The richest man in the magic city

The [222] red light district!

Harming the fellow, pouringly chasing it, keeping on the back of Jason's back. It is no longer that he is all in the country of Huaxia, Jason does not understand.

I have been walking to the end of the fortress, Jason is no longer gone, and the face is hanging on the face, standing straight.

"Jason, how did you walk for a long time, can't you see it?" Fang Xiaoyu saw anything wrong from Jason's expression, so asked.

Jason listened, and his face also revealed the look: "I don't know, according to reason, they should be in the research institute, even if it is not eleven people, will also leave one or two people's center, No, it will not be all. "

"You mean ..." Fang Xiaoyu did not want to say the following words.

"Unless they have an accident." Jason came out from his mouth, and his face was very sad.

"No, you don't think about it," Fang Xiaoyu comforted him: "I still don't know what the situation is not as good as we find again."

"Well," Jason is very sad, but still nodded.

Then they continue to find it in the fort, but the miracle did not appear, they found a half day in the fort, still nothing, and finally only give up.

"Your eleven brothers, in addition to the research institute, where will it go?" Fang Xiaoyu wanted to remind Jason and let him find a breakthrough.

"Right," Jason suddenly called: "I know where these bastards are going, they are alive, they are sure to go to the street to drink, I dare to be sure!"

Fang Xiaoyu listened, and the forehead was covered with a row of black lines.

Mad, there is still an street here. How does Jason don't say that he is worried about him, and Fang Xiaoyu has a look at Jason, and he can't wait to be on his face.

At the moment, Jason took the Fang Xiaoyu to leave this fortress, and walked to the neighborhood neighborhood.

If there is no Jason leaders, Fang Xiaoyu really can't see such a desolate place, and there is such a high civilized neighborhood, and it seems that there is nothing wrong with those small cities, and there are, the street sells anything, the car tall dragon, the radiopulus gather , A bustling and lively sight.

In front of a petchamber, Jason and Fang Xiaoyu bought a few pancakes, they came from desert island to now, there were no eating, and several pancakes were taken in their hands, and they disappeared in their mouths in their hands. I have.

Usually this pancake, Fang Xiaoyu doesn't like to eat, but now it is delicious, I feel extraordinary, and I still feel insufficient.

It seems that after you really hungry, you will feel delicious food.

Fang Xiaoyu saw a lot of food on the side of the road, I want to buy some to try again, but I was pulled away by Jason, and he only wants to find the eleven brothers in his institute, make sure they are now safe.

Jason seems to be familiar with it here. After wearing it in the crowd, after walking a few blocks, Fang Xiaoyu discovered that it was another scene in front of him. Here was more quiet than just quiet, and it was more dirty. The garbage of the land is everywhere. On the walls of the wall, it was also sprayed by some young people's graffiti, it looks very uncomfortable.

Fang Xiaoyu is watching around, and I don't know where Jason belongs to himself.

At this time, suddenly jumped from the corner of the street, a woman dressed in the brilliance, blocked in front of Jason and Fang Xiaoyu, asked with a teasing tone: "Two gentlemen, don't come to play, it is very cheap."

Jessen pushed the woman, and said: "Go to go, don't block our way."

Fang Xiaoyu saw the woman, a short dust, I immediately knew that she was doing a career. At the same time, I would like to be here a red light area? This Jason brings himself red light district, what do you want to do?

He wanted to ask Jason, but Jason had a hurry, he has not had a chance.

Soon, Jason came to the boy with Fang Xiaoyu to look at the tavern, and then did not say, I went in.

After Fang Xiaoyu followed his body, he also strongly went in. He worried that Jason took himself, what fireworks.

When I went, I heard the laughter of the house, Fang Xiaoyu followed the laughter, see a large group of people in front of a wine table, full of drinking, laughter, and no one will fight .

Fang Xiaoyu took a test, this group of people did not have a lot, just eleven.

Fang Xiaoyu thought, this eleven people, it is estimated that Jason's brother is looking for.

Sure enough, he immediately saw Jason walked to them, and called their names, her face with excitement.

"Mike, Adam, Jacob, Anthony, William, Joseph, David, Andrew, Christopher, Joshua, Alexander, I found that you are looking for you to find for a long time!"

Jason came to them in front of them, excited to tears.

That 11 people drinked and drunk, suddenly saw someone came over, the voice suddenly stopped, and people who saw them were Jason, which was a happy smile, said: "Jie Sen, it is you, it is so good. "

It turned out that Jason's plane encountered air crash, wherever the departure, the relevant department did not search, thinking that Jason had no hope, I did not expect Jason now actually appeared in a miracle. They are shocked by them.

"Jason, how can it be alive, it's amazing!" Jacob came over and hugged Jason.

"Jason, I heard the news, thinking that I can't see you again, really." Anthony said.

"Yeah, Jason, heard your plane is not found yet, how did you live?" Josia said.

"Jason Jason, you are really worried about death, we have a lot of tears for you." William said.

"Jason, God bless you, let us see you again, be sure to thank God." David said.

"Jason, hurry to tell us, what happened?" Adam said.

"Jason, do you know? Your air is too fashionable, we haven't told your mother, we are afraid that she can't stand this blow." Andrew said.


This 11th person, I said, surrounded by Jason's surrounded, not stopping, let Jason's mouth responded at all.

"This is said to be long, I will slowly talk about you before." Jason can only explain with him, but he saw the brothers of the Institute so concerned about their safety, and they also secretly and happy. I thought that there was no white love so much brother.