The richest man in the magic city

Section [199] I think this is good.

Fang Xiaoyu glanced for these people with his eyes, seeing them a big feeling, one is not always like, my heart is a bit disgusting for them.

That boss saw these three young men into the office, asked how to do it politely?

For a man who grew like a copper bell, he replied in a fierce: "I came to the dock factory, of course, is it to buy a ship, is it to drink coffee with your dock?"

After the man said, his two companions suddenly laughed, laughing in a big office.

Fang Xiaoyu brows, he hates these people who don't know polite, but he is coming to buy boats today, don't want to get more, temporarily put this breath in the chest.

I heard these people to buy a ship, but the boss is not angry, but it is not angry, but his face is welcome. He is thinking that he is not taken by Fuxing today. Some people will take two-year-old to buy a ship, usually The dock factory also can't receive a single business half a month.

The boss said with a full face to laugh, said: "The original gentleman is also coming to buy a ship, that is welcome, don't know what kind of ship type?"

For the first thing of the first eye like a bronze bell, he listened to the boss, he snorted: "We have seen a one, now it is coming to talk to you."

"Oh, this way," The boss listened, hurriedly asked: "I don't know where to see which boat is our factory?"

"It is the biggest thing we just went up." The king said right away.

Fang Xiaoyu has been listening to it, suddenly heard that the king also wants to buy the big boat in his own, and the face is changed, and the eyes are eager to sweep the king.

The boss listened to Wang Dao's words, it was very difficult to face: "Sorry, this ship has been bought for a step by this young man, and our factory has a lot of other boats. Several gentlemen is not as appropriate. San, can you see it? "

"No," the king said that the voice scared the boss throughout: "Which ship is watching it, which is to buy, never change!"

The boss looked at the filial piety, hesitated to Henan: "But this gentleman has signed a contract with us. I am afraid that I am not very suitable ..."

"Nothing is not suitable," The king said that he said: "I have five million, buy your ship, don't you see it?"

Said, Wang Dao screamed with his eyes, and the people came up with a black suitcase and opened it. It was full of money, just five million.

That boss saw these five million, the eyes turned straight, the mouth of the mouth was coming soon, and the attitude was also changed. A one-sized voice: "Ok, ok, this big boat bought is you."

Looking back, I said: "Sorry, young people, this gentleman is higher than you, you also know that we are not easy ..."

Fang Xiaoyu saw that the boss saw the money eyes, I can't see it, stand up and angry: "Boss, you are going to go to Neur, too much."

The boss is self-knowledge, the lower go, does not dare to welcome the eyes of Fang Xiaoyu.

The king said that he said in a glance, and said coldly: "Look at you, you know that there are not a few dollars, and you still want to grab it with me.

The original is still a good mood, but after the dock boss, let Fang Xiaoyu began to feel uncomfortable ...

It's already a good thing, as long as the two parties reached a transaction, they are all happy, but the dock boss has been straightforward after hearing the bid of the youth.

This makes Fang Xiaoyu very angry, doing business, always calling with honesty, there is a good thing, but in the end because of the youth, the boss began to becomes, this kind of unhealthy trading is simply in Playing businessman's face!

And that youth Wang Dao, obviously a very unreasonable master, there is some money, so there is no one!

Really when he is a soft persimmon, can everyone knead?

On the ship that came to the previously optimistic, Fang Xiaoyu stands in front of Wang Dao three, and the way is said: "There is always a first time. This ship is just booked first. You will go to a ship ..."

Fang Xiaoyu did not want to make trouble, but did not represent him afraid of things, he came to act as principles, others respect him, he also fought three points, if someone is right, he will die!

Moreover, these three young people are not enough for him to die ...

It is five million, this name is Wang Dao's youth, it is a rich second generation, but this is in someone else, he shots.

However, in Fang Xiaoyu, this is not worth mentioning, and his financial resources, even if the king's father personally came with him, he may not be placed in the eyes.

"I have already bought this boat. Now I belong to me, if you have opinion, go to him ..." Looking at the young people in front of you, Wang Dao's brow wrinkled, turned, pointed at the dock, the same The tone is indifferent.

He doesn't want to be more than yours in front of you, in his eyes, Fang Xiaoyu's behavior is like a joke ...

Where is the unknown cumper from this, dare to stop his way?

Since he has already bought it, it is naturally impossible. He just looked at the boss of the dock. I believe his eyes, the latter is not a pig brain, naturally will lead God ...

Sure enough, the dock owner saw Wang Dao slightly impatiently, hurriedly ran over, luciding said: "Don't be angry, this matter I will process."

For the dock boss, this youth can bought this ship with five million.

Since it is God of Wealth, it is not a sin!

"Come!" Wang Dao coldly.

"Okay, good ..." It was coldly drunk, but the dock boss did not only be angry, but he turned his head.

Looking at the low three of the dock, Fang Xiaoyu looked at him disdain, such a person, only losing money, no one, who has money, who is a grandfather!

Turned, the dock boss walked in the direction of Fang Xiaoyu ...

"Wang Gongzi has already bought this ship, you see so many boats here, let's change ..." The dock boss opens.

Fang Xiaoyu is also his guest. For the sake of money, he did not directly gave the fellow, but the filial piety will give up.

However, Fang Xiaoyu will not easily give up his choice, if the king is not directly bought this boat, but it is discussed with him, then he may give him this ship to him. After all, it is a ship. ......