The richest man in the magic city

Section [219] gods rise

"The owner, now we have come to the cloud, please go down the next command." Complete the last task, and artificially intelligently begins to seek the next task.

"You are waiting, I look at the scenery above this cloud." After the stationary command, the artificial intelligence did not continue to speak, Fang Xiaoyu saw the outside, the gods now floated in the clouds, it seems to be I have lived in the cloud now, there is a sunny outside, and the light is like a lot better than the clouds. This piece of clouds make Fang Xiaoyu and very enjoyable.

"Good owner, please do it, the gods are ready to start." After the artificial intelligence that has been in a silent state, he replied after he heard the command of Fang Xiaoyu.

After a while, the gods landed, "the owner, the system randomly landed a small island, arrived at the destination, please go down the next command."

"I want to go, you are waiting here." Fang Xiaoyu decided to see the gods to see the situation, so let the gods will resume the silence.

After Fang Xiaoyu went, it was found that the gods landed is a small island that is unreasonable. This island is in the upper part of the island. Fang Xiaoyu's brain cave is open. Decided to play a jungle adventure. Anyway, there is a suitable environment, it is difficult to come once. This great time can not be delayed.

Fang Xiaoyu took out some practical sophisticated weapons from the gods, in case, in case, there is one of the beasts in this jungle, but also, there is a person who has any kindness, Fang Xiaoyu can also There is a guard, he is now ready to go.

He decided to start his risk, walk forward, he found a plane wreck, strangely the airplane wreck is still fire, so Fang Xiaoyu will be aircraft that this may be a plane that is just falling down: "This wreck looks no time Long, which plane is so unlucky, falling on this wasteland. "

After this idea, Fang Xiaoyu muttered, while thinking that there is a plane, then there will be someone, so he launched a wave of search people, looking around the aircraft wreck, from such a high place It may not be injured and not dead.

He walked and found that there was a shabby sofa this side. It may be on the plane. When the plane fell down from the plane, it was carefully observed that the sofa. Fang Xiaoyu suddenly found that the sofa seems to be moving, Fang Xiaoyu From the weapons that yourself, slowly get towards the sofa: "Who is there?"

Behind him go to the sofa, can't predict what is in front of the sofa, so his heart is still very nervous, he takes a good weapon to go to the sofa, turn it, with the weapon against the sofa, at this time It is clear that the sofa is not a beast, it is a foreigner, it looks quite young.

Fang Xiaoyu walked to the wreckage of the plane, after all, the aircraft wreck was smoke, and the minute may explode. Such a big plane, the impact wave generated after the explosion, can send him to God in minutes.

He saw that there was a personal in the cockpit, taking the risk near that plane, but from the extent of the four-point five cracked after the plane, if this person can still survive, it is too lucky.

It is a life, always know, how to say this is also a life.

It is pregnant with such an idea, Fang Xiaoyu slowly approached the aircraft wreck, in a fuel odor and metal burnt flavor, pay attention to whether the plane will take a big explosion.

Of course, his eyes are mainly concentrated on the survivors of that cockpit. When he is approaching, he can completely see the face and half of the body, it is very obvious, this is a foreigner of a blond eagle. .

The foreigner has a bit sluggish, but it is obviously still living, Fang Xiaoyu, and quickly launched a rescue.

When I went to the foreigner, Fang Xiaoyu found that foreigners were sitting on the ground, but also surprised Fang Xiaoyu, the foreigner looked at the calmness, and it seems that the crafy is a generous thing.

Fang Xiaoyu checked it, only knowing that his foot card is on the chair, so it is not possible. Fang Xiaoyu fissed him, he helped him pull out the foot of the foot and then hold him, leaving the aircraft together.

In addition to the ankle is caught, this foreigner doesn't have any injuries, and Fang Xiaoyu uses the foot of English with him.

"You have n'thing to do?" Fang Xiaoyu asked.

"Fortunately, thank you, save me a life." The foreigner said with gratitude.

"Nothing, raising your worker," Fang Xiaoyu smiled: "Yes, how did you encounter air?"

I saw that the foreigner became a slap in the destination of the crash, and Fang Xiaoyu suddenly interested his identity, so asked.

After all, Fang Xiaoyu has a life-saving, so this foreigner does not conceal his identity, and one hundred and one told the Fang Xiaoyu.

He has an ankle and can't stand too long, so sit down on a clean stone on the beach, then said.

"My name is Jason, is a M-American." He told the Fang Xiaoyu: "This time comes out with friends, I am going to engage in a cross-Pacific flight test. I didn't expect to fly to the middle. The plane fell out of the fault, then fell in this desert island on."

"Wait a minute," Fang Xiaoyu suddenly intercepted his words: "You said that you are coming with your friends, why only see you alone on the wreckage?"

Jason was silent, then said: "I am not too clear. When we came out, five people boarded the machine, after the crash, my friends didn't see, I thought, they should be a plane to disintegrate Washed by airflow ... "

Fang Xiaoyu frowned, clearly he is not satisfied with Jason's explanation, but since Jason said so, he is not asked again. After all, it is now jeasted that Jason is lying on himself, and there is no authenticity.

"Well," Fang Xiaoyu nodded: "I am just why your friend can't even find the body."

I heard these, Jason's face is sad, but after a moment, his face will restore calm and say: "Don't worry, we are engaged in flight test, so before boarding, it is installed in everyone. Positioning device, as long as you return to our headquarters, you can know where they are in. "