The richest man in the magic city

No. [209] Li Chongda Liar

Li Chong took a look at the filial piety, and the face hanged a smile: "Square brothers, you treat the yellow boss like this, and it is too irritated."

Fang Xiaoyu listened, shrugged and smiled: "Haha, deal with this slag, don't be too gentle to them."

Li Chong listened, just laughed and speechless.

Fang Xiaoyu discovered that Li Chong face has different expression, and it is a bit uncomfortable. It is the sound of Li Chong.

"This is ..." Li Chong listened, and his face was suddenly difficult, and it was said that I said: "I have been a hobby of martial arts. I will see it occasionally, I will not be, but I'm not there. Ingenious, recently, the old husband, the body is full, so, I am not thinking, I can't let the brothers will be willing. "

Fang Xiaoyu swept the eye, the face was ruddy, where is it like a person dyed, the heart is secretly thinking: "It's not what this old guy is nothing, is it looking for an excuse?"

However, since Li Chong doesn't want to be better, he can't be strong, but I have to make a good job.

But the more you look at this Li Chong, the more I feel that he is like the kind of bullying, and it is a few words to leave the martial art.

Fang Xiaoyu did not want this line, and it was a true face of Li Chong.

How is Li Zheng? The master of martial arts, but also very powerful, the netfast is a million start, in fact, there is no real material, all are installed.

If it is not a Fang Xiaoyu, he will go, and I don't know how many people are being deceived.

Whether Li Chong is still Huang Fei, I don't know how to be a few pounds, I dare to show the stinky show in front of Fang Xiaoyu. It is really no bit.

People, the most terrible thing is not money, nor without forces, but in this world can't find your correct understanding and location.

Fang Xiaoyu can't afford to Li Chong and Huang Fei very much, and go to the mountain.

Fang Xiaoyu is sorry, and it is due to Li Chong and Huang Fei's equipment.

The scenery on the hill is very beautiful, the blue sky is white cloud, the green onion wood, the , everywhere, there are a variety of little pavilions, and the noisy city, this is a different world.

Fang Xiaoyu has no heart to appreciate this beautiful scenery, thinking about Li Zhong's hypocrisy.

A mouse returned to a pot of good soup, destroying the plan of Fang Xiaoyu.

Fang Xiaoyue walked to the hill, the more I thought Li Zhong, the more I got, the more angry, I didn't expect that there is still such a person, there is no ability to boil, bullying is afraid, but also the eye.

Don't engage in Li Chong, it is difficult to solve the hate of the filial piety.

If you can't get it, you can't get it. Fang Xiaoyu wants a magazine to clean up Li Chong, so that you will vent your heart.

When I came to the mountain, I saw a few men dressed as black trousers in black trousers. Fang Xiaoyu thought about the four or five black trousers of the fruit boat.

"I still can't find someone who works for me, see how I pack you."

Fang Xiaoyu found someone who sold his strength, but he didn't know how many small mats were still outside the fruit stall.

So, Fang Xiaoyu walked down the mountain and walked directly to the place where the fruit was sold.

At this time, the fruit vendor regrets for the account owed to gamble, is a small mix request for the four or five black trousers black ink mirror a few days.

Four five small mixed is still not indomitable, the behavior is very bad, the boss really can't do it, give a small confusion, I beg you, "I beg you for a few days, I have money, I will return it right away, this fruit booth Very profit, I will give you it right away, ask you. "

Small mixing does not eat this set, kicking the fruit booth boss.

"Stop! You are endless, how can you not remember, come, I will keep you long."

Fang Xiaoyu ran from not far away, seeing the little mixed beating water fruit stall, the air is not hitting, stopping them.

"Big brother, we are wrong, spare us."

These four or five small matters have been suffering from Fang Xiaoyu to go to the mountain. They see the fellow films and stop, they will admit mistakes immediately, and instantly become a bag.

"Our longjaissa is long, and immediately go immediately ..." The little mixed head ran.

"Stand, I will let you go, don't you want to fight, I will find a good place to give you a good place. Go." Fang Xiaoyu is very tone, the gas field is full, and the small mixed horse is standing.

Fang Xiaoyu shouted these four or five small mats, gave them a thousand dollars, let them go to the hill, Li Chong, the residence, the bigger the better, it is best to fight against him.

"I am waiting for you here, don't come down! Go!"

Fang Xiaoyu is so domineering, which can make Yaowu Yangwei's little mixing instantly become your own younger brother, dare to ask, there is such a courage.

It is about half an hour to pass, and Fang Xiaoyu is a bit impatient. He took out the mobile phone to see time. At this moment, a few small mixed blending of Li Chong was coming back.

"Big brother, according to your instructions, all of Li Chong will not die." Xiao Mixed and looked at the filial piety, waiting for him.

Fang Xiaoyu looked at their faces, I didn't want to say a word with them, just put a hand, indicating that several small bles will be left. This is the next fall of the criminal.

Fang Xiaoyu is preparing to get up and leave, seeing the fruit stalls, there is no matter, I don't want to gamble, I don't know who gives him the courage, Fang Xiaoyu Patient him.

"Take your fruit stall, the casino is not where you should go, you are lucky to meet me today, there is no such thing in this next time."

Fang Xiaoyu finished, took out the money from the pocket and threw it on the fruit stall, and then left.

People surrounded by lively people to bring this buff, praise.

These in Fang Xiaoyu seems to be nothing, it is a snatch. Such a good words are more filial piety, and his mouth is slightly rising, and it feels disdain.

Fang Xiaoyu originally wants Li Chong to support the scene, and the result is something that is really disappointing.

Really changed far than planning. The change destroys the plan of Fang Xiaoyu.

Fang Xiaoyu walked in the street, thinking about looking for a star or an influential person. Just at this time, he listened to the side said that the recent Pan Bing has a singing, just in Fengcheng.