The richest man in the magic city

Section [169] college entrance examination is coming soon

Tomorrow will be college entrance examination. After the end of the college entrance examination, it will no longer belong to this school. You don't have to listen to any order of the school. When they are, they don't have to kill people, and they have nothing to do with this school.

But now, they still belong to a part of this school, which is limited by the school, they can't do whatever they want.

"The meeting will start now ..." When everyone arrived, the people who presided over the meeting announced the meeting.

The principal took the center of the top, as always, the nonsense: "Good evening, today we have an important notice, to be in front of everyone, tell you classmates ..."

The President Wang stood on the stage and started a big story. Ten minutes of time passed, but he still did not say the focus.

This is a speech he standing on the stage. He has to have the last principal's addiction, even if the students are impatient, then they have to wait until he is finished.

Waiting for a long time, the long talk of the Wang President, finally finished, and started to cut into the topic ...

"Our school, from today, the principal's position will be held by Fang Xiaoyu!"

A stone aroused a thousand lay waves, and the prime minister said, the applause on the stage continued, as many teachers took the lead in applaud, the students under the stage began to take the palm.

At the same time, their eyes are all in a doubtful look, looking to the center of the Taiwan ...

They want to see, this new principal is, what is it!

The classmates of the pointed class, heard the new principal, could not help but have a glimpse, this new principal actually made the same name with a classmate of their class.

When it turned his head, I wanted to make fun of Fang Xiaoyu, but they saw it for a long time, but I didn't see the shadow of Fang Xiaoyu.

Then, on the eye on the station, the young man standing in the center of the Taiwan ...

When they see the familiar appearance of youth, I can't help but have a glimpse, is this new principal, it is ... Fang Xiaoyu?

All the eyes are gathered in, Fang Xiaoyu did not panic, calmly picked up the microphone, whispered: "Hello, I am Fang Xiaoyu, will be the principal of this school ..."

After that, the next piece was shocked, no one thought that this new principal, it turned out to be a fellow!

Simple self-introduction, the teacher who presided over the meeting, told the pointers and the second class, and will be responsible, all blame the crime to the head of the second class!

Even a few classmates who have two classes, they were directly eliminated!

The next day is the college entrance examination.

On the first day of the college entrance examination, candidates who participated in the college entrance examination were like the tide of the test room. Of course, the parents who accompany the best, the mighty, the big test room was blocked. They look nervous, and they are anxious, as if they are not their children, but they own.

Candidates entering the examination room, the mentality is different, some are nervous, some relaxation. Among these tense candidates, of course, it does not include the pointed class of the Mingdu's high school. After the Mood of the LISA teacher, the students did not have a pre-test phobia, and they came to the examination room with relaxing mood. The mentality is the correct opening of the college entrance examination.

Of course, people who have the most relaxed mood are unfolded.

Last night, he still planned to return home and reviewed it. The result was too sleepy. He went to bed, he couldn't help but climb it to bed, he fell asleep in less than half a second.

Today, under the reminder of the parents, he ran to the examination room without preparing, and became a member of thousands of candidates.

If it is someone else, I have already panicked the urine pants, but don't forget that Fang Xiaoyu is not waiting for the leisure. He has a genius teenager, the college entrance examination in the district, how can he put it in your eyes?

Other candidates are nervous to enter the examination room, but he is like a tourist tourist tourism, and the mood is like a day tour of Hawaii.

As a result, after half an hour, he came out of the examination room. He simply did the quest questions you would do. As for those who won't have a problem, it is a small dish. what.

People have a self-knowledge, knowing it, I don't know, I don't know, I know it ... Who is this sentence? When Fang Xiaoyu flew, he wrote it, not too simple.

From the examination room, Fang Xiaoyu is relaxed, and I know that the air outside is so good, it is better to run out.

In the morning, I was in urgent, even if I didn't think of early morning, I ran to participate in the college entrance examination. I now give it now. Now I have come out from the examination room. I feel that the bladder is going to be broken, and the toilet will put water.

After the urine is not enough, I should go home, after all, stay here to see someone else's college entrance examination, there is nothing to do, not as if I will continue to make up. I have been playing a night to eat chicken that night, let him go until now, I still feel that sleep is not enough. It seems that I can't play a chicken in the future, I have to pay attention to myself, otherwise it is a pity.

Only I went to the school gate, I saw a familiar figure and I came out of the examination room. Fang Xiaoyu was settled. It turned out that Chen Li also came out from it.

However, look at him as depressed, you can eight9 don't leave ten, he is not good, it should be very worse.

"Chen Li, how did you come out?" Fang Xiaoyu smiled and said to Chen Li.

"Don't mention it, I have a collapsed." Chen Liji said: "Almost half will not."

Fang Xiaoyu saw Chen Li's look, couldn't help but laugh, because someone can stand with him in the same front, indicating that all the aristocratic high school pointers are not only his one does not love to learn.

Chen Li went to Fang Xiaoyuyi: "Do you laugh? I must be killed by my father this time, after the college entrance examination results come out."

I heard Chen Li said that Fang Xiaoyu stopped laughter, said: "What are you afraid of, isn't it the first day today? I have to take two days. Other subjects are good."

Chen Li knows that Fang Xiaoyu is comforting himself, and the mood is slightly tight: "I hope, but I will not go anything else."

Fang Xiaoyu saw Chen Li Sheng's noneless look, once again missed, so hard to endure it, in the belly.

"Let's go," Chen Li sighed and sighed: "Unhappy is not enough, Fang Xiaoyu, it is better to play it with my family."

"Go to your home? What?" Fang Xiaoyu asked: "Laozi only wants to go to bed now."

"What do you sleep? Don't sleep, go to my house, take you to play a new game together, package you stimulate." Chen Li continued to pour a filial puff.

Fang Xiaoyu has been gotten, that is, it can't stand the attraction of others. When you feel your heart, you will be awake, you have no sleep.