The richest man in the magic city

I will come together [213].

It seems that it is in the heart of the filial piety, and one is surrounded by Fang Xiaoyu.

"If you don't believe, it will be all together." Fang Xiaoyu said this, the audience is even more boiling.

Fang Xiaoyu looked at the age, the block is not big, it seems that it is not as special to do this, is it so powerful, it is quite big.

"It seems that someone has to climb out today."

"The front desk, called a good rescue, don't live."

The whistle is constantly, from the sound of the four sides, the eyes of everyone, some are sympathetic, it seems to see that Fang Xiaoyu is in general, it is pitiful, thinking that he is not going today.

And some people's eyes are not precailed. When they look down, they are general, so thin and thin, it may not be enough, they will fall, look at him, how much is it? .

"So, don't have to be all, we can also roll up here, let's come."

A member headed by the head is said to Fang Xiao. This man looks not usually here. It is indeed that he can say that it is a person who says a few people, participating in world-class games, each is the first.

The people here have not strong than him. He is a symbol of the king here. If he has not seen anyone here, this kid is still one.

At this time, the Fang Xiaoyu wanted to go, everyone was blocked behind him, he only went forward, and he could not retreat.

People are like this, watching the lively is not too big, once someone came to the door to find a doctor, don't see him now.

At this time, the Fang Xiaoyu is not used at all, and a big gang pushed him on the stage. Fang Xiaoyu helplessly, since you dare to say this, there is no intention to run, this is true, is it. I really want to escape.

I got on the stage, these five people are busy warm up, just twist down, there is a cheer, Huayuan embroidered legs, Fang Xiaoyu thinks, not to fight, do so many virtual movements, do you want to choose beautiful .

I vote for you. At this time, Fang Xiaoyu has not moved, because it is still a little meaning, it is not necessary to warm up.

A whistle, starting, the scene is hot, very hustle and bubble. The big man headed first took the lead in attacking, and the hard to move forward, but Fang Xiaoyu was just gently raised his hand, and he took it.

The big man was shocked, and he shot so quickly, and made it so strong, but he seems to have four or two thousand pounds.

I saw that the party was twisted by hand, and the big man felt that his brand was abolished, then fell to the ground, it was hurting, the rest of the people saw him, and dared daring to rash forward. .

Fang Xiaoyu looked at their eyes very provocative, and the rest of the people did not serve before, and they were fell by one.

The audience was shocked, and five of them live here. It is best to play, if they are falling, then they have not been played.

At this time, the boss came out, how could happen to happen to sit still.


In fact, the boss came out later, and always let the people don't want to do, and they look at this kid. He felt that this kid did not look, dare to grab the horses, definitely not general.

He didn't think about others. I think this kid didn't know that the sky is thick. Instead, this kid is courageous, he just started thinking that this kid can support one or two rounds, but did not think of something like this.

These five are the most powerful in his field, can be said to be his facade, the result is like this, this long time, it is rid of the second, simple is the god, it seems that his signboard has to change. This kid is not bad if you can make a friend.

Fang Xiaoyu looked at everyone lying on the ground, it was really innocent. I fell so soon. I haven't arrived in a turn. I still have to play, the sample is like this, is it blowing.

The five people lying on the ground, is not bad, some are not convinced, there are several still stunned filial piety, and I still think of playing again, but I really can't do it. I really have no way. If you want to play this hand Break away.

Fang Xiaoyu knows that they are not convinced, but there is no way, who makes you fight me, this is the fact that it is to accept.

"There are people outside the people, there are mountains outside the mountains, there is no way to go home without convinced." At this time, Fang Xiaoyu is a bit. I just didn't talk, I didn't tell you how much I made you cow.

Waiting for them, it is enough to put them again. Look at you is still not anxious, lose this word has never appeared in his dictionary, and people who can defeat him have not yet been born.

Even if there is a big relief, there is no one dare to say to him, after all, the most powerful people have been fighting, and the front is a circle around him, and it is he surrounded by him. Turn.

To be honest, he is not addicted. Only one or two kings are falling down, and he has not hit it. It has just thought that at least it can live some, who knows so soon.

"There is still something that can be played, it is gone." Fang Xiaoyu helpless, lying on the ground one, sleep, don't say it, don't say it, do you take a fire to lift it, you will fall so fast It's really straightforward.

"I will come to you." The boss finally sent a sound, in fact, the boss here is the most beaten here, otherwise how to open such a boxer, there is always a strength to sit in the town is not, not rich OK, or I have already been smashed.

The boss observed him under the end, and quickly moved quickly. Although there was no certain chapter, there was no professional training, but there were no posts, and three under three will be able to look at the people's multi-point, specialist.

It seems that thinness, but the strength is not under him, there is time to look at the head, the strength is not necessarily big, the strength is not necessarily the big, it is very big, the light is not good, no matter whether it is What do you have to pay attention to skills.

Tips are a very good thing, doing a good thing for four or two thousand kgs, there is no problem.

Fang Xiaoyu looked at the talent, even if there is no special training, defeating professional opponents is not a difficult thing, sometimes it is too professional training, too many strips blocked, but he is like him. It is best to win.