The richest man in the magic city

Section [235] You are afraid, don't know the highland thick

"Hey, two poor students also dare to do their grandfather, do you know who this grandfather is? Hey, you will not be worthy of Yellow Maozi," one of them climbed from the ground, spit The blood in your mouth is still so beautiful to say.

It seems that there is a very background person. It is still like a winner of the people. But this behavior is not very matched, and the people who have the people who have the most people should be understood. Who will be When you eat, you are fart and spit, and now I think it is really nausea.

"Just, don't talk nonsense, I don't do it with us. This is not the sky." Another big piece of head climbed up from the ground to meet him, but I really feel that I have money and a person, saying It is very good to come to the air, and the attitude is very strong.

Fang Xiaoyu heard the words of these two people, watching two people or so arrogant, it seems still to be light, I can still say something, I can't even say it today, see how you still Shuwei, Fang Xiaoyu took a step forward and said: "I still have to turn this day today!"

After that, I kicked a big piece of head. As a result, the body of the big head flew out directly, and smashed on a table in the distance. As his body landed, the glass on the table was smashed. Debris, the table next to it has become the east.

"I rely on!" The other big head looked at Fang Xiaoyu and moved his hand. Just went to play him, he was fell to the table with a photo of Chen Li, just like it, all the ground turned into a thinner Glass slag, the two big heads are all blood, and the two people can't stand it completely.

"You ... you ..." The manager of the hotel looked at Fang Xiaoyu and Chen Li, it was shocked to say that it was a little daren, it was afraid that the two were playing himself. After that, I didn't pay attention, so the manager's support was for half a day, and did not say a word.

Fang Xiaoyu looked at the manager of the branch, and looked at the hotel that was grouped by himself, and the guests who were scared were scared by themselves, there were some guilt when they were sudden, and they didn't regret it. Destroying people's restaurants, but since both things have happened, Fang Xiaoyu can also be powerful, but there is still a kind of universal thing in this world, that is money.

Fang Xiaoyu went to the manager's side, told him a sentence: "Reassured, these losses, my poverty students will compensate, why is it so nervous?" Fang Xiaoyu joked in the manager of the hotel. Asked with a smile.

"No ... No ..." Seeing Fang Xiaoyu slowly walked over himself, the hotel manager has been scared, after listening to Fang Xiaoyu, the manager directly legs soft, sitting on the ground, scared I can't say a complete word in my mouth.

"Don't use it? My poor acid students can not be such a person who doesn't speak, can you become a category with these land, do you say it?" Fang Xiaoyu took the manager's face, asked him .

"Yes ... you are talking about ..." The movement of Fang Xiaoyu was shocked, thinking that he had to hit himself, the manager was scared, and the sick of Baba replied to Fang Xiaoyu.

"Okay, I don't have trouble with you, I should go." He left these words and left, after he got out of the door, the manager found more than 10,000 yuan on his leg, just now Fang Xiaoyu left, the manager was very shocking, looked at the back of Fang Xiaoyu, and he couldn't go back for a long time.

Fang Xiaoyu and Chen Li have returned to the original hotel room, and the time is not early, and the two people should sleep.

The next morning, the sun shook in the filial piety of the filial piety, wakes up the Fang Xiaoyu in my sleep, blocked the sun with his arm, slowly opened your eyes, turned to pick up the bed of the bed, and read the time, It has been more than 7 o'clock in the morning, and there is no solar sun.

Fang Xiaoyu is lazy to get up, after washing, go out to wake Chen Li, this guy is estimated that there is still not awake, "Hey -" Fang Xiaoyu sounded the door of Chen Li, after a while, no People come to open the door, Fang Xiaoyu continues to knock, knocking more and more loud.

"It's coming, don't knock - this big early morning." The knock on the knock on the door of Fang Xiaoyu woke up, Chen Li took a lot of bed, while wearing a good clothes, gotting the door, I was annoying The gas is complained to the door.

Chen Li opened the door and saw that after the Fang Xiaoyu, he didn't complain. He went to sleep for one night. I have become messy hair. I said: "Brother, how did you start so early? Calling me, are you not a heart? "

Said that Chen Li turned back to the room, Fang Xiaoyu came in, Chen Li went to the bed, seeing that I wanted to sleep back, Fang Xiaoyu took Chen Li, said "Don't sleep, the sun is sunny, how can I play today?"

"Hey ~ I don't want to go out, I want to sleep." Chen Li wanted Rollers to the flour, Lai Pei said, like a child.

"No, you will get up to wash, we go to the emperor tomb today, brothers take you to visit this famous monument, how to say it, you can't always stay in this broken room, ah? Hurry up, After washing, we will leave. "Fang Xiaoyu pulled Chen Li from the bed and pushed him to wash the bathroom.

Chen Li's strength is not as good as Fang Xiaoyu. In the face of his tough, Chen Li has no choice, can only go to the bathroom to wash, Chen Li ask Fang Xiaoyu: "Brother, you want to go, you still ask me?" Said, while brushing your teeth, the toothpaste in the mouth overflows from the mouth.

"I rely, you will have it to me, I will talk to me again. I saw you thinking about that two last night. I looked disgusting, rolling, rolling back, don't let me see you." Fang Xiaoyu saw full mouth Chen Li, joke, gave him a foot, and returned him back to the bathroom.

"Cut, talk about the two guys, I am also disgusting, I rely on last night ..." I said that two last night, Chen Li also did not hit one place, and came out to continue.

"You don't say, you will wash it first." Looking at him continued, Fang Xiaoyu interrupted his words, Chen Li was really can't see.