oh, but there is no ability to have a part of people, I used to do it at all from this hand.

But who makes them now provokes to their class, although they don't listen to the teacher in the class, but also always escape, but this does not mean that they can bull themselves. Come on the head of a class.

If you feel very good at first, if you don't have a bad language, you will not care about a few words that are similar to ridicule, but what is going to be appropriate.

Since the people of their second classes are in the first, don't blame him for a while, I don't want to give them a relationship. I thought that the two classes were next to the next door for so long, not to say very united, could not be this point, I didn't expect that I really broke the people who didn't know the scorpion!

After a while, I just gotten back, and I also brought all the boys in the second class, and a part of the people came to the place where they had just fight.

At this time, Fang Xiaoyu did not pay attention to so many people in front of him. He also satirized this kind of person in his heart.

Fang Xiaoyu's attention is so concentrated, as long as you think about one thing in your heart, there is no feeling at all things happening around you.

The previous few people in the pointers were all filial. They didn't feel a little featty for them. There was no other expression on the face. I couldn't stand on my face.

So, he pushed the filial piety, and then said, "How, look at me, I didn't dare to talk, but it didn't matter, if you apologize to the humanitarian of our pointed class, this thing It is also very simple to pass. "

I have interrupted my own ideas, Fang Xiaoyu is very unhappy, the brow doesn't move the color, then lift my eyes, I finally saw so many people in front of him, but he found it at all. Nothing when he taken.

He is uncomfortable: he is most hate others to interrupted his thoughts, it seems that this part of the second class not only has no ability, but also is very bad, and I don't know how to enter. The pointer is really bored.

But it is not unhappy. Fang Xiaoyu has not immediately opened it. After all, for him, the two classes can don't do it, I will do it first. After all, I will be scattered. I have known it for so long, don't say all Cognition, you can basically everyone should be taking photos!