The richest man in the magic city

The [218] auction is big

After a while, Fang Xiaoyu also issued a new order: "Let's go abroad, you can randomly fall on a small island." With this godboat, of course, you can use it well, this is no need to take a plane can also travel around the world. It's really a good thing, I can't get in the sky.

"300,000 ..." Someone has started to shout.

"Forty thousand ..." The other person added 100,000 directly, it can be seen that this piece of fragment is also very snapped up, but they look at the appearance of the fragment, and take it back It's really not used.

"Forty thousand, this gentleman shouted 400,000, is there anyone wants to bid?" The host shouted for the atmosphere of the scene.

"500,000 ..."

"The gentleman shouted 500,000, 500,000, 500,000 times, no one wants to raise the price?" The host mobilized the atmosphere of the scene.

The bidding price has reached 500,000. At this time, there seems to have no other person to raise the price. The host must plan to announce the results, just at this time, suddenly sounded: "600,000!"

"Is this not the person under the one who took the land below?" The people underde began to discuss.

"Yes, it is him." Another person should be.

"Why do he have money, it takes six hundred thousand to take this fragment." Another person surprised, and envy in the tone, if you can so much money.

Fang Xiaoyu looked at 50,000, no one was called again, and his own raised raised to six hundred thousand. He always felt that this fragment was very important, it seems to have a certain in the body. The relationship, so I have to take it, I have just not called the price of others.

In fact, he thinks that this debris will start with a higher price. I didn't expect that these people came up to be shout, so they directly understood this auction.

"60,000, this gentleman, six hundred thousand, six hundred thousand two times, 60,000 yuan, congratulations, this gentleman successfully took this fragment." The host's small hammer finalized on the table, this auction I will finally tell a paragraph, and I have got something I want.

After the auction, Fang Xiaoyu took the fragment and rushed back and started to verify what the fragmentation and his own inquiry system did something relationship. After a period of verification, the Shenhao system showed that the fragment was a shirt, once the fragment was enabled You can automatically synthesize a godboat in the Shenhao system.

After you know this news, Fang Xiaoyu is very excited. It is true that it is true. This fragment really has a relationship with the Shenhao system in his body, and actually is a spacecraft fragment, so that these 60,000 flowers are still It's worth it, it's just a big cheap.

So Fang Xiaoyu was preparing to go to the suburbs. This time, the fragment of the spacecraft was too happy. He was ready to go to the suburbs to summon this mysterious god.

Fang Xiaoyu opened the car to the suburbs, breathing a fresh air in the suburbs, "Ho ~ this feeling, really cool!" The so-called people have a good spirit, and they have received a huge development potential. It is also just right to find with them. The gods related to the Shenhao system, it is really luck these days.

So Fang Xiaoyu Mu Mantra, I saw that the fragment was slowly lit, then rushed to the air, a golden light flashed, Yao Fang Xiaoyu did not open his eyes, and quickly broke his eyes with his arm. It is the god ship that is expected to appear.

This gods took a light bright, Fang Xiaoyu took a closer look, the original structure of this gods was made up of pure gold, this styling can be said to be quite cool, very highup The temperament and golden identity, this 60,000 flowers are really too worth it. It seems that the land of 200 million yuan is cheap, and the six hundred thousand bought pieces are simply a big. .

"Hey, this feeling is really beautiful." Looking at the god ship suspended in heaven, Fang Xiaoyu shouted in the sky, this is really going to break the iron shoes, you have to come to work hard, I didn't expect this. The gods will be just a simple fragment, which is really helping me.

So Fang Xiaoyu got on the gods, looked at the internal structure of the gods, and couldn't help but praise: "This ladier system is configured with high ends."

The application in this godboat can be said to be there, Fang Xiaoyu came to the main control room. All operating systems are all artificial intelligence. The seats of the control room are all made of fur, which looks noble and comfortable, this gods are simply It is a step by step to surprise you.

Fang Xiaoyu opened the control system, ready to start the gods, open it out, I only saw some code on the controlled host, the godboat immediately responded: "Welcome the owner, I have been waiting for it. Next, the gods will automatically enter the voice intelligence system. What is the command? "

It was shocked by this sudden voice, and Fang Xiaoyu was slow for a while, and got down, asked: "Speech intelligent system?"

"Yes, owner, voice intelligence system is the task of automatically identifying the owner, and then mobilizing artificial intelligence to perform tasks, these things do not have owners to worry, only need to get down commands." That sound heard the anti-Quan Xi Continue to answer questions to Fang Xiaoyu.

"Okay, since this, let's go to the sky first." After understanding the meaning of manual intelligence, Fang Xiaoyu began to reach his order.

"Okay, the owner, is about to take you into the clouds." The artificial intelligence voice just fell, Fang Xiaoyu felt that the gods were moving, through the windows, Fang Xiaoyu clearly saw the scenery outside, and the current gods are rising, and nearly approaching The clouds, the artificial intelligence said to fly over the clouds, and it really wants to see what the sky is empty over the cloud.

"Hey? How is the sky suddenly black?" Suddenly a dark square piety is curious, this sudden dark makes him feel a little strange.

"Master, we are crossing the clouds, cloud covering the glass, so there is no shining in the wear, please wait patiently, after passing through the cloud, the shipment will be restored." I heard the question of Fang Xiaoyu, artificial Smart is automatically replied to the filial piety.

"Yes, there is light!" I just returned to shout, and Fang Xiaoyu shouted a few times.