The richest man in the magic city

I can't die.

"Take more than 100,000,000, this matter will be," Huang Mao took a smoke. You looked up.

"Is 100,000 pieces of this thing?" Fang Xiaoyu has no expression of Huang Daogao.

"You have heard it wrong, it is 100,000 yuan per person" Huang Mao heard that Fang Xiaoyu can take 100,000 pieces, thinking that there is a big fat sheep to change mouth "and there is a spirit of 200,000"

"100,000 per person?" This may be the best laughing joke heard by Fang Xiaoyu, and Fang Xiaoyu frowned "Do you have a robbery?"

"Robbery?" Huang Mao looked at Fang Xiaoyu "although I don't like this word, since you said, then use this word."

"Yes, robbery, it is robbery." Huang Mao smiled a lake "today, if you don't cashed, then you will walk in the past today."

Huang Mai did not say that the person has already rushed to Fang Xiaoyu, Huang Mao can fight the bodder in this acre of three or the bodder will not be there. Huang Mao rushed over to first, a picture of the straightforward face, and Fang Xiaoyu stood in the same place where there was no slight movement.

Huang Mao saw that Fang Xiaoyu did not move, and his heart was secretly happy. But there is no problem with a few dentures of the filial piety. Just as Huang Mao thought that the expression of Huang Mao suddenly stiffly when the middle part of the filial piety.

Fang Xiaoyu has seen Huang Mao to his own, although the force is could be, but the center of gravity is unstable. It's okay to face ordinary might not, but the opponent of Fang Xiaoyu is just that the foot of the earthquake is of course unbearable.

Fang Xiaoyu took directly to Huang Mao's straight punch, and the face did not change the yellow fist in his own palm. Slightly told the next use of yellow hair pain, the younger brother after Huang Haoyou is also surprised to Zhang Da's mouth.

"You said that I will go out, how should I go out." Fang Xiaoyu asked Huang Mao in front of the half.

"Brothers, I am wrong, let go." Huang Mao is pale salvation "My hand is too fast, let go, I am going out."

I didn't want to make a lot of money to open the yellow hair. Huang Xiangli rolled into his own brother. Suddenly, the magicine system rang, prompting the riot yellow hair to improve the level.

Suddenly prompting Fang Xiaoyu has some regretted Huang Mao, just when Fang Xiaoyu is still hesitant to turn yellow hair. Huang Mao ordered the younger brother, hunger, Huang Mao and men suddenly showed iron rods and long knives. Fang Xiaoyu's mouth revealed a secret, waiting for your counterattack.

"Give me, interrupt one hand to give 10,000" yellow hand hold long knife, just eat Fang Xiaoyu, knowing the opposite side must not dare to go up, let the younger brother, to win less.

But I didn't think of it. Fang Xiaoyu saw a person who took the iron to rush, and just as I didn't change color even the mouth and a smile. Huang Haigue is cool, and the thing that does not want to happen, and Fang Xiaoyu is a master that is a master that can't afford it.

When Huang Mai's colors rushed over to the attacker, Fang Xiaoyu was less than a minute. Seeing the Dadi's Disease, Fang Xiaoyu is very satisfied with his own masterpiece.

When Fang Xiaoyu was put on the brother, Huang Mao was particularly desperate, and the long knife in his hand was somewhat unstable. Fang Xiaoyu slowed down and walked to the yellow hair, as if he saw a delicious fresh meat. According to the probabilistic tips, you can get the level of raising, and the specific improvement is not known. But no matter what, Huang Mao's retaliation should be punished.

A stream of punching, the stream of nosebleeds, and the filial piety have become a red hair. The blood on the head has covered the face of yellow hair, and believes that the younger brother of Huang Mao does not necessarily recognize his boss.

"Just, you said that I will lose medical expenses, I think you want to play, you should lose some medical expenses" Fang Xiaoyu acts, watching Huang Mei, who is lying on the ground, "Of course, this medical fee is not white." "

"Big brother, medical expenses, I don't want it." Huang Mei saw Fang Xiaoyu smiled, and he was particularly regretted to provoke the filial piety. "Let's go."

"No, say good medicine fee must give" Fang Xiaoyu with a more than a smile ", remember my face, I can come to me at any time."

Fang Xiaoyu just finished, and he hit his yellow face. Huang Mao was completely hit by this last punch. Huang Mao has always been ranking this time in the hands of Fang Xiaoyu. The last regret is not to see the yellow calendar.

With the last punch of Fang Xiaoyu, the voice of the Shenhao system sounded. Congratulations to the owner to even rise two levels, one of which is the reward to punish the black forces.

Fang Xiaoyu did not expect this Huang Mao to be a black potential member, and it is really unexpected. I heard the two-level Fang Xiaoyu also laughed, took out 10,000 pieces from the pocket to the yellow hair. Turned to the grandfather homes back to Ona.

Go home next day.

After Fang Xiaoyu and Ona returned to the villa, I was going to cook rice. At this time, I suddenly thought about it. Fang Xiaoyu quickly opened the phone and then saw it is Wangshan's phone.

"Boss, today is the selection of the chicken, do you want to look at it, although our strength is of course, there is a very important thing, but I want you to see us. The strength! Hey! "The Win Mountain that smiled over said all the words.

"That thing!" Fang Xiaoyu suddenly somewhat awkward, because in Fang Xiaoyu's memory seems to have no such thing, now Wangshan said, then you will go, otherwise it is much more embarrassing. Like.

Then Fang Xiaoyu went to the club to the club at Dina.

"Manager, you are here!" Wang Mountain saw Fang Xiaoyu, very happy and said quickly.

"Yeah, are you all ready?" Fang Xiaoyu said with a smile, and the few people in front of them have been very mature, and it is estimated that this winning rate will be large.

Several people have confidently and full of open.

"To say, this national champion may be a little difficult, but this Fengdu's selection is not too simple to say!" Wang Mountain is very confident, Wangshan is also very confident in his teammates.

The gymnasium is the place of the game, because the number of people can be seen and can be seen.

After the Fang Xiaoyu came, the venue is debugging the machine, shouting, looking around, there seems to have not come to how many people, it seems to be cold, but it is also a ticket, so the official is too lazy to promote it, then the official is too lazy. Fang Xiaoyu looked over, Wangshan took three people to play, almost a total of twenty-seven teams, and finally the team of chicken is the final team.