The richest man in the magic city

The [195] walked away and went to the ghost house.

"You tm to die!" Fang Xiaoyu couldn't help but burst the phone screen.

Under disappointment, Fang Xiaoyu quits APP and sleep.

I didn't sleep less than three hours, I heard Ona came over and knocked. Although Fang Xiaoyu got up the bed, it could only force it, and then they wake up by Ona, and faintly fainted.

The ghosts are less than two kilometers away, so they can walk.

However, there is only the people of the mountains, the shoulders, and people who come to the ghosts everywhere. In front of the ghost house, it is a long life dragon. It seems that it is queued to buy tickets.

"There are so many people, euna, we still go back." Fang Xiaoyu originally felt that there was no play in the ghost house, and took the opportunity to say to Dana.

"People are more fun," Ina smiled: "This ghost house is very popular, Fang Xiaoyu said, you will go to queue to buy tickets, or really Touch is also sold."

Said, eunuch is pushed, let Fang Xiaoyu have to buy tickets over there.

Fang Xiaoyu saw that Lua is so interested, I have to squeeze into the crowded crowd, follow others, queue to buy tickets.

Almost an hour, Fang Xiaoyu bought two tickets in the ticket window. He took the ticket to Dai, and I felt some excited, but I saw the ticket on the ticket, it turned out to be 480 and 481. Suddenly, I have a cold half.

Because the number of people entering the ghost house is limited, each time I can only let the tourists enter, so I will wait until the afternoon, I can go to the ghost house in the afternoon.

"To wait until afternoon?" Fang Xiaoyu's old thing reprifted: "I still have to count, I am, let's go back."

Ona has been defended: "The ticket bought, still going back? Go back to yourself."

I heard Ona said that Fang Xiaoyu has nothing to say, and Nna's temper, he clearly, once the decision is, the nine cattle will not pull back.

However, let him move to Ona, he didn't have so much time, the club still has a lot of things waiting for him to do it, how can he have been waiting here until afternoon?

At a time, he felt that it was difficult.

At this time, the weather becomes hotter, standing in front of the ghost house, Fang Xiaoyu feels that heat is not resistant. Ona was also hot, the white shirt wearing a white shirt was sweathered and passed tightly on her pink skin.

In this way, I haven't waited until I enter the ghost house, and people are grilled into hot dogs.

When Fang Xiaoyu wipes the sweat on the forehead, Zhang Wei four Gu, I want to see what there is a drink near this, so I went to buy a few cups of drinks back to down.

At around, I have an ice cream house that I have seen him in the shade of the distance. It seems to have a huge ice cream on the roof. It seems that it is tempting to Fang Xiaoyu.

Fang Xiaoyu saw this ice cream house, he saw a life-saving float when he was a water, and he said to Ona: "Intona, why?"

"Quick thirst is dead," ena reached a cute little tongue, he did not stop and fans: "Fang Xiaoyu, go buy a few bottles of drinks back to drink."

"What kind of drink? Fast with me." Fang Xiaoyu said dearly, reaching out of the hands of Lua.

"What?" Ou Na glared in the filial piety, I don't know where he has to take himself.

But Fang Xiaoyu has taken her, wearing a layer of people, goes to the shade.

Before I went to the ice cream, Ona knew that Fang Xiaoyu had to bring their own place to come here, seeing there is ice cream, and Lua is also excited, holding Fang Xiaoyu, excited.

You know, in such a high temperature, but beautiful ice and delicious ice cream, what is more comfortable than this?

Now, Ona seems to be more urgent, and pull the hand of the fellow, go to the ice cream.

Just entered, a comfortable cold air moved, let them feel happy like the feeling of fairy, I know that there is cold air to enjoy, I don't have to take a long sun outside.

It may be more concealed here. When Fang Xiaoyu and Ona come in, there is still an empty position in the ice cream, they will take a position, then click a Haagen-Dazs package, and enjoy it here. The cold air is said.

Anyway, they are so relying on the ghost house, not so fast to them.

The waiter sends the package, they enjoy the ice cream to them, while happening to the boring time.

Fang Xiaoyu Hargensa has not finished eating, and Lua has destroyed three. Seeing Inta, I can eat it, Fang Xiaoyu is also in the heart, it is better.

He knows that ice cream is the favorite of ea. The highest record is a tens of breath. Now I have three, even her highest record is far away.

Fang Xiaoyu knows that he is eaten, and slowly eats, while eating a look outside the window, watch the outdoor life.

Compared with Ona, Fang Xiaoyu can't eat cold things, so I finished eating, Fang Xiaoyu felt that it couldn't eat, and asked that Ona had finished eating, it can go out.

Ona saw that there was cold air, but the dead is reluctant to go out, while eating one side of the other party filial piety said: "I haven't finished it yet, I have to go out to go out."

Fang Xiaoyu knows that she is going to enjoy the cold air of others, shake and shake his head, just go out.

In fact, Fang Xiaoyu is so eager to come out, is how to make a ghost house faster, let him stay in the afternoon, he can not have so much time.

He is thinking, perhaps someone will be because of something, temporary refund, so he can buy a more in front of the ticket, don't wait until the afternoon.

It is pregnant with such a psychology. He would rather enjoy the cold air in the ice cream, come out and plan to touch the luck.

He walked towards the crowd of the ghost house. I didn't expect that someone was shouting: "Who wants to buy a ticket? Now I can go in the ticket, who wants to buy a ticket? I have something to buy, transfer tickets. , Transfer ticket! "

Fang Xiaoyu is trying to cut the ticket, one heard someone wants to transfer the ticket, immediately followed the past.

He wants to find the transfer ticket, but it is obviously a lot to follow him. When he heard someone on the ticket, many people swarmed, surround the person of the person who is going to pass the ticket, three floors The three layers of the outside, Fang Xiaoyu wants to put in the past half step, it is difficult as it is.

Fang Xiaoyu has been squeezed in the crowd, and even the people who want to go to the ticket did not see, and finally only give up.