The richest man in the magic city

No. [190] Little Mountain Club

The lesson of the Mountain Club, Fang Xiaoyu returned to his private club, as if a thing did not have happened.

Wangshan saw that he came back from the Dashan Club, no injury, could not help but wonder, asked: "What is the matter?"

"It has been solved." Fang Xiaoyu smiled and smiled, and his face did not see the traces of the rack.

Although Wang Mountain is half a suspicious, since the Fang Xiaoyu said so, it means that there is no problem, he has always been trusted by each other.

Fang Xiaoyu has explained some words to Wangshan, mainly due to the training of the players, after all, the SSC league is imminent, if you don't hurry, in the face of strong opponents, his club is really likely to be in place. The club kills.

However, Fang Xiaoyu is still very confident about Wangshan's ability, I believe that the team members who trained, it is impossible to be so spicy chicken. Otherwise, he is impossible to hand over this important task to Wangshan.

After farewell with Wang Mountain, Fang Xiaoyu went home, he wanted to continue playing with the king, see if he can be fortunate to meet the legendary beauty.

Can't see something, the best hang appetite, but after some things see it, I found it, and finally I only have a deep disappointment.

Just took out the phone, but he heard the phone ring tones rang.

It's time to get it.

Fang Xiaoyu is unhappy, but when you look at the mobile phone, it is a teacher who is Liu Mengya, and I will replace it with a smile. How to say that Liu Mengya is also his own geography teacher, does not look at the Buddha.

Moreover, this new geographic teacher is so good, young, first-class, all the teacher Fang Xiaoyu is the favorite, that is, there is not much good, usually listen to her class, Fang Xiaoyu always looks at her charming The body is often a class, and she talked about what the filial piety did not know.

I saw the phone called Liu Mengya, and Fang Xiaoyu quickly turned on.

"Is a small classmate?" Tendene, there will be a beautiful voice of Liu Mengya immediately like a girl.

"Well, it is me, Liu Mengya teacher, is there anything?" Fang Xiaoyu heard Liu Mengya teacher tone.

"Xiaoxiang, there is a thing, you must ask you to help me." Liu Mengya pleaded.

"What, the teacher, you said." Fang Xiaoyu said politely.

"Yes, I have played with my parents, but they have already met my boyfriend, you also know, the last time you act as my boyfriend, so I don't know if you are not convenient to come out, continue My parents act in front of my boyfriend? "Liu Mengya said to these words, it seems that things are really urgent, otherwise, she will not be so sweet.

"This is ..." Fang Xiaoyu heard, slightly hesitating.

Fang Xiaoyu is hesitant, because Liu Mengya pulled him when he was a blockman, acting as her boyfriend in front of her parents, so her parents have always believed that Liu Mengya has his boyfriend. But after the event, Fang Xiaoyu felt that the scene was quite embarrassed. After all, this is not true, just for the face of Liu Mengya teacher, but Don't help Liu Mengya.

I didn't expect that Liu Mengya teacher has to pull the same thing. Of course, let him have a difficult, promise is not, it is not, it is not, it is expected to spend it.

"I beg you, the small party," Liu Mengya teacher once again pleaded: "I don't want them to be disappointed."

Fang Xiaoyu listened to Liu Mengya to say that, suddenly, he couldn't hear a woman asking him, especially a beautiful woman.

So, Fang Xiaoyu picked up from the wardrobe, it looked more decent clothes, dress a little, then ran to the street, playing a car, rushing to Liu Mengya teacher.

Liu Mengya teacher and her parents shopping at a big shopping mall at this moment, Fang Xiaoyu arrived, he greeted Liu Mengya's parents, and the second old saw Fang Xiaoyu is so sweet, people are long and handsome, have already recognized Fang Xiaoyu It is really a boyfriend of Liu Mengya.

When I saw my parents like Fang Xiaoyu, Liu Mengya teacher put down a heart.

She didn't pay attention to her parents, pulling Fang Xiaoyu to one side, said: "The small party is really thank you. If you don't come today, my secret is seen by them."

"But I got you for a while, I can't help you." Fang Xiaoyu reminded.

"Don't worry, they live in the country, just come to see me a few days, then I will go back." Liu Mengya showed an expression of a ghost elf.

"Teacher Liu, is not as good as you, the failed boyfriend, you see your parents like me so much." Fang Xiaoyu joke.

"Head boy, what do you say, you can't see you, you are so gods ..." Liu Mengya teaches the tumbling of the lip, and it is necessary to screw the ear, just afraid that his parents have a flaw, I have to force it. Hold back.

Before the Fang Xiaoyu arrived, Liu Mengya and her parents have bought a lot of things. After the sack of small bags, Fang Xiaoyu rushed, and he grabbed these things, and it was a few hands. Ten bags are taken, and it is like a plastic toy.

Liu Mengya teacher's parents saw that Fang Xiaoyu was so intimate, and his heart improved in his heart, and he kept praise in the darkness. Fang Xiaoyu listened in his ear, but also secretly proud.

It may be too happy, and the desire to shop will increase unconsciously, visit the big shopping mall, Liu Mengya, bought a lot of things with her parents, Fang Xiaoyu two hands are full of full , Changed others, not tired of can't be on the ground.

After the group went to the checkout station, the cashier was swept out, and the second time I found a little more, some unnecessary things were bought, and now I have already squatted to the checkout station. And I feel very unopened, and those cashiers see they don't check out, they are already licking them over.

Fang Xiaoyu looked in the eyes, "said these money, I will pay it, it is a gift for two old people."

Said, secretly launch the Shenhao system, and enter a money in a bank card.

That just went to the female cashier who turned over, put the bank card to the POSS machine, and the face suddenly changed, because she saw the balance on the bank card, it turned out to be more than 200 million RMB.