The richest man in the magic city

No. 216]

Then I said any era, but also protected. It's time to get it, it's not to give money.

Looking at them, these for the first is that the king is known, it seems that this helper is really used to, do not give them a little color, I really don't know too shallow, I thought they really happen.

Even if you can't get the money, then you have to smash his things, give them lessons, let them know that it is powerful, or I really think they are paper tigers.

"Give me."

That is really thinking that the movie is filled with a movie. It is low, and the eyes don't lift it, and the two wear a big golden ring will give him the rest of them.

Fang Xiaoyu looks like their kindness, feel disgusting, the acne, the hair is stained, the golden chain gold ring is really handsome.

Fang Xiaoyu went forward, and his face is a foot. Their head was knocked down, and all people were shocked and looked at them.

"My is the most disgusting thing is to see your face, and people with you gave me."

"Hey, there is a kid, I don't know how to be high and thick." The king is helped, I haven't seen this kind of person, dare to move his face, I dare to speaking, I am really greasy, long I haven't seen anyone dare to do it with him.

"Brothers, gave me on the West". "The people in the four sides came toward the party, so they put down the work in their hands and came over.

Sample, Fang Xiaoyu three two times, one person will be knocked down, joking, I am playing with professional boxers, I am not more than you, they are all my hand, it will be more. You.

Fang Xiaoyu went to the name of Wang Ge, the king did not expect him to be so powerful, and I wanted to run.

As a result, Fang Xiaoyu is very accepted, and it is blocked in front of him. This is called Wang Ge, and his leg is also shaking.

I thought he was too powerful, more resistant, it turned out to be a grass, I haven't shot, I'm trying to spare, it is really useless, and I still have dirty hands. However, his face is really disgusting.

Fang Xiaoyu lifted his chest, and the king's brother was born to the ground, and the younger brother beside him did not dare to come over.

"Tell you, here is my site, thinking that anyone dares to make trouble, I have seen it once."

"Yes Yes Yes"

"Not rolling yet"

I heard this sentence, they are particularly happy, I thought it was going to die here today, I am afraid to die, roll. That is called Wang Ge, I ran together with his younger brother, that kind of wolf is disadvantaged, and the appearance is very different, but also protects, he has, he has the ability to collect . As you look like this, you can't get it.

I will go back and take it for a few years. Lessons they still feel dirty.

After finishing the mix, Fang Xiaoyu went home to sleep, really tired, I have played a lot today. Hands are somewhat soft, Fang Xiaoyu went home after taking a shower, Fang Xiaoyu lying on the bed, soon fell asleep. It seems that he is really tired today.

There is nothing in the next day, Fang Xiaoyu slept very late, but there is no matter what you do, you will do it. I ate the rice, Fang Xiaoyu opened the TV, the above is a very dog-blooded family drama.

However, it is a family-oriented. After the small 30 completed, the original thing is auctioned, and the original is angry into the hospital, the auction, and it is still owed to Dongfeng, and there is no venue.

Choose the venue to promote it. Otherwise, the wind is in the wind, people don't know there should be, um, so the venue is very important.

But you have to be good. Seeing the newspapers on the coffee table, there will be some information for rent on the above, you can find it from above.

Eastern District, this place is good, but more than two hundred levels are too small, when you are home.

West District, this place is not ridicpeled, there are many hospitals, and the hospital is a street. I have seen him not to detour.

The place in Nanshan Street is good, but it seems that there is a car accident before, as if there is also a report on the TV. It's really annoying, there is no right, Fang Xiaoyu is irritating to throw newspaperside.

Forget it, pick it up. Fang Xiaoyu found a place, quite big, or golden location, in accordance with the above calls, filled, but was told that places have been rented by people.

If you rent a reason, there is also the advertisement. Fang Xiaoyu has just wants to hang the phone. After listening to it, it is better, the area is better, and the facilities are also very good, but you are now auction now. The auction of the place, you can have a look.

The auction is also, anyway, some money is not afraid to shoot. Ask the address and date, Fang Xiaoyu is ready.

On this day of the auction, I came to the scene early. It is generally some celebrities, or some merchants, only Fang Xiaoyu seems to be, and very young.

It is generally some small assistants, and Fang Xiaoyu is sitting on his seat, and they are looking at the wine glass, in the discussion, there is a man wearing a suit, walking along the Fang Xiaoyu.

"Little brothers come to the auction."

"I came to win the place in Nanyang Street."

Fang Xiaoyu said, he said that everyone is very surprised, and that the place has not started to cast, but now it has already been fried, and if the auction does not have hundreds of millions, you can get it.

Even if they don't act rash, although they are not bad, but so expensive, it is not a small number, this money is to spend out, my company can be almost a empty shell. .

"Look at his poor acid, I still want to have the land of Nanyang, I will go home to dream." I heard this sentence, Fang Xiaoyu looked at the past, a middle-aged man, a bit big, there is some bald, giving people It feels very greasy. People feel very disgusting.

Oh, it seems that he also wants the place, you can't see someone, let you know how to write.

Fang Xiaoyu is only smiling at him, but it does not answer, wait until you know my power, I will first let you arrive.

This middle-aged man is a real estate old, surnamed strict, is for this place, hearing his competitors naturally pay more attention, plus it seems to be such a bad boy, nature is not Put it in your eyes.