The richest man in the magic city

No. [204] legendary martial arts master

When you think of this, Fang Xiaoyu decided to bring this Li Chong, when his performance guest, as for the appearance fee, no matter how much he is opening, Fang Xiaoyu can meet his requirements.

"Okay, it is him." Fang Xiaoyu was excited, and he called.

Chen Li said in the phone: "You have not told me what to do? Let me tell me quickly, I am asking you."

"Don't worry, play your game." Fang Xiaoyu did not want his plan to expose in advance, refused his request on the spot.

"You have a guy who has a river, I ..." Chen Li continued to be.

Fang Xiaoyu did not wait for him to finish the words, he hangs the phone. He can listen to him without so much time. Decided to start immediately, go to the martial art master named Li Chong.

There are not many martial arts in Fengcheng.

However, before that, Fang Xiaoyu felt that something should be prepared as a meeting, after all, he is a person, this means, it means.

He saw a fruit market nearby, and decided to buy some fruits in the past, as a gift, and then go to Li Chong's martial art.

The fruit market in this fruit market is also rich, almost all the fruits of the country is complete, and pick it up. Fang Xiaoyu walked in front of various fruits, there is a dazzling feeling, between a moment, can't choose.

After half a day, he stopped his footsteps before his hint. These cantaloupe seem to have a full and color, and it is a fresh variety that I have picked up from the ground. When Fang Xiaoyu went forward, the taste of the sweet silk of the cantaloupe, let him go into his nostrils, let him Also moved.

At this time, a middle-aged man in a deep blue apron came over, and it was like a boss of this fruit market. He saw that Fang Xiaoyu took a long time before the cantaloupe, he walked over the other party filial piety and smiling and said: "Young people, your eyes are really good, these cantaloupes are just entering the goods, pack your fresh bag you sweet, young people, listen I, buy a few go back. "

I heard the boss, I laughed and smiled: "Okay, I will look at it again." But he has already set up ideas, you have to buy Humeao as a meeting.

When the boss left, Fang Xiaoyu stood before the shelf of the cantaloupe, and started to pick a few sold, after all, the gift is given, can't be sloppy.

Suddenly, Fang Xiaoyu found four or five people from the outside, wearing a black trousers on a black trousers, but also a black sunglasses, a fierce gods, nothing like something well.

When they walked into the fruit market, they began to mess around, and made a wolf in the fruit market, the rich fruit market, and the blink of a mess became a mess.

The customer of the fruit market seems to have a lot of people, and the courageous, and these people are like a person on the black, and the farther the better.

The cantaloupe shelves in front of Fang Xiaoyu can not be spared. These people overthrew it, and the cantaloupe fell on the ground and broke a place.

A good cantaloupe, so it was broken by white and white, Fang Xiaoyu frowned, and glanced coldly and glanced at these people.

These four or five slags, Fang Xiaoyu can only make them in a short smoke, disappearing in this world, but now he doesn't want to shoot, he wants to see how it is what is going on.

The boss of the fruit market just went to the toilet. When he came out, the black people had already smashed his fruit market.

I saw that my hard-working fruit market was so badly, the boss wants to cry without tears, crying and shouting the sky, the black man rushed up, handing together a wooden stick in his hand, you have to fight with them. .

However, the black people have a long-term long-term long, and the boss of the fruit market is short, like a five-inch nail, how can they be their opponent, just ast I was grabbed by the black man in the hands of the black, and then flew, and fell to those muddy fruits.

Seeing that I have hopped them, the fruit market boss helplessly spread on the ground, crying, said while crying: "Why do you want to smash my store, why do you want to smash my store, this is me? Life roots, ... "

When I heard the boss of the fruit market, the one took the lead in the black man came, and the muscles of the mouth were twitched, cold: "Fang Boss, this is your own, who makes you last week Losing money in our casino, have not yet yet. "

That Fang Bo listened, with a crying road: "Who said that I don't return, don't I raise money?"

"We have already given you time, you have been dragging it." That head said.

"More than 100,000, let me go, where are you still, have you still have you?" Fang Boss's tears.

"This can not worry," The head said, every word is cold as ice: "Our casino is not a charity, if everyone lost, then we are going to drink northwest wind?"

"But I really can't get money," Fang Boss said, climbed to the thigh of the head, holding his thighs crying: "I beg you, I will make a few days, I will definitely Let the money and yours ... "

"No," The head cacked the interception. "If you still don't put money today, I will let people burn your fruit market!"

"No, you can't do this, this store, I have worked hard for ten years. If I have been burned by you, I haven't gone!" The boss pleaded and continued to hold the thigh of the head.

That head saw a burst of upset, I went out that the boss flew out. The boss took a few rolls, "" hit the wall, and stopped.

The boss was fell to the face, and I just wanted to get up from the ground. The head has walked to him. He died in the ground with a foot. : "Square boss, I see you still know the point of mind, let us go."

The head of the boss was stepping with the head. It couldn't move, but it can still speak, and he said: "I also want to return, but I really have no money to return you, really, we lie to you ! "