The richest man in the magic city

No. [183] ​​Mysterious phone

Just, he is more tangled that this system gives himself to his own task. It seems that the task of each system will send yourself should be well thought out, otherwise how can you send you such a task to yourself.

However, I didn't expect that the person inside did so there was a business mind. I didn't make such a big, and I can't blame this. The system task is this.

However, I can't rank it to buy people's companies. If this person inside is really not a good person, I can have a company that can be famous, and there is no problem with this person.

Even his mother didn't have to drink it, did not deceive him because of his identity, this made him very tangled. However, he just tangled the kung fu for a while. He is not born because of this kind of thing. After all, the soldiers will be hidden from the water, the boat is naturally straight, and this kind of thing is to be natural.

Anyway, the system has no roughly time to give himself, why is it worried about it, it is worried about this kind of thing, there is no inner entanglement, Fang Xiaoyu feels that he doesn't mean it here, anyway, it is the most beginning. I plan to leave, now the young woman is coming, I can't wait here.

Then he walked to the young woman, then left the phone, then two people left each other, the young woman naturally walked to wait for her son to wake up, thank you for your filial piety, but the filial piety is the mission. No, it is natural to leave a call, and I will meet it later.

Fang Xiaoyu came back from the hospital and went to the hotel. I saw that he came back. He greeted and greeted him sing. Fang Xiaoyu did not refuse everyone's kindness, but Fang Xiaoyu is already very late from the hospital, sang a few, everyone will sleep , A part of people say scattered, anyway, they don't have to pack it, and then go back to sleep.

The next day, Fang Xiaoyu opened his eyes, kneaded some painful head, head with arms, lying in a soft bed ...

Recalling that last night, Fang Xiaoyu smiled, singing to the middle of the night, drinking a lot of wine, and it was three o'clock in the morning.

He was originally just wants to play, but he couldn't live in the soft blisters of several partners. He had to accompany them crazy.

It's hard to imagine that I will be filled with the nature of the fellow, and I can also transfer myself in a dazzling mortal ...

In fact, as long as people who are not particularly old, they can change with the environment.

Lying in a soft bed, Fang Xiaoyu took a deep breath, and slowly pour it out, looked at the time, found that it was more than 12 o'clock, then sat up and began to wear clothes.

After the bed, Fang Xiaoyu washed someone, and she went home with the car.

On the way home, Fang Xiaoyu asked the people who played with him, found that they have already been safe to home, can't help but smile.

When did you get so lazy? In fact, even if he himself found, in addition to going to school, he could go to school on time. Every weekend, he slept until noon.

Sitting for dozens of minutes, Fang Xiaoyu has also returned home, open the door, go in.

Pick up the paper cup, Fang Xiaoyu reached a cup of water, put it on the coffee table, and then sit on the sofa ...

His alcohol is still possible, usually don't drink, but last night, he did a bit more, so that it feels a little weak now.

Pick up the paper cup, drink two water, Fang Xiaoyu is ready to go to bedroom lying, anyway, there is nothing now.

However, when he just got up, the mobile phone suddenly sounded ...

Take out the mobile phone from the trouser pocket, Fang Xiaoyu looked at the strange number displayed by the mobile phone screen, and the eyes flashed in the eyes ...

"Hey ..." switched to answer, Fang Xiaoyu lightly.

Although doubt, he did not choose directly.

"Is Mr. Fang Xiaoyu?" In the mobile phone, it came out of a woman's polite and gentle voice.

"I am Fang Xiaoyu ..." The brow is slightly frozen, and when he heard the sound of the other party, I always feel that there is a feeling that I have met, but I can't think of who is.

"Can we see one side?" In the mobile phone, the woman's mild voice was once again.

"Is there something ..." Fang Xiaoyu now does not want to go, want to lying in bed to sleep for a while, if the other party has no tight thing, then you can change time, so he asked directly.

However, although he wants to get rid of it, it is always a matter of millions ...

"You will know after meeting ..." Women's mild voice, once again from the mobile phone: "Fashion cafe, I am waiting for you there."

After that, I still don't wait for the filial piety, and the voice of the doodle is passed.

Under the helpless, Fang Xiaoyu took the table on the paper cup and took the water and took the door.

Although he didn't think of the person who called him now, no matter whether it is a good person or a bad person, the bad thing is still a good thing, since people have already called him, he has to go see, Fang Xiaoyu self-recognition virtue How good, but reputation, it can still take care of it.

The fashion café, the accommodation of Fang Xiaoyu is not far away, sitting in the car for a dozen minutes, Fang Xiaolai came to the destination.

After the car, Fang Xiaoyu pushed the door and walked into the cafe ...

In this case, the coffee shop is basically full guest.

I saw a look around, Fang Xiaoyu found a young woman in a striker ...

After seeing the woman's appearance, Fang Xiaoyu suddenly thought, this young woman was called Li Xiizhen, and the one rescued in the hospital yesterday is her son, Aqiang.

But now, sitting next to the young woman, there is a middle-aged man, the man looks very serious, there is a taste that is not angry.

Fang Xiaoyu didn't know what these two did he had, but he saw that young women were happy, there should be no bad things ...

I got the past, Fang Xiaoyu sat down.

"Oh, Mr. Fang is really fast ..." The young woman smiled and said, she thought more time, Fang Xiaoyu will come, but if I think, I will call the Fang Xiaoyu, even twenty minutes. There is no more time.

"OK ..." Laughing, Fang Xiaoyou said.

The eyes are slightly speaking, they are sitting next to Li Xiuzhen. Fang Xiaoyu is faintly feeling that there is no right, but I can't say anything wrong.