The richest man in the magic city

Section [178] small society men?

Several social men saw that Fang Xiaoyu came up and threw his companions into the lake, and they were all stunned.

After all, their companions have a great advantage, if they are not seeing to see it, they will not believe that there is such a thing.

Honestly, they didn't see any moving filial piety, and they can throw their companions into the lake in the blink of an eye.

This kind of thing is probably only in the martial arts movie full of fantasy colors.

The social man who was thrown into the lake, was sent to the lake in the lake, so he would swim, just drink a few lakes, and then swim to the shore, still I thought about how I was thrown into the lake.

The few social men saw the companions were deceived, one by one, and they were bullied by them. They were bullied by others today, and their hearts were uncomfortable.

The most important thing is that they see that Fang Xiaoyu is just a student. If this is passed out, he knows that they are bullied by a student, what is their face? It is estimated that it is not needed to be mixed on the black.

Yes, their companions are thrown into the lake, this is a truth, but they feel that it is the result of Fang Xiaoyu attacked their companions. Otherwise, Fang Xiaoyu is a student. It is impossible to easily take their companions. moveable.

So, although Fang Xiaoyu seems very powerful, they don't seem to panic, they are thinking, even if they are filial, if they go together, they can make the square piety in uniforms, and if the law can be made, they must also be filial piety. Throw it to the lake.

This is called the eye, and the teeth are also in the eyes!

So, these social men have been preparing to pay a filial piety, and Fang Xiaoyu is very critical.

The classmates of the pointed class have long seen these arrogant social men, seeing Fang Xiaoyu threw their companions into the lake, and the heart called a happy. Now I see other social men to come to the attack, I will not help but knead a sweat.

Fang Xiaoyu usually said that he was very righteous in the class, and he did a lot of things for the classmates of the pointed class. A conflict.

If this time does not help the filial piety, it is not as good as the pork dog.

So this time, the few male students in the pointed class did not stand up and stood up, decided to follow the filial piety, fight these stinky.

Although they are still a student, the blood flowing in the body is hot. At this moment, they are not afraid of a person.

When Fang Xiaoyu saw the key time, these students were so relieved, standing out for him, and felt very excited.

However, this feelings of classmates are enough, he doesn't need their help, never want them to be hurt.

So, he reached out and blocked them, smiled slightly: "You don't have you, I can't pay enough to deal with these people."

Said, Fang Xiaoyu turned and rushed to the fierce social men.

The few social men have seen Fang Xiaoyun to rush over, and there is no reaction to come over, and the face has been packed.

Snapped! Snapped! Snapped!

There are not many, just a slap in each person.

The few social men held the red gang, who is taking care of "" "directly, Fang Xiaoyu once again moved, the palm of the palm, the flying I only felt dizzy, I haven't understood what happened, and several people have been thrown into the lake.

! ! !

The three sounds, just three people have fallen into the lake, after falling into the lake, just like falling the dog in the water in the water, I can't say funny.

Other several do not thrown into the lake, the face has been frightened, and I dare to challenge to Fang Xiaoyu. They panicked in my heart. I know that the students in front of this student are not ordinary. On the contrary, it should be that Types of high school talents.

Such a person, where is they affordable? If they are not wonderful, they hurry and ask for mercy, please ask Fang Xiaoyu to let them, the head "" is shocked, and there is no big legs in front of him.

Originally, Fang Xiaoyu most hate the stinky rogue of this bullying, I want to give them a big lesson, let them long, and later have a detriments. However, today he is coming to play with the teacher. I don't want to provoke in this place. I don't want to affect my mood because of these stinky swayings. I decided to be pursued for the time being. After all, I have to wait for the people and forgive people. The truth, he is still slightly known.

Fang Xiaoyu saw that these social men were almost almost, this came out: "Forget it, let's get up."

These social men heard the words of Fang Xiaoyu, such as Mong Dan, heard from the ground from the ground, just like a few people who were very embarrassed.

Fang Xiaoyu was cold and glanced, saying: "Today I can stay in a horse, but if I let me see you so bullied, I don't think you throw it into the lake. So simple, I heard? ? "

"Yes! We don't dare to, thank you for your life!" The social men stacked.

Fang Xiaoyu saw that their face felt evil, throwing out a sentence impatiently: "Okay, let's roll."

The few social men listened, quickly turned around, and helped the companions that had just climbed up from the lake, and fled.

When they left, the classmates of the pointed class paired, and they have been filial piety in the middle, and the other party filial piety and praised the words, and heard the filial piety. Especially the female students have come to come, like the emperor, surrounded by the emperor, let him feel like it is like a cloud.

Ona saw that Fang Xiaoyu was favored by female classmates, but it was far away from the side. It was estimated that the vinegar tapped in my heart was over.

Teacher, beautiful, Lisa, came over at this time, Jiao Yi smiled and smiled and said: "Fang classmate, you will make your own deeds for protecting classmates, I will report your deeds to school leaders. You should be awarded this kind of behavior! "

"Small things are small, short-hanging teeth." Fang Xiaoyu said, actually by the Lisa teacher, so I don't know how happy it is in his heart.