The richest man in the magic city

Section [206] I don't know how to fly

Although the boss owed a huge gambling debt, he walked into the casino, half of the reason was to help his daughter to make tuition, so the heart is still not too bad. Now I have seen Fang Xiaoyu for no reason, and the conscience is not a little, and I will come and clear my love of my own filial piety, so that the gangsters of these champions have filial piety.

That head, the boss came over and more, and suddenly became the anger: "Fang old, there is not your business, you have a good time, otherwise I will burn your fruit store!"

When the boss listened, she suddenly went, she went back, she didn't dare to talk, after all, this fruit shop is the only source of his economy. If the fruit is gone, he is really nothing.

The head took the boss scared, and he continued to be filled with filial piety and forced him to hand over 10,000.

I heard the Fang Xiaoyu called him to come over, the head is also welcome, really come over, want to grab the backpack of the filial piety, he wants the more than 100,000 people mentioned in Fang Xiaoyu, it should be placed in the bag.

That head is very young, at least like a high school student, not how to put him in the eyes, so directly reach out, you have to pull the backpack from Fang Xiaoyu.

Fang Xiaoyu saw the shackles, the face did not move, until the head stretched into that bag, she suddenly shot, and it seems to have an action.


No one has a movement of the Qing Filial filial piety, because it is too clear, it has exceeded the ability of the naked eye. But everyone clearly heard the "click", which seems to be the sound of the bone break.

Then, they heard the scream of the head and killing the pig, seeing the other's arm, the five senses on the face seem to be distorted because of pain.

That head hugged his arm and found that the arm had no response. It should be broken, and I haven't seen how Qing Du Fang Xiaoyu is out. It is broken.

The head looked at his broken arm, now his face is not only full of pain, but also fear.

At this time, he remembered that the younger brother behind him came up with the siege filial piety. The few younger brothers saw the head hurt, the original is a unintentional, but forced the head of the head, can only be hard and the scalp.

The ending is not difficult to imagine, it is not close, and the Fang Xiaoyu is playing out, just like a celestial flower.

If they know that Fang Xiaoyu is the world's top assassination of the people, the people of God, it is estimated to give them ten gallbladies, and they can't let go.

Then, Fang Xiaoyu is in the eyes of these eating melon people, and the head does not go back to the fruit market, just like the western movie of the rice country.

Originally in the fruit market, I didn't expect fruit to buy a few pounds. I didn't think that the fruit was can't buy, and I was surprised to play a frame. I thought that these, Fang Xiaoyu was depressed.

No matter what the fruit is not bought, I can't change it, and Li Chong's martial art is still going.

So, Fang Xiaoyu continued to go to Li Chong's martial arts.

Li Chong's martial arts is built on the mountain, so you must go to the mountain. Climb a mountain, before the martial arts, really the people in the mountains, everywhere, to find the people of Li Chong worship.

Fang Xiaoyu saw such a spectacular scene, could not be scared, I can't think of Li Chong, the martial arts business, but he also secretly explained that Li Chong's popularity, if you can ask him to your own Shengshi ceremony, That will definitely be sensational.

However, there are too many people who come to the martial art, you must wait in line.

Looking at the long man, Fang Xiaoyu brows wrinkled, his most annoying thing in his life is to queue, he is the same thing as God, let him queue like ordinary people, isn't it a waste of his time?

Although there are many people who look very money, but Fang Xiaoyu decided to wait. He has been wasted in the fruit market today, so I went around the long man dragon. I plan to go directly to the museum.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Suddenly heard someone drinking.

Fang Xiaoyu turned back, it turned out that a young man with a very strong body, it looked like a disciple of a martial art. When the young man came over, he went to the Fang Xiaoyu: "Who are you, don't you know that the military museum is to queue?"

"I don't know." Fang Xiaoyu stupid.

"I don't know how to queue now, no one can exceed the exception." The young man is desperate.

"I am not coming to learn, just entering the master of Li Chong," Fang Xiaoyu ":" Trouble this little brother. "

"No!" The young man said the face: "If everyone is like you, is our martial arts?"

Fang Xiaoyu saw soft, I had to come hard, I plan to be hard, although the young man is long, it is like a family, but Fang Xiaoyu did not look at the eyes.

That young man saw Fang Xiaoyu not only did not listen to the advice, but also hard, his face was angry, and it was stopped in front of Fang Xiaoyu.

"You let it, I don't want to hurt you." Fang Xiaoyu warned young.

That young man heard that the fellow is so big, and the cold smiles: "You have been here from me, I will see how you hurt me."

Fang Xiaoyu met today, I didn't want to make a limb conflict with that young man, but that young man seems to be striped, this is not forced to do it?

Those who queued into the military museum also heard the quarrel of Fang Xiaoyu and that young people, and came over to see the lively.

Fang Xiaoyu found the more people, the more people, I don't want this. After all, I came to the martial arts to find Li Chong, and this young man looks like a martial art, in case he is guilty, Li Chong, please Li Chong went to his Shengshi Ceremony to bubble.

So he feels that you can do it without your hands.

When Fang Xiaoyu walked through the door of the martial arts, the young man stood opposite the Fang Xiaoyu, so Fang Xiaoyu wanted to enter the martial arts, and must be a young person.

Fang Xiaoyu is moving, that young man is also staring at Fang Xiaoyu, but when the fellow is coming to him, the young man wants to stop the Fang Xiaoyu, but feel that suddenly be involved in a force, then the body If you can't help you go out, you will fall on the ground.

Those people didn't see how Qingfang fell out, they just saw that young people fell out, and then looked back to the martial arts, and the farther is getting farther.