The richest man in the magic city

The [221] Let's go there to see

Sitting in front of the cockpit, Fang Xiaoyu made a while in the previous digital, the gods rose, and it feels like driving a helicopter, but it is much more stable than the helicopter.

"This machine is not driving?" Jason saw that Fang Xiaoyu moved so good, decided to steal him.

"How to say," Fang Xiaoyu, of course, knowing Jason's carefulness, sinking: "This machine is very human, only listening to the master's order, if you drive, you may not be able to drive."

Jessen learned that Fang Xiaoyu did not want to teach himself, hit a nose ash, he is not so embarrassed and then ask.

After the gods fly stable, Fang Xiaoyu began to ask Jason to go, he wants to enter the address to the godboat, and the gods will send them to the destination according to this address.

Jason saw that the gods of Fang Xiaoyu actually had no one driving and exactly positioning, the other filial piety technology is a heart, but fellow is not willing to kill him, and he has no way.

"I want to go to the research institute," Jason said: "Tell them our flight test, then let them find the few missing friends, after all, there is only the research institute to find them."

"Well." Fang Xiaoyu nodded, he also felt that she was looking for that a missing person is the top priority, so I immediately asked: "Where is your research?"

"In our M country's border." Jason replied.

"Why is it built in the border, not the local native?" Fang Xiaoyu listened, gave a stuff.

"I said, our flight research institute is not official, a private club, a few flying enthusiasts, so we must be low-key, or will be banned by official."

Fang Xiaoyu understood, nor intended to make too many comments, anyway, the whole world is the same.

Then he followed the address of Jason, the Jason's flight research office flew, honestly, he also heard the organization of studying the speed of the car, he used to heard it before, so I really want to see this flight research. What kind of organization is it.

Since I learned to drive a gods, he suddenly increased the interest in flight, and I could find a few like-minded people in Jason's Flight Research Institute, and then developed a super cow's aircraft, and then drive the aircraft to soar the Milky Way I think it is enjoyable.

Although his gods speed is amazing, after all, Fang Xiaoyu has just learned to drive, so I don't dare to open too fast, and my uncle said, safety first.

On the side of the gods, Fang Xiaoyu kept in Jessen to come up with their flight research.

"How long is your research office?" Fang Xiaoyu wants to know more about Jason's Flight Research Institute.

"It also has twenty years old." Jason said his research institute, a feeling of emotion: "Initially I was established with a few students, everyone is a flying enthusiast, fun, I want to set up Such an organization can always talk together to talk about each other's experience. The more you join the people, the more financial resources, so we simply build it into the scale of the research institute, intend to make it grow "

"So now your wish is it not reached?" Fang Xiao said.

"Well, though, but you also understand, the tree is stroke, so soon, our organization is stared by the official, and we will seize us, and we will give us immediately disbanded." Jason said, face seems to be A pain.

"So, you can't forced to move from the M country, to the border, the purpose is to not cause the official attention." Fang Xiaoyu added.

"Yes," Jason continued: "But after this blow, our research institute is also a big injury, and many people who have been full of passion, afraid to provoke the official, gradually, not afraid to tell you, we are now This research institute, only 11 people left, of course, including me. "

"Oh, it turns out." Fang Xiaoyu listened, and also feel that Jason's story is very sad.

Between speaking, the gods have brought Fang Xiaoyu and Jason to the destination, the border of M.

Jumping down the gods, Fang Xiaoyu saw that there was a desert zone of no smoke, the wind sounded in the ear, except for the long Huangsha, there was only a group of crazy scraped by the wind.

Fang Xiaoyu brows wrinkled, looking back, Jason: "Do you determine your institute in this place?"

"Well, I can't miss it," Jason said quite certainly: "I have to be familiar with my own home, how can I be wrong?"

I heard Jason said so sure, Fang Xiaoyu no longer talk, but he is still puzzling, their research is built here, and how is the problem of usually solved.

Then Jason took the filial piety and went to find his flight research institute.

I walked through a desert, I came to a rock floor, and the wind here was a lot of deserts, and there were no less than a lot, and Fang Xiaoyu thought that M Chinese is still very smart in this regard.

Finally, Jason took Fang Xiaoyu to a rock, high and low rock, enclosed into a arched shape, it looked like a mysterious ancient castle.

Fang Xiaoyu thought: This is probably their flight research institute.

"When I arrived," Jason really said, looks full of excitement: "My eleven brothers should wait for me inside, let's go in."

Said, I took a filial piety and walked into the arch.

Before you come here, Fang Xiaoyu has been thinking about 10,000 Jason's research institute. He also imagined that since they were built in the border, the conditions will not be better, but absolute Imagine that their institutes will break to this field, see the situation in front of you, Fang Xiaoyu is slightly sour.

After he decided to take a little one with Jason's brothers, he must take a little money, support their research, after all, with Jason, is also a very fate.

While thinking so, I tightly followed Jason, I was in the same place in this fortress. I really worried that I didn't pay attention, chase Jason, I will get lost in this ghost place. .

Therefore, the insurance is not allowed to let Jason left his own look.

Jason left the study for a while, it looked very rushed to see his eleven brothers, so he went to fly quickly. He turned right in the fortress, almost forgot to fellows behind him.