The richest man in the magic city

Section [210] to find a star

Fang Xiaoyu thought, built the iron shoes, there is no effort to come to the family.

Fang Xiaobi thought, finally decided to have Pan Bingbing to support the scene, he took out the mobile phone to search for the location of Pan Bingbing concert.

Then, Fang Xiaoyu called the car, came to the place of concert. After some inquiry, I learned that Pan Bing was in the backstage.

Fang Xiaoyu wants to enter the background directly, but the staff is blocked.

"Mr., Excuse me, do you have a work certificate? The background is needed to enter and exit with a work permit."

The staff is still, but Fang Xiaoyu is not eating this set, no matter whether there is a work certificate, he is going in.

Fang Xiaoyu wants to do something can stop.

Fang Xiaoyu did not want to communicate with staff, and I feel that the staff is really too ink, fortunately this is a man.

Fang Xiaoyu went to the moment of thunder, and a hook will, hook the staff's stomach, and the painful staff couldn't com.

Fang Xiaoyu likes a quick speed, raising the palm, and suddenly cut the staff in the past, lying on the ground is moving.

This kind of little thing, Fang Xiaoyu is so easy to solve it.

Fang Xiaoyu never need to bring bodyguards, he can dominate the world.

Fang Xiaoyu opened the door of the background and went in.

The lights in the background are clear, and the clothing is finally checked in costumes, beware of income.

Before the makeup table, the beauty of a maddy tooth is sitting there, and the minority is giving her makeup by the makeup artist, and the lips are silently singing the opening songs for a while.

When Fang Xiaoyu came in, he was noticed, and the face was frowning to the door of the clothing. "Who are you coming in ?!"

Fang Xiaoyu did not care about him, search for a circle, directly to the beautiful person, said: "Miss Pan Bing is? I want to invite you to sing guests for my Carnival."

Pan Bing glanced down and swept away, seeing this person, I have a decent casual suit, and the eyebrows are handsome, and the temperament is calm, and it is not like a man. Can't help but take the assistant king sister to the side, seek opinions.

The front two steps of Wang Jie, I asked with a laugh: "How much is the play fee? How long?"

Fang Xiaoyu did not answer her, but he looked at Pan Bingbing and wanted to listen to himself. Pan Bingbei saw what he meant and said: "I listen to Wang Jie." Her voice is soft, and it is very nice in the female singer.

"One million, one night." Fang Xiaoyu saw this, turning his head to Wang Jie.

Wang Jie listened to a shock, and the first reaction in my heart felt this is fake, but this person found that this person found that this person's clothes accessories were ordinary, but the temperament was the most identical thing. People must be strong, can not help but think about a $ 100 million? She looked back at Pan Bing, and found that she was also shocked the inexplicable expression.

The micro suction is calm, and I just want to ask what the other party is?

At this moment, the background door is a champion, a young man holding a big bunch of roses, coming in.

"One hundred million? You are so good!" He has a pair of Danfeng's eyes, the thin lips are very nose, the face is still very good, but the face is pale, a pair of dark circles are firmly hanging there, footstere vain It has been overdressed in the middle of the age.

The surname of Zhang, the family is also served on Fengcheng, but unfortunately, this generation does not learn, and gradually has a trend. It can be said that the thin camel is bigger than the horse. This son has never met the people who can't be provoked, and they have been coming so far.

He wore a golden suit, the tone was not siented, he glanced at the filial piety and wiped his shoulders.

"Zhang Gongzi, have you come so early?" Wang sister shifted a step to block the man to go to the road, and smiled, I wanted to pick up the flowers in his hand, "It's a lot of money, Zhang Gongzi is generous! I will be ice for us. Thank you! "

"Hey ~" Zhang Gongzi hid Wang Jie's hand, laughing on his face, walked to the Pan Bingbing, sitting in front of the dressing mirror, "I want to listen to ice ice and say ~" He put The bouquet has been handed forward, and the face he thought he thought that the surrounding makeup artist was disgusting.

To be honest, if you are young, it is possible to confuse a few little girls, but after the adult, he constantly hollowed the body, and now it is disgusting.

Pan Bingbing is also this feeling, and I don't want to pick up this bunch, so I still don't move. Zhang Gongzi is angry, and his eyes are gradually cold.

During the two people, Wang Jie also plugged in, smiled and said: "Zhang Gongzi, Ice's concert will immediately start, she is now telling the words, no time to distract, you bring to me ..."

If she finished, Zhang Gong suddenly smiled, he looked like uncomfortable, continued to Pan Bingiki: "Nothing, concert, no singing, I know!" He ignored Wang Si stretched The hand, the flowers are still in the arms, but the hand wholly holding the hand of the flower - he can't be angry, the beauty is privileged, how can you be angry with beauty!

He slowly took a breath, and he asked slightly: "Oh, since this, Miss ice ice can be lighted after the concert, let it ask for a meal?"

Wang Jie gave Pan Bingbing next to Zhang Gongzi, meaning that it could not reject it. Pan Bingbi brows, hesitated, hesitated Fang Xiaoyu, the darkness of the darkness is looking at this direction, although the eyes are cold, but let her heart suddenly have brave power. "Sorry, Zhang Gongzi, I still have something, I am afraid I can't have dinner with you."

Zhang Gongzi smiled and stiff, he slowly stood up, closed his eyes for a while, only give it to the mouth! "Mom! I thought I was a thing!" He bite his teeth in his heart, and a fire can't compress it!

Suddenly he saw Pan Bingbing's eyes wrong, it seems to be seen? He turned away, but he was originally in front of the kid who heard the export mad.

I can't help but anger! He can't bear this, and the fire has been sent directly to Fang Xiaoyu!

"Hey! You are here!" Zhang Gongzi turned, back to Pan Bingbing's face, he thought about Fang Xiaoyu two steps, extremely bad smile: "The liar has a year, This year is particularly very much! Just this year, it's a trick? The Zhangkou is a billion! "He got a sound." Which is what you teach? Hey, I am also curious, can you come in? "