The richest man in the magic city

No. [231] wins the first championship

This method can be said to be very simple and fast.

"Welcome everyone to the Eating Chicken and Selection Competition, now I have to play our players!"

A yellow hair is shouting on the stage, it seems that the host is very good because the voice is very good, although the organizer wants to save money, there is no propaganda, but it is still very good.

The team went up by a team, the computers and peripherals were ready to hold, so there is no such thing, the game begins, Westerners look above.

Wang Mountain's breathing seems to be a lot.

When the skydiving, Wang Mountain chose to jump in a place when landing, and then Zhan Mountain is king. This is the easiest way to think that the easiest thing is the best, that is, squatting As long as the gun method is still not possible, it is impossible to fail, so Wangshan is full of confidence.

Fang Xiaoyu looked at the big screen above, of course, explained that the performance of Wangshan's team is also an abnormal surprise, so I have been watching this is always trying to praise.

"This team seems to be a little wretched, but it is not a good way to eat chicken. If the majority of friends eat chicken is not very skilled, I think I can try it!"

The explanation is finished, although it is a small selection, but the host has a commentator, although it is a person.

"Come, come!" Wang Mountain shouted in the voice.

"Give me!"


In front of a team of teams, Fang Xiaoyu can see this team in the perspective of God. It is a team called the wind war team. It has to be said that this team is really impossible, because in the memory of Fang Xiaoyu, except The club acquisition is that the Dashan Club is, but the people from this blast club are the most, it seems to be a big club.

Then Wang Mountain shouted out, everyone stood up, seeing is a sudden mutual, the three in front of the moment falling four, this skilled cooperation does not have a tired cooperation, Fang Xiaoyu is still above. Satisfied, only the last one of the blast team seems, but now it is today.

Wang Mountain shouted his teammates and saw it. After seeing that there was no one, because anyone is four people who are not empty, but the four people have walked in the past, but it is very strange. I haven't sent any strange voice, and I didn't see it, I was very comfortable about it.

Sudden! "

Wangshan quickly opened a gun. It was originally do not know that someone was, but suddenly, saw a person in the floor to lying on the side of the box, it looked very funny, just at this time, the big screen is also I took this scene, suddenly, the audience smiled.


With the sound of Wangshan's sudden sound, the four people of the wind war team can be thoroughly exited, but there is no poor, at this time, the other members of the wind team and the face of the contest have become pork liver. It can be said that it has not yet entered the top ten to his own idea to enter the first three is at least least.

Finally, the game ended, and finally Wangshan eats chicken and one person is dead!

But at this time, the people of the wind team stood up, and the big mouth.

"You will open G, there must be a shady is too bad !! Ah!"

The person who followed the blast team stood up, I want to rush to play people, the staff saw it, but there were too many, but the people were rushing down at this time, one person, one fell.


A surprise came from behind a while.

As the saying goes, there is no weak soldier under the hands, that is, the Fang Xiaoyu and his team.

To be honest, Fang Xiaoyu disdain for the team called the blast, Fang Xiaoyu did not put this team into his eyes.

Fang Xiaoyu is not refused, as long as it is a person who dares to filialize the filial piety, Fang Xiaoyu will definitely let him eat, this is the power of Fang Xiaoyu.

For the strokes of the wind who look good to Fang Xiaoyu, Fang Xiaoyu felt ridiculous, and he dared to say hello.

Fang Xiaoyu is not a narrow person, letting the team called the blast, after a bitterness, do not allow them to participate in the game, it is best to disappear in front of Fang Xiaoxiao, and I don't want to pursue it.

Fang Xiaoyu sorted out the clothes, ready to take his team back to celebrate.

From the audience, there are several reporters, and there are several photographers behind them. It turned out to interview Fang Xiaoyu.

"Congratulations to Wangshan's team has achieved championship."

"Fang Xiaoyu captain, what do you have this game?"

"You lead the team to win the championship of the first championship, is it very confident that the championship?"

In front of the reporter surrounded Wang Mountain, it was almost a filial piety. Fang Xiaoyu didn't like to participate in this occasion, but in order to let more people know themselves as soon as possible, they also responded.

"For today's game, my performance of Wangshan team is satisfied, which is proportional to them. For the championship, if the team of Wangshan can't get it, then other teams can't get it! "

Fang Xiaoyu is still confident on the strength of the Wangshan Corps, although this time is just the championship of the first election, Fang Xiaoyu said it is good.

Fang Xiaoyu didn't want to accept an interview, so I went back with the team.

Fang Xiaoyu came from the Wangshan team to the biggest KTV small celebration of Fengcheng. This is also a chance to relax.

After they ended up and fierce, everyone hit a car home, then beautifully slept.

The next day, when Fang Xiaoyu woke up, it was already near at noon. He got up and washed, just caught his lunch.

belch. After the Fang Xiaoyu was enough, he went to the back garden. Fang Xiaoyu's left eyelid jumped a few, thought, is there any good thing?

At this time, Chen Li called Fang Xiaoyu called.

"I have a big thing, let me think of you, watch my brother, I am good to you. Are you, is it at home, I will go to your door at home, wait for me."

Fang Xiaoyang just mentioned that I haven't said a word, Chen Li's voice passed out from the mobile phone. When Chen Li said, he hanged the phone.

Fang Xiaoyu heard that Chen Li was coming, he slowly slept from the back garden to the gate, Fang Xiaoyu was very curious about Chen Li.