The richest man in the magic city

No. [170] King of Fighters

The main thing, he also wants to take the opportunity to see Chen Lijia, although the two have been on the table, but Chen Li's home has never had a chance to see it. Chen Li has been boasting the original game from the launch of the launcation in his face. Fang Xiaoyu also thinks that it is fast, because he knows that the electronic technology of the devil country has always been the most advanced in the line, this has to be admitted.

At the moment, Fang Xiaoyu followed Chen Li, left the school, walked to Chen Li's home.

Before home, Chen Li wanted to Fang Xiaoyu, if Chen Li's father asked the college entrance examination, be sure to keep his own achievements, such as a bottle, otherwise his life today is not yet.

Fang Xiaoyu nodded, he knew that Chen Li's home education is very strict. If Chen Li's father knows that Chen Li's is like this, I am waiting for Chen Li to say that it is a punishment of the hanging level.

I took a few streets and finally came to Chen Li's home. Although Chen Li's home is not in the rich area, but in that, it is the most eye-catching, newly built luxury house, rich decor, and it can be seen in a glance.

Chen Lijia is also a business, father is a computer accessories business, and earn a hundred have any problems a year. Because of this, the home is rich, otherwise Chen Li's father can't have money to send Chen Li to Fengcheng Mingzhuang high school such a noble school, a year's tuition fee must be several hundreds.

"You can't see it, your family is quite rich." Fang Xiaoyu deliberately touted Chen Li to meet his vanity.

"OK," Chen Li listened, I really got a good time: "My father gave me five thousand pieces of zero money every month, but the condition must be made up of the study results. I also said that this college entrance examination is, I have passed, Just sent a full set of Japanese original Ottman robot toys. "

Fang Xiaoyu "smile" "Then you are not bubble, you have been taking so bad."

Chen Li immediately revealed a bitter gourd face, depressed: "Well, I don't want to think about it."

Fang Xiaoyu wants to comfort the Chen Li, but I don't know what to say, so I got angel of Chen Li's home, asked: "Do you have a father today?"

"Of course, I'm listening to it immediately," if he is, give me the bear's heart leopard, I don't dare to pull you home to play games. "

Fang Xiaoyu heard some nodded, laughing, "What is waiting for, let's play games.

Start playing games, when Chen Li opened the game, there was a familiar piece on the screen. He heard the familiar music. When he saw the "Boxing" game of the old slag, Fang Xiaoyu couldn't help but broke out: "This Is what you said? When I read the third grade, I started playing! Will you be a functions like a monkey? "

"You don't have such a early conclusion," Chen Li said mysteriously: "Yes, this is the" Boxing "game, but this is the latest original of the devil country, after playing, you are enjoying."

"The latest original for the devil country? Is there any difference?" Fang Xiaoyu said doubts.

"I haven't used it now. If you experience it, don't you know?" Chen Li looked out a poor expression.

Seeing that Chen Li said so sure, Fang Xiaoyu took the game handle and felt trying to play a few.

I didn't expect the game, and Fang Xiaoyu had a feeling that I can't stop. Compared with the domestic version of castrated, no matter how bloody violent or metamorphosis, this devil country is strong, so that players have one I have a feeling of pleasing and pleasing, and Fang Xiaoyu is going to play a few minutes, I can't let it go, I have already played.

Seeing Fang Xiaoyu can't pull it out, Chen Li smiled: "Fang Xiaoyu, I didn't lie to you, this game is very enjoyable?"

"Yes, Yes." Fang Xiaoyu has played on his head, but there is no time to manage him.

Fang Xiaoyu has been playing this game's arcade, so the way to play some skills also remember, and it is not expensive to play, but it is just like a time you have done it again.

This game, his favorite role is the grass, so every time you play this game, you will choose this handsome role. He let the grass in Beijing use the killing skills of the snake. The other party's servant is not stronger, and the end is full of feet.

"I can't see you, this child is playing" Boxing "is quite powerful." Chen Li saw that Fang Xiaoyu technology is good, not hovering thumb.

"Of course, when I play this game, I am still wearing the pants." Fang Xiaoyu braggy.

"Don't blow," Chen Li listened to a bit uncomfortable: "Since you are so powerful, it is better to fight a game?"

"Yes, accompany it." Fang Xiaoyu likes to challenge yourself.

Chen Li's favorite game character is a cold eight god, and Fang Xiaoyu continues to choose his favorite grass, the two pick up the handle, start the gods to compete, after all, they are unwilling to take people.

Fang Xiaoyu knows that Chen Li played this game should be two pounds. Otherwise, he did not die to challenge himself. He just didn't know that Chen Li was so powerful. Killing is under the octopus.

However, don't forget that Fang Xiaoyu is a strong person who is strong, the higher the level of Chen Li, can we will repeat the Fang Xiaoyu. Seeing that the grass is dangerous, Fang Xiaoyu is no longer in hand, so that the killing skills of the grass in the grass will kill the skills "Grass Horizon", and even the eight gods that have just won a proudly.

Fang Xiaoyu cattle cattle, the painting wind is really too fast, Chen Li has not reacted how to come back, his eight gods have been miserable by the fists of the grass, instant blood bank.

Next, Fang Xiaoyu is no longer in love, and it is dozens of Chen Li, and it is almost can't stand up. But Chen Li is also a good person, so he is his site, losing so miserable, let him feel like it, so dozens of times, but still defeated the battle, no wrapped in Fang Xiaoyu to play, one snow Award.

Fang Xiaoyu did not think so. He knew that everything must be appropriate, so I found a step to let Chen Li, said: "When I come to the Japanese, I will play here today, I will go home first."

"You are like this, I want to run, can't work, continue to play!" Chen Li stopped at the door.