The richest man in the magic city

No. 220] Flying car laboratory?

"Jason, you said that you are engaged in flight tests?" Fang Xiaoyu suddenly be very interested in his research project.

"Yes, our flight research center has been established for 20 years. Headquarters is in the M country," Jason said: "However, we are not official."

"Well, your M country's flight technology is very advanced in the world." Fang Xiaoyu smiled.

"Right," Jason looked at the filial piety, suddenly asked: "I have been talking to you so long, I haven't known your name?"

"Fang Xiaoyu," Fang Xiaoyu smiled: "I am very glad to meet you."

"Are you a Chinese man?" Jason listened to the name of Fang Xiaoyu, immediately said.

"Well, I am." Fang Xiaoyu, when he said, his face was full of pride.

"Oh," Jason immediately showed the color: "As far as I know, your Huaxia's flight technology is still very backward, at least far behind our M country."

Fang Xiaoyu listened, I can't wait to step on the foot on the ankle of Jason's injured. "Jason, where is your news? You are not alive in the cold war now."

"Although you save my life," Jason continued: "But I want to be honest, your Huaxia's flight technology does not work, your many flight technologies are stealing from our M country, then take it back to modify it. In order to create a cottage aircraft. "

Fang Xiaoyue listened to the more angry, Jason can laugh at him, but this kind of morality of Guo Guo is absolutely unable to tolerate.

"You said that our flying technology in Huaxia is not good, I will let you see what is called the burning aircraft!" Fang Xiaoyu is now completely angry, pull Jason, go to his ship.

Jason's ankle was injured, and Fang Xiaoyu did no matter where he was mourning, he went to him, came to his front of the silver shining giant ship.

Seeing the gods, Jason is completely dumbful, can't believe this is a aircraft, this greece, just like an alien UFO, now it is also known as the scientists in the world, how can it be appsed? ? This is absolutely impossible.

Jason likes to study a variety of aircraft, but he has never seen such aircraft. It is a stunning light between the eyes, just like a treasure in the mountains.

"Is this your aircraft?" Jason asked half a trip, now he still can't believe this is a fact.

"Yes," Fang Xiaoyu said that: "Otherse, how do you think I came to this island?"

"Can this aircraft really fly?" Jason couldn't help but go, and stroked the gods.

"If you don't believe, wait for me to take you to fly a circle." Fang Xiaoyu had a big way.

"That's great," Jason excitedly called: "I can't think of such flight technology."

"Now you know." Seeing Jason worship, Fang Xiaoyu is a lifetime, he wants Jason's M Chinese, I believe that I can't read Huaxia in the future.

I was very exciting in my heart, and Fang Xiaoyu suddenly heard what is moving.

... ... ......

Zhang Wei, Zhang Wei, seeing, immediately saw the stone behind Jason, quickly smashing a black snake of a wrist mouth, twisted the body, rushing to Jason's feet.

Jason only watched the godboat, and did not find out at all. The more the black snake climbed, and the blood of the silver and the blood of the silver, he was biting on the legs of Jason.

Snapped! Snapped!

Fang Xiaoyu quickly picked up a stone, put it into the fierce black snake, it hit on the snake of the black snake, smashed the whole snake head and ruthless, the snake body turned, no longer movable.

Jason saw Fang Xiaoyu picked up the stone and smashed it, scared, waiting for him to take a look, seeing a big scared dead snake at his feet, a little scare past.

Seeing Fang Xiaoyu once again saved his life again, Jason looked at him. He used to be awarded the Chinese people in China. Today, he saved two lives in a Chinese man, and his heart was completely changed.

Especially in flight technology, I saw that Fang Xiaoyu can drive such a high-end spacecraft. I can't wait to pay for the filial piety, and learn his flight technology.

Fang Xiaoyu is only occasionally passed by this desert island. I saw the black smoke on the island, I knew that it was a risk, and he stopped his gap. It's time to handle now, he is still driving a godboat and experience the pleasure of air flying.

Of course, you must first send this M Chinese home, can't let him starve in this desert island.

"Come on, Jason, I will send you back." Fang Xiaoyu said.

"You said, let me board your spaceship?" Jason did not dare to confuse.

"Yes," Fang Xiaoyu kids: "However, if you stay in the island, you will die by other poisonous snakes, I will not stop you."

Jason looked at the foot of the black snake than the wrist mouth, I made a hair in my heart, hurriedly said: "Let me take me away. This kind of ghost place, I don't want to stay in a minute."

Fang Xiaoyu saw Jason's high-horses, but was scared by a snake, and his heart was secretly laughed, and then he took Jason and walked to his god.

Before boarding the gods, Jason suddenly found a problem. This gap is not very space. It can only accommodate a person into the way. Fang Xiaoyu has entered an estimate. Now if you add people. Jason, no matter how easy it is.

So Jason looks at the gods, and the face reveals the pessimistic look: "Brothers, do you think your spaceship is too small?"

Fang Xiaoyu listened to the meaning of Jason, smiled and laughed: "You are too small to see our technical skills."

Said, Fang Xiaoyu immediately opened his Shenhao system, let the gods re-combined, less than two minutes, the gods were re-combined, a new god ship appeared in front of him, this gain is more space than the original space. It's more than a big.

Jason saw a white light in front of him, and then the ship became bigger, I almost couldn't believe my eyes, my heart wants to be a bad, what is this technology, it is like this!

He is admired, and the filial piety is even more admired. If you can't get down right away, call the filial piety a few masses.

"You can sit two people now." Fang Xiaoyu smiled at Jason, smiled, and then boarded the gods.

Jason has now regarded Fang Xiaoyu as a god. It's also step towards him, and I saw Fang Xiaoyu on the boat, and I rushed tightly.