The richest man in the magic city

Section [229] Go to the home in the mountains to play

"Big brother, you are here waiting for me," The little boy suddenly saw a gray hare of the feet ran over, and even the excitement shouted "Waiting for the next game."

Fang Xiaoyu is also a little surprised to see the gray hare ran over, but the next second fellow is suddenly flashed. This is a wild rabbit is a small wild boar.

"Wait, don't go!" I haven't given the little boy running around the grass.

Fang Xiaoyu did not expect that there is a wild boar in this mountain. Although the small wild pig is not hurt, but for the little boy, it may have to have his life. Although many people have never seen wild boar, most of them have heard how much the destructive power of wild boars, a household sedan is a scrap iron in front of a wild boar.

Fang Xiaoyu chased the little boy to go to the grass, the surrounding wild grass is also extra deep, the more you want to run more dense. Just as Fang Xiaoyu is preparing to look around, he suddenly heard the wild boar's arrogance is the same as the signal. After a while, I sent a few more sound and more and brittle wild boars, and Fang Xiaoyu realized that the situation ran in the source of the sound in seconds.

"Big brother, save me." The little boy is lying below, and the front is the little pig that is chased by the little boy. "Be careful."

Just as Fang Xiaoyu is preparing to kick the little pig, he suddenly moved sharply next to the grass. With the approach of the sound, the adult wild pork of the whole body black hair is a protagonist, and the black Mao wild pig speed can take a sprinter.

Fang Xiaoyu is a vigilance, although the black hair of the wild boar is not in the eyes. But there is still a little boy in front of you can't be too big. Fang Xiaoyu suddenly jumped to the black Mao wild pork, the instant fang Xiaoyu kicked the body, black hair, the broccoli was bounced in the ground. A few.

Fang Xiaoyu kicked the born wild boar just stood firm, the adult wild pig rolled down a few times quickly and fell to the fellow. The little pig saw that the adult wild pig had a loss of tear, and gave up the sky, gave up the attack to the little boy and ran to the adult wild pig.

Fang Xiaoyu saw that the little boy took off and the hooded heart was put down. A large one, two wild boars, followed the filial piety, and didn't wait for the filial piety to slow the two wild boars and started a collision every two rounds.

Fang Xiaoyu did not have a small boy concerned, and the foot can also release it. When two wild boars came over, Fang Xiaoyu also didn't know that it was also very difficult to kill wild boars, and the eyes saw two wild boars. Fang Xiaoyu is a first next to Xiaoyan pigs, and it is a foot kick in the head of Xiaoyan pig.

Xiaoyan pigs can't stand instant, and the adult wild boar saw that the young pig fell to the ground and thoroughly anger. Turning is directly hitting the Fang Xiaoyu, just the position of the filial piety is just a small boy.

Adult Wild Pig turned over to let Fang Xiaoyu angry, but it is just a little boy behind him. Fang Xiaoyu suddenly found a large branch on the big tree on the boy, and Fang Xiaoyu took a jump to hold the little boy.

The adult wild boar is also an amazing power, holding a little boy, only hearing a big tree that is sulking, a bowl of mouth is broken. As the tree to the place is also blush, watching a big two-year wild boat, falling into a role, also loosen.

"Big brother, thank you" Little boy is unfounded Zhang Qi Xie Xie ", can this small wild boar give me?"

"Of course, these are yours" Although the wild pig is rare, there is no use for Fang Xiaoyu.

"Thank you old brother" The little boy has been pleased to have forgotten the dangerous "big brother, let's go, go home!"

The little boy took a small wild pig with a fellow fillet and walked to a flat hills on the top of the mountain, and it was clean. It is a small-scale house, but it is very simple, and the little boy hits the hills to run around.

I heard the men and women around the sound house, heard the little boys called their parents. Fang Xiaoyu has guessed the parents of a little boy, but it seems to be a little bigger.

Middle-aged men and women saw Fang Xiaoyu and a little boy, gave a visit home, and the two enthusiastically put the Fang Xiaoyu to the home.

After the little boy and parents introduced the post-filial piety to save themselves and two wild boars, the middle-aged man first took the little boy and then thanked Fang Xiaoyu to save the child. I have to leave the filial piety and eat at home. Fang Xiaoyu is not too early to refuse to return to Ona grandfather.

After bid farewell to a small boy family, Fang Xiaoyu went down along the road, and the road to go back and said it was also strange. I didn't touch any hare wild chicken. I didn't say any wild boar. I looked at the wildflower wildflowers in the road. I also picked a few a few tastes.

When I was a good mood, I was a good mood, and I walked a group of young people. A yellow hair headed, dressed in a denim, and a scorpion pattern in his hand. Next to standing is that I just bullied the little boy and said that I have learned a three.

"Standing", Huang Mao suddenly sounded "is you just hurt my brother?"

"Boss, this person just hit us." Side by Fang Xiaoyu, a group of people, "I have to go to the toll."

A group of people who were played saw that they were gotting with the mountains, and they also added that ten people in the vinegar. Huang Mao heard that the younger brother didn't have a face, this is, if it doesn't look back in front of the younger brother, it is not looking for it.

"Oh, you are daring to step on my place, I still hurt my brother." Huang Mao heard that the words were not angry, "I said that you have eaten the bear's heart leopard, know who Is it a boss? "

"Boss? My old big big big hell" Fang Xiaoyu looked at the more than a dozen people in front of you, and the eyelids did not blind. "I advised you to disappear in front of me, otherwise it is very serious."

"Disappearance?" Huang Mao took the lead in laughing, followed by the younger brother and smiled. "Three-dimensional place around this, no one dare to talk to me."

"Kid, I see you are outside, I don't know how my yellow hair is harm." Huang Mei looked at Fang Xiaoyuyi and unbail the wind. It is even more sight to take out the death of each other. I can't help but pick up the cigarette points. "You hurt me." Several brothers, see if you are abrupt, don't bully you. "