The richest man in the magic city

The next place, I am

Nowadays, there is a little worth of it, that is not at least 40 or more, watching his way, I dare to go out, but I have been in the age of twenty, or I will go home early.

The auction will begin, everyone has already sat down, some of them are doing it in front, the surname, the surname, the old man is also true, can sit in the first row, he is still very good, and look at Fang Xiaoyu.

This eye is very obvious. Fang Xiaoyu is naturally understanding what he meant. It is just thinking about his eyes, it is still behind him. If you want to be ugly, despite it, this place he is Where you have, money doesn't matter for him.

But he can not be a good fortune. There is no such thing as the beginning, some jewelry. Later, a vase of Ming Dynasty came out, the old boss surnamed out of the number, one million.

Safe, is more than 500,000 higher than the bottom price, watch him dazzle, you don't let him like him. Two million. Fang Xiaoyu also shot.

Yan Bo turned back to look at that kind of kid, how can he like this vase, definitely for him, two million he still take it out.

Two hundred or five hundred thousand, the strict boss has a price and sample.

"five million"

Everyone exclaimed, but it was a small vase, which can be fried such a high price. "55 million" Fang Xiaoyu has some disdain, and each time is 500,000, he is much more.

"Ten million"

Fang Xiaoyu once again, people who are on his belt are talking about it, but it is a small vase, and it is not worth so much money. It can have to speculate on the price, which is worthy of the price of a block. .

"Oh, this vase I don't like it very much, but it is a toughness." Fang Xiaoyu deliberately stimulates the boss.

"One thousand million"

Yan Boss is out of order, for face. Good deal, Fang Xiaoyu is no longer a sign, he doesn't have a bottle of the heart, just want to be angry.

The back of the things, the strict boss did not dare to be, because there is no money, and if it is investigated, it will exceed the budget.

Soon, Nanyang came out, the starting price was 10 million.

"20 million"

"thirty million"

This place is a lot of people to grab, and there are many opponents.

"Five thousand million" Fang Xiaoyu, there is no such thing, there is not much person dare to pick up, Yan Bo does not accept the man's help, you are from this place, you can't give others.

"Six hundred million" is out.

"100 million"

What, this place can still be so expensive, the boss is bad, and the striking boss is a little trembling, and this kid may be this billion.

"More than 100 million"

"Two billion" Fang Xiaoyu is secretly secret, the last party is successful, shocked the audience, and the face of the strict boss has risen into pig liver color, and I don't want to stay at a moment. I will leave the scene immediately.

The auction will go to the climax. I just used the land of 200 million, I feel that the development value of the land is very large and can be subsequent use.

Construction of some factories, which can earn more money in the ground, using limited land to develop unlimited money resources.

Fang Xiaoyu, the more I think it is correct, the country's land resources are currently increasingly scarce, and the oil resources and mineral resources have not been developed.

"When you are free time, you will develop this place. This kind of thing is suitable for people who have this high-level idea. I am afraid that the profits will not stop two billions." Fang Xiaoyu thought so, his mouth I am embarrassed.

This auction will really be something good. This place is also changing between accident. Just feeling fun, now think about your behavior is really correct.

When this is sometimes, the most insisted ones must be done, not to mention, but not more than 200 million, it is not a big money, this place in this sub-skin is good, no need to say two billion, 20 billion, two hundred 100 million, two thousand millions of billions.

"I have to see what is good here." This is, the more I feel excited, the auction today is really coming, since this, anyway, I have n'thing to do, just here stay more Let's talk about what is more than the baby.

"Mr. Ms., next to this auction, the most exciting moment, then we have to auction is fragment." At this time, the host on the stage began to speak.

"Debris? What is good to shoot ..." Sitting in the following people began to talk about the things to be auctioned, some people have doubt, some people directly cast aside.

"Just, it is not a broken piece, what can be used." The people underneath mess around.

"Debris, what will be?" Fang Xiaoyu, like some people sitting under the bottom, there is doubt that a fragment is more important than a piece of land, this is a question worth thinking, since this, you have to look at this What is something.

"Mr. Ms., please quiet, I know that you have a lot of questions about the fourth word of the fragmentation, then I will introduce this fragmentation." The host said that the debris showed the fragmentation. The fragments look sparkling, very beautiful.

"Wow, it's so beautiful." The people underneath began to discuss all.

"It's really bright, but it should be very expensive, how to say that it is the pressure axis of this auction." The person under the bottom of the tongue.

"Yes, it is really a pressure axis." The people next to them suddenly realized that the importance of this fragment was understood.

"I believe everyone also saw it, this piece of shredded light, smoking his eyes, this is the value of this fragment, this fragment is a mysterious person to dig, the mysterious people have asked us to keep his identity So here we are not convenient to transition to his personal information. "The host mysteriously introduced everything about the fragment.

"This fragment looks very mysterious, but I can't see any era, but it should be very important. I have a strange induction in my body. It seems to be the reaction of the Shenhao system. Is this fragmentation Is there a certain relationship with the system? "Fang Xiaoyu said he said.

"Although this fragment does not know the year, it is really precious, it is also very important, so this auction will use this piece of fragment as a pressure axis, and then we have to start auction, starting price, some people want Do you want to take this fragment? Mr. Ms. will start to shout! "The host said, starting auction on the fragmentation.