The richest man in the magic city

No. [186]

According to the rules of the game, each group is four people, so Fang Xiaoyu will automatically match the players of the connection into a group of teammates, so that everyone often has seen the familiar faces seen online, Fang Xiaoyu believes that there will be no big problems. .

Fang Xiaoyu can be a tangible figure in eating the chicken industry. When the other three players know that they have become a teammate with Fang Xiaoyu, because they know that this team has a blessing of Fang Xiaoyu, and the champion is almost a thing.

Just prepared, I suddenly saw a few people walked into the Shenlong Net coffee. They wore a colored unified clothing. I knew that it was a team of people, just didn't know that they like the big flag to enter the net coffee. What is the purpose.

As soon as they come in, everyone began to whisper, and it seems to know their identity.

It seems that there is no one who is not knowing that they are, but the Fang Xiaoyu is not careless. He is thinking about why they are, his gods, as long as others know who he is.

Those who came into the net coffee, they did a person who made Fang Xiaoyu fell in the glasses. Fang Xiaoyu saw that they actually took one of the red packets in the net coffee, one did not fall, and those net coffee The people also have a rhinoceros, seeing the red envelope, seeing that these people are often coming to the net coffee, otherwise they will not be so tacit.

Finally, in front of the Fang Xiaoyu, they also slammed the red envelope in front of the toner, but Fang Xiaoyu did not pick up.

Although Fang Xiaoyu is less reading, but the reason why "Delinquake Unreasonable" is still a little bit twice, and they do not have a good job, who knows what is the purpose?

Seeing Fang Xiaoyu does not receive their red envelopes, those people's faces are slightly difficult, and they have been filled with Fang Xiaoyu. It seems that the filial piety is full of hostility. But in the end, I didn't have the Fang Xiaoyu, and I went around the Fang Xiaoyu.

Fang Xiaoyu is not too concerned, and there is no time to care, because this time, the game has begun.

After the start of the game, Fang Xiaoyu immediately entered the state, and he didn't remember the matter.

Today, the state of Fang Xiaoyu is not a good, it is simply fascinated, and the appearance is invincible. God blocks the killing of the Buddha to kill the Buddha, just like a live-deprived blood.

Those who saw Fang Xiaoyu killed his eyes, seeing the shadow of Fang Xiaoyu, showing the wind and fleeing, afraid that the filial piety was arrested, and it was not dead.

And Fang Xiaoyu's teammates are secretly happy. They feel that they have been lucky, they are really lucky, they are almost a steady coupon, that is, this thousand dollars, almost 100% is their pockets. .

However, they have not been optimistic too early, the so-called music is very sad, and the situation has been reversed.

After all, the players of other teams are not vegetarian, seeing Fang Xiaoyu so powerful, decided to join us, put together the fellowship team, even if they can't get this thousands of rewards, you can't let Fang Xiaoyu.

Rao is Fang Xiaoyu God's strength, but let him have someone else to deal with so many players, it is inevitable.

The most hateful, they constantly sneak around the filial piety, and the East is a hammer. This kind of guerrilla warfare is fatigue.

And the few teammates who fang Xiaoyu are also all pig teammates, and they are busy with the situation, and they must take some energy to protect them, they are tired to vomit blood.

Fang Xiaoyu saw that they didn't live, and they wanted to count, and they did not have a marshed. Decided that they were self-destroying, and their strength is the weight.

Less the protection of Fang Xiaoyu, the pig team friend became the goal of the other party's concentrated attack, and quickly hanged, died very miserable, before dying, not complaining why Fang Xiaoyu did not help protect them.

Fang Xiaoyu smiled coldly, I thought I knew your sister, you know that you are dragging me. If you are not dead, I will be hard.

The drag of these pigs, and Fang Xiaoyu really didn't care, and suddenly glow as a full of chicken blood, once again, the God is generally pocked to the enemy.

Those players see Fang Xiaoyu to yourself, completely like playing, avoiding, and if you dare to make a battle with Fang Xiaoyu, there is no unsettled, and you will be discarded, and a wolf is borrowed.

Fang Xiaoyu's prestimacy is really not white, his performance today, once again confirming his strength, eating a chicken industry, if he said the second, no one dare to call the first!

Fang Xiaoyu chased those players, one way of slashing, blood flow into the river, the whole wilderness, as if he can only hear him Huo Huo's knife, and hacking "giggling" sound on the bones.

This kind of unmanned realm is very cool, but also makes him feel slightly loneliness?

After a murder, Fang Xiaoyu has already rid of all players. This kind of strength is really horrible. I believe that only the place where Fang Xiaoyu appeared, there will be no one dare to fly the filial pk. It seems that you can only have anonymous game in the future, otherwise no players will enter the place where he appeared.

Needless to say, this one thousand championship rewards is to fall into the fellow pocket. Although Fang Xiaoyu is not concerned about this money, others have seen money from Fang Xiaoyu, and the Chinese eyes are inevitable.

Fang Xiaoyu took all the players to suddenly, and I felt very cool. I feel that I took this thousand. I went to McDonald's to work myself. After all, I have been playing for so long, and the insects in the belly have begun.

It is about to get up, and suddenly I saw the people who have been in uniform costumes that have just been in the uniform costume, and the expression is fierce, it seems that the filial piety is owed by tens of thousands of pieces.

"You ... Is there something?" Fang Xiaoyu pushed the chair and asked coldly.

"Do you just have you? Take us so miserable?" Those people surrounded by Fang Xiaoyu, and asked the momentum.

"How is it?" Fang Xiaoyu felt a funny: "Is it a strength? I didn't defeat you with my own strength. Do you have any mistakes?"

"But we can't see you this kind of dessert, you know what people we are? It is actually learned in our place!" One of them said with a lot of thin.

"I recognize him, he just confiscated our red envelope." There is also a sudden saying that the fat face is small.

"Is it, he should not know who we are, or how will it be so unhappy? Don't give us all of us, don't give us a little face?" The face next to him is pale.