The richest man in the magic city

Section [177] to the lake heart pavilion

I heard the sound of the quarrel came over, Fang Xiaoyu went to the front, and found that the classmates of their own class and prepared to have someone who had to rent a boat. One of them.

Fang Xiaoyu did not immediately go to the front to help his class class, just listening to things, Fang Xiaoyu's ear is still very good, and two people who quarrel are not far from themselves.

I have been a person who is going to be prepared together, and there is no place to leave the ship far away. After listening to half of the two people said, Fang Xiaoyu also understood why two people quarreled, but they were going to board the ship. He did two because a seat was sitting and started to mix the mouth.

Listening to what they said, Fang Xiaoyu felt a speechless, but it was a seat, what is worth it, it seems that this helper is really boring, because a seat is still worth quarrel, it is estimated that it is not only a few. Type.

Moreover, it seems that the opposite side of the opposite is that it seems that it is very powerful. It is estimated that it is also a mixed society, and it is not a good person, otherwise, who will fight with them to be a bigger thing. .

The side of this side is still in the heart of the opposite side, he heard a harsh sound from the front quarrel, this sound, Fang Xiaoyu looked up and saw a distinctive slap in the face of his class.

Then, the filial piety saw the opposite male face and did not fear the feelings, and the heart was very good. In fact, this man is nothing particularly resistant. He hasn't thought about it at all, but it is intimidating this student, let him know that people who have a mixed society cannot be sinned.

As a result, the student did not expect that the students did not know, and said that this seat was him, why gave others.

He was not afraid of this student. After all, he still a student. It is impossible to have a hard to pass him, and then look around, and find that people who come together with him are a bunch of students, there is only one lead. Teacher, or a woman who is weak.

So I originally just wanted a simple warning of this person standing in front of him, but turned his head to him and felt anyway, a bunch of students and a female teacher who had no ability, so they didn't go straight.

So he almost no one hesitated, he gave him a slap in his own. The person was hit, after all, there is still a certain gap, and it is estimated that the man does not think that this man is so inferior. Go straight.

So there is no preparation at all, and I have a slap in the real fan, I want to resist, but I don't care, it seems that I don't care at all, but I still seem to be resistant, he It will be even more miserable.

And the side of the side of the family who was still changing, although the students who saw their class were not a slap in the opposite side, he did not go straight, and he was going back to the fair, after all, he just Nor did you see who is wrong?

If it is, if it is wrong, it is very troublesome. It is not very troublesome, it is not afraid to cause trouble, just look at the style of the opposite person, if it is really wrong, will definitely be entangled, you can have no time Wasted on this kind of thing.

At this time, Ona also stood behind Fang Xiaoyu, and didn't want to go on the front, meaning, after all, she also knew that Fang Xiaoyu is very powerful, this is not going to work, she is going, not Ok, I will be smashed. If you really want this, you will not make some other things.

The opposite man saw the students who saw their partners were bullied, although a deep hatred, but everyone did not dare to come, and they felt very happy.

I feel that I am too busy. I just want to raise my hand to give myself a slap in front of him. I feel that I just punish him myself. Don't you mean.

So he turned his head, saying about this pile of people, "this society, I don't know what it happened, as a student has no ability to play, I don't know what I think."

"If you don't have money, you are a bunch of poor death students. What is good to play, or my brother persuade you, since there is no money, just stay at home."

"Don't come out everywhere, doing a good thing in your home," The man is still there after it, haha ​​laughed.

After listening to the man, everyone's good mood is all stunned. I feel that the man opposite the opposite thing is too faster. They have any relationship with him. However, it is more than them. Is it big?

He is nothing, but although they are very unhappy in one of them, but there is no one to challenge and refute the man's words.

After listening to the man, Fang Xiaoyu is really a burst. I have been thinking about this matter, but it seems that this thing is not so easy.

This man is really a problem, a big person, clearly knowing that they are a group of students, even if they don't like it, they can't bull others.

It seems that this time I still have to deal with this thing, although he also does not want to take this kind of person without character, but he still insults the students of their class. After all, I am now in this class. In the group!

Despite the things that they quarreate before, he still went to his head. This he couldn't sit and worried. After all, this has a hatred. It is not the character of him.

The result has not waited for him to do it. The voice of the people who don't know how to do it again "Hey, I will talk to you, how can you not be poor, or a bunch of dumb students!

That person saw this helper did not refute him again and again.

As a result, he saw that his voice was just, he saw a person who came to him in the opposite side, and then he didn't have the opportunity to respond, and he felt his body, fell into the lake, and then Fang Xiaoyu did not have a little wrinkled. clothes……