The richest man in the magic city

[232] Let's go to the tourist area

Chen Li was here.

"I want to travel out, do you want to go with me?"

Chen Li Xing said. Fang Xiaoyu was still thought that Chen Li was a lot of lottery tickets, it was just going out to travel.

Fang Xiaoyu listened to travel, that is

Fang Xiaoyu as an ea's bodyguard, so the filial task is to protect ena, his whereabouts cannot be decided by Fang Xiaoyu.

Fang Xiaoyu thought for a while, I feel that I am not suitable, "Go it yourself, I don't want to go, I don't have to accompany you."

Fang Xiaoyu doesn't want to go to travel and Chen Li.

Reason reason is to protect Ina, but Fang Xiaoyu can't say it, this is Fang Xiaoyu signed a confidential agreement, so he can only say that you don't want to go.

"What's wrong, so don't give your brothers, too disappointing."

Chen Li can do not dare to play temper, can only be a picture of poor Baba.

"These days, my things are more, I need me to do myself, give it to others, I don't worry, so some will not open it."

Although Chen Li is a young brother of Fang Xiaoyu, Fang Xiaoyu is a good buddy for Chen Li, and he is still very strong. Fang Xiaoyu looked at Chen Liyi to explain the way.

Chen Li's filial piety is not indominating, and it is true to him.

"That is very close to here, you can come back for the next two days. You see that you stay in Fengcheng every day, it is changed to breathe fresh air. Let me go with me."

What if I got in Chen Lijun, I became very tempting. Fang Xiaoyu had a little shake the military.

Fang Xiaoyu is very responsible, I really want to protect Ina, but Fang Xiaoyu I thought, no matter what I am not located around I, she is watching TV reading at home every day. It should be quite safe at home.

Fang Xiaoyu thoughtfully wanted for a while, and finally agreed to travel with Chen Li.

"I know that you will go with me, you don't give me alone, yes, hahaha." Chen Li smiled with Fang Xiaoyu aside.

Chen Li smiled like a child of two hundred pounds, Fang Xiaoyu looked at him helpless shook his head.

"That's tomorrow, we are in the park collection, how?" Seeing like, Chen Li is already arranged, just waiting for Fang Xiaoyu to promise.

There is a saying that it is said that it is full of Dongfeng.

"Well, it's easy, I'm not clear, I have to come to run with you, I have a lot of things, I am gone, I will see it tomorrow."

Chen Li opened the car left.

In order to travel with peace of mind, Fang Xiaoyu took advantage of another afternoon, he arranged the things around him, mainly Dana's security issues, and other small things.

Fang Xiaoyu has been arranged in a good place, and after eating dinner with Dai, I went back to the room to sleep.

Followered by Fang Xiaoyu in the bed, he worried about the safety of Ina. But after a long time, Fang Xiaoyu went to sleep.

The next morning, I was sent to the park by the driver. I didn't expect Chen Li's earlier. I saw the car of Fang Xiaoyu, so I greeted it.

Fang Xiaoyu saw only Chen Li and self, "only two people?"

That's right, a total of two people, blame Chen Li, has always requested Fang Xiaoyu to accompany him, and Fang Xiaoyu gives Chen Li a big white eye.

This way, no outsiders have more comfortable.

"The big master, you are here? What about your luggage?" Chen Liyi's face was surprised to look at the filial piety, and his teeth fell down to squat.

Fang Xiaoyu nodded, said that he didn't bring anything, there is a card with a mobile phone. Fang Xiaoyu is full of vigor.

Chen Li put his luggage into the trunk and settled in Fang Xiaoyu.

So, two people start from nearby cities!

Fang Xiaoyu passed that he was in Chen Li.

When I started, Chen Li just said that it was very close to Fengcheng, but didn't say, but Fang Xiaoyu has forgot to ask.

Fang Xiaoyu recalls that he felt ourselves to Chen Li's thief boat.

"Where do you go, you didn't tell me." Fang Xiaoyu looked at Chen Li, who was driving.

"Didn't say it, yesterday may be too excited, take you to Jiangcheng, Jiangcheng and our Fengcheng are adjacent cities, the high speed is, it will arrive."

"Jiangcheng is beautiful, it is a number of tourist attractions, what do you have, I have to say that you are coming, don't you look forward to?"

Chen Li said that it is full of confidence.

Fang Xiaoyu has some half-sized suspected, he took out the mobile phone and found the Jiangcheng in Chen Lijun.

Chen Li said and the information searched in Baidu is consistent. It seems that there is no lie to himself. Fang Xiaoyu continues to flip the information on the mobile phone, and he wants to know more.

Jiangcheng is a tourist city, high popularity, has a certain feature, is a larger attraction area of ‚Äč‚Äčtourists.

Jiangcheng's culture is still quite rich, there is hot spring health, religious, famous cultural monuments, islands with specific historical significance, alloths full of national customs, special animals and plant communities have been major sports competitions, artificial creation Playground, unique shopping mall ...

Seeing this, Fang Xiaoyu is a little can't wait.

When I went out in the morning, Fang Xiaoyu and Chen Li did not have breakfast, this will call two people's stomach.

It didn't take long before I arrived in Jiangcheng. The first thing that Fang Xiaoyu had to do is to eat a breakfast.

Chen Li found a high-grade restaurant in Jiangcheng in the US group. Chen Li's breakfast for Fang Xiaoyu, but he can't wait.

Breakfast is Chen Li. Although just a simple breakfast, it took nearly 2000 yuan, and Chen Li was very sad, but it could only be silently dropped.

When Fang Xiaoyu was covered with Chen Li, it took a big big, and he didn't say anything.

When eating, listening to the side of the side said that the Golden Beach in Jiangcheng is very good. After dinner, I opened the car and listened to the navigation to the Golden Beach.

The sea in Jiangcheng is also very beautiful. Sea water is like a vitality, and sometimes it is calm.

The sea is recovered and calm, as if the strength is accumulated, it seems to launch the next round of impact. The distance is sky, the sea, the sea and the heavens are in a vast, so that Fang Xiaoyu is unclear, which is the horizon.

The beach is shining in the sun, flashing gold, there is a variety of people on the beach, some digging shells, some grasps the small fish, playful in the water, and some people are beautiful, being a wedding photo .