The richest man in the magic city

The mysterious task of the system

He felt a little strange, so he opened the door of the next door. As a result, he found that there is a man with a sidewall, but the man's clothes are intact, but Fang Xiaoyu is a person, This man's face is estimated to be light.

If you don't have a bad mistake, this man is now injured, I don't know how many times more than the injury on his face! After all, look at his current appearance, it should be simply can't be moved, it is still very weak. If he is just a skin injury, he will not be a look.

Fang Xiaoyu didn't want to manage this matter. After all, for him, it is better to have a little less, and this time is a play with the students, these can have no things, he still does not participate. Just come in, that is, curious, what is emitted.

As a result, I didn't expect to be a man injured. However, he didn't plan to take the tube, so he just wanted to turn, he received a task sent by the system.

It is said that I have harvested a biggest company in Fengcheng within one day, watching the task of the system to send himself, I feel very unexpected, I usually not received it, I am similar to what kind of company. The task, but this task is suddenly sudden.

Just as Fang Xiaoyu's meditation thought what the system was awarded this task to himself. God suddenly slammed the man in front of himself. His head in his head will not be related to this man in front of him.

However, what is the relationship with his injuried man with his own task, although Fang Xiaoyu can't understand this idea that he suddenly blinds, but he is still ready to send this man to the hospital, because not afraid of 10,000.

If this man really is related to his own mission, then you can really have a big cheap. So thinking about that Fangfu, helping the man who fell to the ground, ready to send him to the hospital.

Since Fang Xiaoyu decided to take this man going to the hospital, he did not help him, after all, to go to the hospital, it is still a delay, and the man in front of you seems to be very serious. .

Fang Xiaoyu helped the man out of the door of the alley, a group of people ran over the side of the filial piety. Then in front of Fang Xiaoyu, I said to the Fang Xiaoyu. "You can't get anything you can't make, and you will take the man you hold on here. Let's talk now, you will roll first."

Fang Xiaoyu did not speak, just gave them a look. The few people saw that Folk piety did not want to let go. Take the words of the Fang Xiaoyu, "Hey, we talk to you, do you understand what we say? You can't get people"

"If you know, you will take a distant point of this place. Of course, you put this man in your hand, wherever you go, we don't have time to take care of you" "But if you don't know how to do it, don't blame us to do it. "

"Let's talk about it now. Everyone has room for discussing. You will hurry, otherwise, if you really hurt you, we are also very helpless."

After listening to them, I didn't put it in my heart. I just asked them "The man I supported" is the biggest company of Fengcheng "," Several people saw square filial piety, did not put their words, Instead, I asked the man's identity, and then said that "Yes" said that "Yes" is followed by Fang Xiaoyu.

Looking at the movements of them, Fang Xiaoyu is like 10,000 grass mud horses, what is this? This helping people really don't know, they have talked to them well, this helper is still rushing like a long-eyed eye.

I really don't know who gave it the courage to rush. Fang Xiaoyu is very helpless. I have never want to do it, but this helper is really unresponsive, harming yourself. The results of the matter are obvious, and the people who have come together on the people there, they directly give the other people.

Although he still helped a weak person, this didn't delay his hitting. That person is almost no reaction, and the filial piety is directly to the ground. Fang Xiaoyu looked at these people in the instant to fluctuate.

I didn't even look at this weak man and I left. The hospital is not very far away. Fang Xiaoyu has come to the hospital with that man, and then watched the doctor soon started to treat this man.

While treatment, Fang Xiaoyu stands not far away, thinking is thinking: I am really smart, I didn't expect to go to the toilet, I can save an estimate to help myself quickly finish this system. The person who issued himself.

Fortunately, I didn't have a strange voice in the next door, but I went to see it inside.

It is estimated that this should be destined. Otherwise, when you want to go, you will receive this task sent by the system. If you give yourself this task at night, you will not As this man.

This is not a fellow blood, it is a passerby who is not met, he is not a good person, not a good person, and he has never had the case, and there is a person who has a man.

This kind of person who looks at an injured will help him. He is also there so many idle works. After all, he has dealt with those who have gone to find, he is already impatient.

But although I have just been confused, this man is related to my own mission, and the result didn't expect that this man is the main one of his own system mission. If it is not just a group of people I solved this doubts for myself, I guess it when I sent this person to the hospital.

It seems that there is a bit of useful use of those who have just been a bit unclear, after all, they told themselves a big fact! In fact, even if there is no such man, there is nothing wrong with this man.

Fang Xiaoyu will not feel difficult for his system task, just if this company does not have any action, although he wants to acquire their company, this has no reason to do things, he will not do it.