The richest man in the magic city

Section [187] can't die

"What is talented to him, everyone is a meal, let him always remember that the eagle of Tianshan is not so provoked!" A figure of a body shape.

"Yes! Yes!" Others have responded.

So they fell, ready to teach Fang Xiaoyu, and then throw the Shenlong Net.

But they just moved, Fang Xiaoyu has already handed them before, and the movements are fast, they haven't seen the hands of Fang Xiaoyu, have a loud slap in the face.

"Hey! Hey! Hey!"

The slap is very sound, and the sound responds back in the big netfa, just like a beautiful symphony.

However, those people don't feel very beautiful at all, because of their faces, the fire is spicy, and there is a box of burning stove.

They have always been used to the net coffee, how can they have a humiliation of Fang Xiaoyu, and now I will be filial to the face, decide to be surrounded by the filial piety, they don't believe in the power of the people, even a Fang Xiaoyu Can't deal with it.

However, they are too small to filial piety. How can they know that the Fang Xiaoyu in front of him, the heavens and the earth are gone, and is the most overbasive fancy realm? When they were filial, they found that they were rebounded by a mysterious power, and then they flew behind them, and they fell in the ground, and they screamed.

Fang Xiaoyu saw their poor look, his mouth raised a proud curvature, and thought about these slag, and I want to fight to me, or save it.

I glanced at them, Fang Xiaoyu no longer wasted time to delay, and ran to McDonald's supplement energy.

After eating things, Fang Xiaoyang gangled at home and received a call from Li Zuhua.

Li Zuhua's voice sounded anxious. He told him a filial piety in the phone. Today, the person playing in the restaurant is not ordinary people, but the rich riser coming over the capital.

"What is it?" Fang Xiaoyu is so good: "Take the management of the capital, and Laozi is not cool, just look like it."

"But the rich is very background, I am worried that he will not let the break." Li Zuhua carefully wingers.

"I am afraid, I am not afraid," Fang Xiaoyu is a good faith: "I am worried about me, you can rest assured."

"No," Li Zuohua continued: "I think you are still coming out with the rich son, everyone is better."

"Is there this necessary?" Fang Xiaoyu felt that Li Zuhua did not exempt too much.

"It is necessary," Li Zuhua continued to voluntarily voluntarily: "The small party, you still listen to me, I will not harm you."

"That line," Fang Xiaoyu fails Li Zuhua, I had to promise.

However, the reason why he promised Li Zuhua, but there is another intention.

The next day, Fang Xiaoyu really came to go to a cafe named as a dream. He is agreed with Li Zuhua, and today I meet this cafe.

Come to the coffee shop, Fang Xiaoyu swept it inside, and I saw that Li Zuhua sat down before a table, Li Zuhua, and a few young men who were looking at it. It was yesterday by Fang Xiaoyu. The worse person.

Li Zuhua has also seen Fang Xiaoyu, standing up, and keeping his fumaist, let Fang Xiaoyu pay attention to him.

Fang Xiaoyu walked to Li Zuhua's desk. He worried that several young people had to play horns today, but they found it on their faces, but they found that they were very honest today. It didn't seem to be trouble.

However, even if so, Fang Xiaoyu still left a heart, so as not to attack, let himself don't work.

Li Zuhua said that they are the rich gods from Beijing, the background is strong, and Fang Xiaoyu is worthy of dismissive, in the eyes of Fang Xiaoyu, and a strong background, all compared to his expenditure system.

When he went to Today, he was completely seen in the face of Li Zuhua, but he rely on these little fart, where, please have to move his fellow.

Come here to meet these little fart, but not as good as returning to netfa, playing a few caps.

However, when you come, then, then, Fang Xiaoyu went to the table of Li Zuhua. He is preparing to say something. Suddenly see the young man and brush down to the ground, the word is rolled, and the same sound is in the same voice Call respect the master.

"The master is on, the audience is worship!"

Fang Xiaoyu saw this scene, and he was surprised.

Although the young guy yesterday is very miserable, it is enough to let them be in an oral, but should they hate yourself? How can I go so fast, but I have to worship myself?

This abrupt scene made Fang Xiaoxiao at all accepted, and then he didn't plan to collect what apprentice. Seeing that they were brushing in front of their own, Fang Xiaoyu is a little bit of a little.

Fang Xiaoyu's eyes, suddenly fell on the face of Li Zuhua, and saw that Li Zuhua looked at himself, and he understood a bit.

Fang Xiaoyu thought: All should be all Li Zuhua, and also lie to himself. They are the rich people from Beijing. They want to surprise yourself, this account, and later with Li Zuhua.

The few young people saw that Fang Xiaoyu did not express, and worried that Fang Xiaoyu would not accept himself. I can only use my own mouth to see my sincerity.

"Master, you will be able to cover the world, the world is invincible, please accept us as a disciple."

"The master is handsome, Yushu is going to the wind, people can see people love, the tree see the flowers, it is not a martial arts that is not in a hundred years."

"A superfaster like the master, don't receive a few apprentices, how to get your own prestigious name?"

"Just, that is, ask the master to pick us quickly, we must take the saddle before the horse, do our best to serve the master."


These young people, you said, say a lot of stacks of stacks, although Fang Xiaoyu knows what their purpose is, but he heard the heart, still feels very impaired.

Fang Xiaoyu pulled Li Zuohua to one side, and asked him about the sound: "These are your ghosts, right?"

Li Zuhua laughed and said: "Don't you always say that you have no apprentice, now I will help you find a few to you."

"I said I want to collect the apprentice, but I didn't say that I would like to collect this kind of goods." Fang Xiaoyu is angry.

"I just mention your name in front of them. I didn't expect that they were all grabbed to worship you as a teacher. This thing really didn't have a half-cooked relationship with me." Li Zuhua wanted to clear himself at this time. " .