The richest man in the magic city

Section [211] successful agreement

Wang Jie listened to this heart, today is Pan Bing's concert, the dog can look at this side, she doesn't want to have any scandals.

Pan Bingbi also looked at the filial piety, and he was a little worried about him.

As an event focus person, Fang Xiaoyu is calm. He uses it as if he looks at the mind of the mentally disabled children, and the mouth is on the mouth, seeing Pan Bing's eyes, deciding this is the other party's concert, or not to take care of Zhang Monster this kind of person.

Zhang Gongzi thought that he was also afraid of himself - from a small to big, no one dared to do with him!

Can't help but self-confidence, walk the front: "Hey I ask you! How did you come in?" How did your kid come in? "His spending is tired, just in the hands, put it.

Wang Jie is not a good look, quickly and said: "Zhang Gongzi, the concert of ice is now, where is your seat? Maybe there will be interactive!"

Zhang Gong laughed, he seems to be with the mouth: "1 seat in the A District." Said to the eye, Pan Bingbing, see the other party, there is no expression, the heart is disappointed, and look at the filial piety. Sister, there are several bodyguards in the back door, don't let people who can come in - especially those who have such a low IQ. "Talking to the hand, I have to throw the flowers to Fang Xiaoyu.

Fang Xiaoyu is not willing, he will not do it, and you don't want others to do it.

And the Zhang Gongzi in front of him, belongs to the self-righteous person, what he wants to do, as long as he is happy, no matter what others feel.

On weekdays, Zhang Gongzi, who is arrogant, has a little power, and people who bullied by him can only hate the anger in the heart, people are big, they can't bear to do!

However, this time, Zhang Gongzi, who is used to be used, but it has touched a hard nail!

Looking at Zhang Gongzi's own look, Fang Xiaoyu did not say, go forward, facing the face of the former, continuously fan a few slaps.

Zhang Gongzi was smashed, even if the face of the face was swollen with the pig, he did not respond.

Su is to bully others, why have someone dare to play him, not to mention his face ...

It's like a puppet Zhang Gongzi standing in the same place, touched his cheeks on both sides, staying after a moment, a angry scream, mad ...


When this is like a pig-like scream, several big men standing at the door, and immediately came in.

Seeing your master is swollen cheeks, a few big men are also a glimpse, all he bullied people on weekdays, how can people be hit today?

Who is the courage to be so big, even dare to play Zhang Gongzi!

Just when a few embarrassment of the big Han Dynasty, the face of Zhang Gongzi, was purged with a big man, a big man standing next to him, angry: "Don't give me a hand!"

I heard the words, several bodigches came back, and they went to the square filial piety ...

No one is not good, you must cause this, today, it is destined to not be good!

Several sturdy big men, in the heart, the fellow fillet, silently, a big fist, it is not in love with the Fang Xiaoyu ...

", ..."

A dull voice came out, a few of the high-spirited big men, so that they were filial piety, and they were lost.

Zhang Gongzi is somewhat stupid, covering a swollen cheeks, cavity a few times ...

He thought that he would see his people's blood splashes on the spot, but unexpectedly, several bodyguards never lost their hands, this time, it was poured by a youth!

Looking at the lying on the ground, I will have a painful, Zhang Gongzi is very knowledgeable, and I want to slip away ...

Where there is life, there is hope!

Waiting for him to "renegrate the flag drum", come back to the scene of today, holding this idea, Zhang Gongzi wants to leave.

However, just turned around, I haven't had time to open, a little voice, I came back again ...

"I let you go ..." Fang Xiaoyu faintly said.

He is not the master of a good thing, but this Zhang Gongzi today is not long-term, it will cause it to his head.

If you don't pay attention to him, others think that he can be deceived!

Turning around, looking at the faceless fang fu, Zhang Gongzi no longer fails to be mad and arrogant, and stuttered in Baba: "You ... you still want ... What?"

Under the majestic, the mad swaps on the palm of the palm, and he felt all his bodyguards in the ground, which was more serious than him.

However, although he felt that he had a big loss, compared with him, it was not worth mentioning in Fang Xiaoxiao.

"Come over ..." For Zhang Gongzi hooked his fingers, Fang Xiaoyu faintly.

Before I was unscrupulous, I didn't think about it. I didn't force him to shoot. This person is not only rampant, but also very ignorant!

Since it is owed, then he gives him a little profound lesson!

Looking at the youth, you will come up again and again, and Zhang Gongzi's eyes are in the eyes of a fear, and there is still a somewhat angry and unconscious ...

But now, I can't get angry, I can fell a few burly big men, but this person is not he can play!

"Around me, I will not dare to get next time ..." At this moment, Zhang Gongzi's arrogance has already disappeared without a trace, and the gesture is very low, and the opening beggers.

However, although he looks really scared, but the hate that he has poured deeply, but he was seen by Fang Xiaoyu.

Such a person is obviously a master, but he is a filial piety? It will be afraid of these small generations?

If this son is really scared, he may spare him, but he is not really regrett ...

"The thief is not dead ..." smiled and smiled in the face, Fang Xiaoyu light.

I heard the words, Zhang Gongzi stunned, he did not react, as a loud voice came out, his whole person flew out and pulling the whole door.

The shake stood up, Zhang Gongzi slammed the old face, spit out the blood in the mouth, just like to drink, but when two white teeth were doped in the blood, the lips were trembled.

"You are waiting for me!" , A few slaps ...

Today's things, let Zhang Gongzi are very wrogging, I want to take music with others, but who can think of it, it is actually a hard nail!