The richest man in the magic city

Send me [184]?

"Is it an illusion?" Fang Xiaoyu shook his head and whispered in his heart.

"I will introduce it, this is Aqiang's life-saving wicked, Mr. Fang Xiaoyu ... whispered to the man around me.

"Mr. Fang, my name is Li Jiashan ..." Middle-aged man is serious, there is a smile, open mouth: "Thank you for saving Aqiang."

"The two don't have to be polite, but it is a hand of hand ..." The faint smile, Fang Xiaoyu lightly, he thought it was what it was because yesterday.

He saved Aqiang, although it was just that it was, but this is not that simple for middle-aged men and young women.

If there is a folk piety, then what is their son will now, still say it ...

"Mr. Fang, I have a thin ceremony here, talking about my gratitude ..." Middle-aged man put a key in front of Fang Xiaoyu, opening.

Looking at the key in front of you, Fang Xiaoyu smiled faintly, said: "What does this mean?"

"Mr. Fang, this is a key to a villa in the green villa area. From then on, there will be you ..." Middle-aged man whispered.

"Green View Villa ..." Fang Xiaoyu slowly whispered.

He knows this villa area, there is one of the best villas in this city, and I want to take a villa there, no tens of millions, I have no play at all.

This Li Jiashan will send a villa to show that it is also some economic strength. Otherwise, who dares to shoot the best villa to send people!

However, although Li Jiashan has money, he is not a lack of the Lord, and this villa, if it is given to others, maybe it is really acceptable, but he is not going to make it ...

As an ea's bodyguard, he was responsible for protecting her safety. The green villa area is too far away from the place where he lives. He stayed in his hand, but it is just "violent heaven".

He just want to refuse, at this time, a unsuitable voice came from side ...

"Drink, this old is very rich ..."

A touching voice suddenly came from side, which made the brow of the middle-aged man, slightly wrinkle ...

He couldn't be forty-five, although it is more than you can't fall, can you fall to the old man?

This youth's words are too difficult!

Although there is some anger, he didn't be angry. Today, I would like to thank the son's savior, he doesn't want to have a multi-way.

However, the woman sitting next to him, but it can't see it, standing up, just want to anger!

However, the middle-aged man was patted her arm and showing her to sit down.

With a middle-aged man's indication, Li Xiuzhen had to snort to sit on the chair with indignation ...

I looked at the calm Li Jia Mountain. She can't figure it out, why should I bear this bad!

With his financial resources, even if people put their youth into disabled, then no one dare to say anything, but he chose to bear it ...

When I saw Li Jia, I was still calm and sitting on the chair. The youth next to it slowly came over, and I walked in front of the folk There is a unique sign of green villas ... "

The green villa area, as one of the best in the city, naturally there is a different aspect, such as the key of the green villa area, will engrave two words.

Seeing the key in the key, two words, youth smile, put it in front of Fang Xiaoyu, faintly: "Give you, soil ..."

For young people who are not looking for, Fang Xiaoyu doesn't want to pay attention to it, but some people are too stinking, not repaired, it is really hard to breathe!

Stand up, watching the youth in front of you, Fang Xiaoyu has no expression: "Is you ourselves, or let you roll?"

When I was exported, Fang Xiaoyu did not leave anything for the other party. Such people, he served from hand, even afraid of dirty hands.

"Oh, I am still angry ..." Youth disdainful smile, said: "Dare to talk to me like this, do you know who I am?"

He thought that there were two sentences, no one dare him, but I thought that this is a young man who seems to be similar to him, and talking is more crazy than him!

In a word, let him roll, such a big saying, he has not heard it for a long time.

"Is your own roll? Or me let you roll?" Fang Xiaoyu once again faint.

For youth's identity, he is not interested in knowing, now he is already a sturdy, it is talking!

I heard this sentence again, the young is glorious, the expression is gradually solidified, the same, he heard it again, and within one day, he heard twice!

He is proud of him, never put others in the eyes, but today, he is ignored by others!

And Ignore, it is twice, which makes itselves, how can he be able to get it!

"Tell you, I am the nephew of this store, if you dare to drive, you will go out!" The youth is oblique to the eyes of the filial piety and cold.

He dared to rank in this store, it was the nephew of him is a boss. In fact, it is ... Dog, the people, the fox fake.

He thought that there was this layer of identity, and the courageous son of the youth, and he didn't dare to move him with a finger.

However, everything has exceptions ...

Fang Xiaoyu is this exception!

Extend the palm, slowly grasp, Fang Xiaoyu looked at the youth in front of him, faint smile ...

Looking at Fang Xiaoyu's fist, you disdainful smile, put the face in the past, disdain: "Come, I borrow you ten courage, you will try it to try ..."

Seeing that the young people who owe the , Fang Xiaoyu clenching fists, squatting the youth's face, smashing the past ...


It's like killing pigs, and everyone raised his head. I saw a shadow flying out and smashed the glass door.

For young provocations, Fang Xiaoyu did not move his finger, but chose more direct and more violent fists.

With the spread of this tragic, the boss in the cafe is also coming out, seeing the corrupt door, and seeing the familiar figure lying on the ground, the face is even cold. .

In his cafe, there is a person who dares to breed the event, and the person being hit, or his nephew!

"Who is playing?" Enclaimed a circle, the boss black face.

"It's me ..." Fang Xiaoyu opened his mouth, he did not provoke, and it would be afraid of things.

Turned, the café owner looked at the youth in front of him, the cold voice: "In my store, dare to play me, your kid's daring, very fat!"