The richest man in the magic city

I bought it all.

However, Wang Dao did not do that, he ignored his existence, now how he will, easily give him this ship!

"Said to listen, so many boats, why not let him buy one more ..." Fang Xiaoyu is relieved. In the saying words, Fang Xiaoyu still unexpectedly looked at the king.

Everything came first, it is the ship that he first looks like, the king, but then inserted a foot, and let things turn into this situation.

Moreover, did his king are not much money, then you will buy a ship, why bother to fight with him for a ship.

I saw that Fang Xiaoyu gave him a look, Wang Dao's mouth twitched a few times ...

He has money is not fake, but he can't stand the casually, with his family, you can't spend the land like the land!

I snorted, and Wang Dao turned his head and no longer loving.

Seeing your "God of Wealth" is arrogant, the dock owner brow is wrinkled, cold and cold: "Hu is bullous, not let it open!"

I heard the words, the Fang Xiaoyu disdainfully smiled, now I put it into him, and before I bought the boat he watched first, what happened, I didn't have it?

"I want to open it, this ship is I chose first." Fang Xiaoyu faintly said.

No matter what to say, he is not letting, anyway, he has no matter, then try, who can consume anyone else!

Seeing Fang Xiaoyu, a pair of rogue, the dock owner brow wrinkled more tight, he didn't think that this seemingly gentle youth, once it ran, it is hard to wrap well.

"I knew that I didn't provoke this disaster star ..." The dock boss is quite regret in my heart.

But now, in any case, he must let the youth of the youth, secretly, sneak over the king, and find that the latter has been impatiently looked at this side.

This is deadlocked, the cooked duck, maybe it is to fly, immediately pull the face, and smile: "What? If you have money, you will have money, which is like you, this poor ghost ..."

The voice of the boss of the dock is like a lot, the young man named Wang Dao, heard the dock boss, and the face can not help but have more than a few points ...

I have to say that the dock owner is very comfortable to the king of this bun, so that Wang Dao is watching to Fang Xiaoyu, the midst of the eyes is more eye-catching ...

For Wang Dao, there is a tauntful, Fang Xiaoyu glanced at it, and he chose to ignore it, then, he looked at the dock boss ...

"Is there money, is it?" Fang Xiaoyu faintly.

For the words of Fang Xiaoyu, the boss of the dock is red, nodding is not, it is not nor ...

"In this case, then you will find your old, I let you see, what is the true wealth!" Fang Xiaoyu Shen Sheng.

"What do you mean?" The dock owner looked at the face of Fang Xiaoyu and asked.

"I said, I want to buy this place ..." Fang Xiaoyu casually.

However, what he said, but the dock boss was scared, even the king of the king, slightly ridicule, gradually solidified, and then be shocked.

Some people have to buy this piece of place, for a while, they all have a silk expression.

No wonder the dock owner and Wang Dao shocked, I want to buy such a big place, less saying too much!

The prior to buying this ship with five million, it is enough to be shocked, even Wang Dao himself thinks, no one can be more than he, even if there is, it will not appear in this.

Five million is already a small number, some people have a poor life, but also earn so much money, and he casually shot, it is five million ...

This makes it feel so happy, especially when you are watching, he has a kind of ground, only my alone.

However, someone now is even more crazy than him, threatening to buy this place, this is worth hundreds of millions of assets!

Compared with the shock of Wang Dao, the dock owner is more amazed, and it is still a young man who has a deadlier for a ship. Now he wants to buy this place ...

Will there be such a strong young man?

Even if he is a rich second generation, you can run hundreds of millions of property, even if it is a rich second generation, it is not to say it.

That is a ticket yearning for everyone, it is not a bunch of waste paper!

Going back, the dock owner asked again: "You said ... Do you want to buy this place?"

I thought I heard it wrong, the dock boss once again asked again to confirm.

"Well ..." I nodded, Fang Xiaoyu should be said.

Originally, there is nothing interest to buy this place, but some people are biased on his head, for example, the boss of the dock of the money is extremely preferred, and the unmanned youth ...

Seeing Fang Xiaoyu nodded, the dock owner is still a little susceptible, but he still done the phone.

If you really bought this place in front of you, he said that you can also divide a cup, after all, this person is on him.

Obviously, the dock owner is too beautiful, or if he can't look down, if he is biased by Wang Dao, how can I buy this place?

And Fang Xiaoyu bought the purpose of this place, it is to punish this boss of this greed, at the same time, teach the arrogant youth ...

How long does it take?, A middle-aged man who is a long-awaited man is accompanying the secretary, and he came to the front of Fang Xiaoyu.

"Chairman, is what he wants to buy this place ..." Dock boss and the gas of the air.

He is just renting this place, and this middle-aged man is the soverer of this place, so he has to put low gesture.

"Young people, are you going to buy this place?" Middle-aged man looked softly.

The youth in front of me, it looks like a year, I want to buy this place, it is not to play.

However, this middle-aged man is a big business, and the rich people know more, his knowledge, but the boss of the dock can be more than.

"To ..." Fang Xiaoyu nodded.

Seeing Fang Xiaoyu is not like laughing, middle-aged man is gentle smile, soft: "Then let's talk about the price ..."

"Two billions, what?" Fang Xiaoyu said directly.

Although it is expensive to say that the price is very expensive, he is already more than enough ...

He believes that this is always a person who will be accountted, it will definitely promise!