The richest man in the magic city

Seoul [172] I am going to find a younger brother

It is the biggest organization in Fengcheng. Even the company's headquarters also covered such a luxurious domineering, Fang Xiaoyu looked up, this shadow building is not less than 50 layers, although it is not the highest construction in Fengcheng, but at least ten There is a name.

Your own younger brother doing a business to do so, Fang Xiaoyu is also secretly happy. But think of you have a magicine system, these things are just a matter of smoke cloud.

Fang Xiaoyu went into the Shadow Building, and saw all the decoration design inside the building shine in front of him. It is worthy of multinational corporations. The light is the head of the flow of light, it should be worthless, say that it is scared. In the lobby, there is a beautiful carpet, and I know that it is imported from foreign countries. The price should not be too low. Only a big company like a shadow organization, there is a bottom gas to show his strength to his guests. .

However, Fang Xiaoyu felt the most eye-catching in the building, or the front desk of the front desk. The shadow organization is worthy of a big company, and the front desk for hiring is also better than a good look, and people look at it, and the soul is quickly sucked. No wonder that the shadow organization is more and more red, the reason for Li Feng is deeply profound.

If you don't have something today, Fang Xiaoyu really wants to go to the front desk to hook the beautiful sister, but unfortunately, today, because of no time, he also wants to talk about Li Feng in their boss.

The security of the Shadow Building is also very in place. You can see the uniform, high-profile security security guards in patrols. These security guards have two high filial piety, and they look like flashlights. Fang Xiaoyu wants to have a dry frame with them, but also expense.

Fang Xiaoyang entered the building, immediately caught the attention of security security, Fang Xiaoyu students appeared to be in the atmosphere here, let others discover.

A security guard in some faces went to Fang Xiaoyu, asked: "Something, you are still looking for people."

Fang Xiaoyu didn't want to make trouble, I had to lie: "Oh, I am waiting for someone, soon will go."

The security guard used the suspicion to see the Fang Xiaoyu, did not see what is wrong, this slowly left.

I was asked by security guards, and Fang Xiaoyi did not dare to go, afraid to expose his own student identity, once again attracted the entanglement of security. He is coming to Li Feng today, he doesn't want to save the country.

Therefore, he is also too lazy to find the chairman's office directly. He wants to find the chairman's office, you can find his younger brother Li Feng.

Although the Shadow Building is large, it is not difficult to find the chairman's office, because all the layout maps of all the construction are attached to the elevator mouth, which is convenient for fire escape. Fang Xiaoyu passed this layout, knowing the chairman's office in the top floor of the Shadow Building.

So Fang Xiaoyu took the elevator and went to the top of the building, which is the board of directors, looking for Li Feng.

However, I just got out of the elevator. He knew that he was so happy. It turned out to be outside the chairman's office. He was standing with two body signs. That kind.

Didn't wait for the filial piety, the two bodyguards have gone through the gods and blocked his way.

The two bodyguards saw Fang Xiaoyu near the chairman's office, and asked immediately: "Who are you? What are you doing?"

"I look for your boss Li Feng, do you ask him inside?" Fang Xiaoyu knows that this is their work needs, it is not very wanting to make them difficult.

"Do you make an appointment with us?" One of the bodyguards asked very professional.

"No," Fang Xiaoyu said very simple: "In trouble, two people go in."

"Hahahaha ..." The two bodyguards have been laughed.

"Don't make an appointment, I want to see us." One of the bodyguards laughed: "You don't know if our Li is very busy? I want to see him more, where is the wheel get you?"

"That is, see your poor acid, I still want to see our Li, I will not want to come to the money of our Li." Another bodyguard glamorous, and smiled.

Fang Xiaoyu thought that these two bodyguards were so looked so, it was really a dog's eyes, and I was angry when I was angry. The double boxing was "giggled".

"If you are not willing to report, please go out, I will go in." Fang Xiaoyu seems to be Li Feng's hand, or the mood controls his emotions.

"Oh, look at your look, is it to fight with us?" The bodyguard that left the slag, seeing Fang Xiaoyu, and looked down at the foat.

"Kid, I advise you to go, so as to get the bottom fist, we have to be seriously injured and we will lose your medical expenses." The other bodyguard whose flattened bodyguard said coldly.

They don't say it is okay, Fang Xiaoyu heard that they were so hot, and they were more angry, and they thought that they did not teach them today, let them know what the dog looks low.

I will warn the two bodyguards that I don't know how to do this again: "I will say it again, let's open!"

The two bodyguards are of course not placed in their hearts, not only do not let the open, but step by step and Fang Xiaoyu approach, ready to grasp the Fang Xiaoyu, notify the security department to handle it.

The two bodyguards walked to Fang Xiaoyu, I was preparing to grasp the shorts of the squad, but they just made a movement of reaching, and found that the Fang Xiaoyu in front of him did not see it.

A so big person, how can I not see it? They almost doubt that they are not a flower, and there is an illusion.

In fact, the filial piety is not disappeared. It is impossible to be inevitable, but it is only flashing behind them, but the movements are too fast, they didn't see clear.

Fang Xiaoyu stands behind the two bodyguards, revealing a proud expression, then reaching out, each is on the two bodyguards, the two bodyguards are stressed, the body is not controlled, suddenly to the front Flying out.

Although Fang Xiaoyu did not have a very powerful, the two bodyguards have fallen red, and they climbed up, flew to Fang Xiaoyu, and they had a desperate look of filial piety.

Fang Xiaoyu is of course fightering, and it will make a few moves, and they quickly called these two bodyguards. They didn't think about it, and they didn't think of this body shape. hit.