The richest man in the magic city

The [234] set the table

"Well, I am also hungry." Chen Li also stretched out, playing an afternoon game, I am not hungry, I have to go to eat, I will continue to agree.

Two people have come to the door of the hotel. This hotel is the most luxurious Jiangcheng diners in Jiangcheng. Since it is the most luxurious place, there are many people, look at it, the car is full of dangling, Fang Xiaoyu is hard to find a car stopped Take it down, go to the hotel, people who eat in the hotel are of course very much, and two people have been looking for a long time, so it's hard to grab the last seat.

"Waiter, order." After the two men finished, I just prepared to eat, the waiter came over again.

"Two gentlemen, bothering, you only have two people, because there are too many people to eat, can you trouble you and other guests?" The waiter politely said to Fang Xiaoyu and Chen Li.

After Fang Xiaoyu heard the waiter's words, I was thinking that I would like to spend the table, I haven't waited for a back. As a result, Chen Li said to the waiter: "OK, you can spend the table."

I saw Chen Li agreed that Fang Xiaoyu did not refute, anyway, it is a table, and there is nothing big, the hotel is more, he can understand.

The waiter received two men, the two men looked unharitage, the face of the beard, the hair was like a lot of days, it looked with the greasy, the waiter took people, for them Said: "Two gentlemen set with the two men, you will come right away."

After that, the waiter will leave, take a while, the meals on the two tables are all, then the two later men have begun to eat, the two people are very unhealthy during the meal, and then they start fart, this is dinner I can't do this, and I have no shouts.

Even if so, Fang Xiaoyu and Chen Li also recognized that this may be a human condition, always can't let people still let it be, although there are some uncomfortable, but they have not spoken.

The two men had a meal and loudly, and the food in the mouth is clear, which is disgusting, saying that it is still moving the water, this scene Chen Li can't see: "Hey, you have two food Can you not fart, don't talk, don't spurt the water, you are not disgusting, we are still disgusting! "

At this point, the Fang Xiaoyu did not stand up and talk, and it was still eating my own food.

"Who are you! Who do you say?" The two men gathered, and one of the men immediately stood up, and asked Chen Li, a pair of hitting.

"It's what you both. Who else we can do it on this table, say that others are worthy of you? Doing something, I am afraid that others can't say?" Chen Li looked at the big head in front of himself, he also It is not vegetarian, and it is not afraid that he is not afraid of fighting him.

"You say it again?" The man stretched out stretched with the collar of Chen Li, and the tone was very straightforward and threatened Chen Li.

Chen Li still did not show weakness, and said a word that caught the man's hand: "Lake it, or you are welcome!"

This time, Chen Li, is not a trouble, and he is most hate that it is a stranger, but it is a strange man.

" , you still have to come with me, look at your students, isn't it the most? Is it true? I am looking for death, I see you is looking for death, don't say yourself, you are two people together, uncle, I also pinch together The dead ants is so simple. "The big piece of head apparently despised Chen Li and Fang Xiaoyu, and he said disdainful, seeing the students of the two faces, think they can be bullied, start to be able to resist.

After listening to the words that the big head say, Fang Xiaoyu can't finish it. It dares to look down on him. It is simply looking for death, so he slowly put down the chopsticks, rubbed his palm, slowly stood up, the whole movement made Fang Xiaoyu look very elegant.

However, the movements after Fang Xiaoyu were trieutically with the act of just now. I saw him grabbing the big head of the standing arm, and the hands of the stunned clothes were put, I saw the big headache, and the hand slowly From Chen Li's collar, the expression became very painful.

"This is awkward, don't you have anything like this?" I saw that Fang Xiaoyu raised slowly, smiling, ridiculous.

"You ... you! Look at me kill you!" The big piece was hurt by Fang Xiaoyu, still dissatisfied with gas, I can't say a complete words, but still in the wind.

"Oh? It seems that things still have not ended." I thought about the bunch of fang Xiaoyu to hit the ground on the ground, I saw the big head and turned to the ground. When I turned, my face was red, There are some blood in your mouth, you can see how much Fang Xiaoyu is.

Another big head looked at your brother, but also to stand up to help his brothers and revenge. The result didn't wait until you stand. He was blocked by Fang Xiaoyu to the ground, and the table next to him was passed away. Guests next to you have left.

The two big heads climbed from the ground, still uncomfortable, rushing to Fang Xiaoyu and Chen Li rushed over, Chen Li and Fang Xiaoyu smiled, and opened it, two people who came to run, put it, put it The meals on the table, even the glass on the table broke a place.

At this time, Fang Xiaoyu and Chen Li's behavior shocked the audience. They couldn't believe that the two trend Single scholars were there to be open here, and the two big pieces were full of teeth, not too Cool, although it feels incredible, but it is very admired to piety and Chen Li.

Their two behaviors have alarmed the manager of the hotel, the manager rushed over, looked at the scene, and couldn't believe it. Looking at the two big heads should be rich, but these two playing them just Students, so I started to persuade Fang Xiaoyu and Chen Li.

"You are just walking, you are just two students. This kind of thing is to be born, it is still less dry. After doing it, you must take responsibility. You can't afford it, let's go, don't fight here." That manager It's not despising a funeral and Chen Li, but I feel that these two students may be troublesome, so I will persuade the Fang Xiaoyu and Chen Li to go, lest that the two big pieces do not let them.