The richest man in the magic city

No. [185] Nothing to find things, you

I heard the words, Fang Xiaoyu wrinkled, and his current fire has not yet, but the boss of this cafe is also a hard-wrapped master ...

"It is nothing to find out first ..." Fang Xiaoyu faintly.

"Hello people, are you there?" The café boss has a cold, and there is a sound.

Looking at the boss of the poor, Fang Xiaoyu smiled, today did not look at the yellow calendar, it is really unfortunate, first encounter a young man who is not looking for, now there is a very unreasonable old man ...

It is really a soft persimmon, I want to pinch it?

For such a person, Fang Xiaoyu is lazy to repeat, slowly lift it slowly, facing the boss of the cafe, two words, no fan!

Haven't reflected it yet, the café owner has been paired in several slaps, waiting for him to reflect, has been hit ...

A man who fell into the ground, Fang Xiaoyu went out, leaving only a touch of words: "Li Boss, the villa, I don't want, thank you for your kindness ..."

After saying, Fang Xiaoyu leaving it.

Soon after Fang Xiaoyu, Li Jiashan also stood up and looked at the boss of the cafe lie on the ground, slightly laughing, and walked to the door of the cafe.

While he walked out to the door, the number of black cars parked at the door of the cafe. The people on the car will come down, and neatly stand into a row, look at their boss, Li Jia hill!

On the sunglasses slowly, Li Jia hill walked to a Lamborghini, at the same time, leaving a faint discourse: "The two people, lying on the ground, is a bad waste ..."

"Yes!" Dozens of bodyguards in black suit, and they should be in the same way.

After the bus on Li Jiashan, the fashion café has continued to have the voice of things being smashed. At the same time, there are two dramatic screams ...

After coming back from the lake, Fang Xiaoyu has begun to feel bored again. I felt that the day before the college entrance examination was the most uncomfortable. I didn't expect the college entrance examination.

He called Chen Li, saying that he would play "Boxing" PK with him, but he was rejected by Chen Li, saying that his father is at home in the past few days, he does not even play the game machine, what " Boxing.

Fang Xiaoyu said, "", hung up the phone.

I can't go into Chen Lijia, I can only go to play with chicken. Recently, Fang Xiaoyu has set up a chicken club with a few like-minded players. I was going to play to play my own club. However, Fang Xiaoyu is a person who likes to eat chicken and have an atmosphere. Compared to the club, Fang Xiaoyu felt netfa popular More, more atmosphere, so in the weigh, he decided to go to the netfa to play with the chicken.

He still is still the common ganglong net, this net coffee machine is more new. The most important thing is that the boss of this netfa is better. For his old customers who often come, will send it from time to time. Free melon cola, let him feel the heart.

Entering the net coffee, there is already a mountain in the sea, the seat is no confusing, this is not difficult to understand, everyone has finished testing, I like to play chicken, of course, a bee, which is coming, if this time is not good, the description This net coffee usual business is not very good.

When Fang Xiaoyang came in, he was recognized by the beautiful sister paper of the cashier station. It is politely said to the filial piety and smile: "The small party, you are late today, there is no vacant."

"My day, how is it so unlucky?" Fang Xiaoyu heard this bad news, the mood is unhappy.

"No way, these two days have a lot of guests, many old customers have not played them to play." Xiao Qian explained.

"It seems that I have to have a VIP card with your boss. I will not wait, I will play directly." Fang Xiaoyu joke.

"That's good," Xiao Qian's value is not bad, laughs to feel like a red star: "I react to my boss."

Xiaoqian is a beautiful cashier paper, which is very beautiful. It is simply a beautiful scenery in Shanglong Net. Every time I see her, I can't help but I want to ignore her. Unfortunately, people have been famous, and it is said that they will be engaged soon, so it is estimated that both Fang Xiaoyu work hard.

Fang Xiaoyu took a snorkeling in the self-service drink cabinet in the corner of the net coffee, while drinking while waiting.

But the foot is waiting for half an hour, still there is no player retreat. Fang Xiaoyu felt troubled, his eyes suddenly fell on a fat player who had two hundred pounds of fat players in front, and it seems that it seems to be a minor, and the Internet cafe is prohibited from entering no adult, but the boss is in order to increase. Income, sometimes it will close one eye.

Fang Xiaoyu, you have a fat man, let you play so long, hurry up, hurry home to do homework.

Then, I turned my finger to the small fat man, and the game character of the little fat man suddenly became a point, and she could not move. They can only stand in other players.

Seeing your role is so hanging, the little fat is straight, I thought it was a mistake, but I called "GameOver" on the computer screen, let him know that her game is over, and his game currency It has been used out, you must recharge it before you can continue to play. The little fat man is in a face, can only be retired.

Fang Xiaoyu finally waited until the machine came to play, quickly arrived to the cashier, so excused to be late, and was in the first step.

In fact, the filial piety is not necessarily to come to the net, in his eating chicken, there is a machine. He chooses to come to the net coffee. It is purely to help our own chicken club recruit new people, because he knows the principle of the master in the people. I don't say a lot of good potential seeds, I don't have to be in Shenlong Net.

When playing with chicken, several acquaintances in the sudden dialog start tip to hold a chicken competition, who got the first place, there is a thousand chicken rewards.

Fang Xiaoyu is of course not seen in the eyes of the area, he has a magicine system, how much is it, this thousand pieces will give it to these little fart.

Fang Xiaoyu, but I want to play to eat chicken games, find some newcomers, if he can see the potential seeds, just able to recruit his chicken club, his club is new to the beginning, is popular, if you charge some fresh Blood, I believe that will soon grow.

"Under the reward, there must be the courage", he still understands.