The richest man in the magic city

No. [243] knowing wrong?

"Ah, ah! I am not inquired! I am not intercailed!" I saw the face of filial piety, I was afraid of shaking, while holding my right hand, "I beg you to let me go! I don't dare again. ! "" The sound flows with a crying, tears.

Fang Xiaoxuan has no different from him, and the ability of the instinct will not let him not hold.

Fang Xiaoxuan suddenly smells a hook of hooks, a glimpse of the eyes, this is a lot of diapers. It's really nausea, get up and leave.

The onlookers are shocked by the shock, is this really what people can do? At all, I can't see how I fell in the unclear. But in a few seconds, I've been defeated, and I was seriously injured. This tendency of this teenager is powerful as the Lord of Hell.

Chen Li snorted: "It is not really powerful. Fang Ge is going, go up to play." Fang Xiaolu is hm, seeing the five people, followed by Chen Li.

Leave a stunned onlookers, and the scum of screaming is seriously injured.

"Fang brother, you are so powerful, I want to help, I can't help it, I haven't played it. Thank you, Fang Ge!" Chen Li, thank you, Fang Xiaoxu, always take help when he has trouble. , Is a good brother who is really interested in him.

"Nothing, this slag, a few seconds." Fang Xiaoxuan is really not something big, and those people are as simple as the mosquito. The moving hand is active.

The two climbed to the top of the mountain, they saw a series of people waiting in line, I don't know what project. Chen Li took the front and looked at it, it was bungee.

Everyone who jumped off is screaming, the whole valley echoes the endless screams.

Chen Li looked very excited, and pulled the filial piety and went to queue.

"This kind of project is too bored, don't play." Fang Xiaoni said hesitated.

"It's very exciting! Fang Ge is playing together. You should have not experienced it!" Chen Li said. Fang Xiaoxuan saw him so happy, and he didn't agree with him.

It took about 20 minutes to take a queue. It was estimated to have been half an hour, but they were lucky, many people left because they were impatient, so they were more busy.

The staff gives them to protect the protective utensils and pulls the rope to determine if there is no problem.

"Do you have a heart disease?" The staff asked casually.

"No, our body is very good." Chen Li and excitedly, "Just jumping! Fang Ge is afraid?"

Fang Xiaoxuan looked at the height of the bottom, it is estimated that there are more than 1,000 meters: "Not afraid."

The staff checks: "Do you jump it on or I push it?" "We jump." Fang Xiaoxuan answered.

"Fang Ge, I said that 321 will jump together."

"it is good."

"3, 2, 1, jumping!" Chen Li and Fang Xu Jialou jumped.

Chen Li shouted: "Ah, ah!" The wind blowing at the ear, screaming echoed in the bottom.

Fang Xiaoxuan said calmly, and silent fell into the bottom, and he also grabbed a passive flying insect.

The scenery of the entire valley is still nice, the environment of the mountains, the environment of the mountain, and the peak of the cloud, fresh and natural air. If you live in this environment surrounded by nature, it is still good.

The rope quickly came in, rebounded, and started to rise.

Chen Li's scream has not stopped, and he is happy. Fang Xiaoxuan is bored to see the West.

A passive bird is curious to look at the two, Fang Xiaolu also looked at it, and fellows thought about it, reaching out from it from it. The flying bird was shocked and flustered away.

Finally, the two will hang on the end after rebound. The staff began to pull back the rope.

"Fang Ge! Is it fun?" Chen Li asked.

"OK ... feathers are given to you." The feathers I just picked up were given to Chen Li, and Fang Xiaolu has some speechless. How can Chen Li like to be boring?

"Ah? Feathers? Where come?" Chen Li asked.

"Just picked."


The two returned to the top of the mountain and looked back at the sky, so returned to the hotel, ready for the next day.

Chen Li and Fangfu returned to the room for a while, and the Chen Li, who slenged, started to turn the right, and the gods got angry: "Filial piety, staying here is more boring, we also Find a place to play. "

Fang Xiaolu, I will know that Chen Li will not be willing to be quiet, and I don't have any opinions. I have no opinions, I stayed, I'm going to play, but I haven't intended to be in my heart. I don't know Chen Li. Where is it?

Chen Li flooded, there was no fun place, I didn't tell myself, I sent a "yeah" in my mouth, and I swayed on the bed. I bored a few rolls, and my eyes were over. I saw the propaganda page on the bedside table, and the different animals were placed above - this is the introduction of the zoo.

"Hey? This is interesting!" Chen Li sat up and scratch the propaganda page in his hand: "Filial piety is going to play here, I don't look far, my idle is also idle, is it good?"

Fang Xiaoxuan took the propaganda page, which is the two huge-alpaca? The little blossom face of the , even if the Fang Xiaolu is also hard to resist, he hesitated, two men went to the zoo? I am afraid it is a bit ...

How can Chen Li can't see the hesitation of filial piety? Make a victory of the shake of the filial piety, and even the state of spoiled: "Filial piety, go,?"

Fang Xiaoxuan's chicken skin has a bumpy, one is open, "I am far away, and I don't want to use this kind of cavity to be filmed, what are you going? Be a woman." But It is the steel straight man. Chen Li is shaking his head, which is that this handsome face is not hitting here.

"Then let's go?" Chen Li is still not easy to exchange in his own image. Natural is afraid of Fang Xiaolu to become a gossip, Fang Xiaolu helpless, the heart also wants to open, since the idle is also idle, it is better to go out, otherwise It is also boring alone.

Fang Xiaolu took Chen Li, did not have to go to the zoo. Naturally, Chen Li went to buy tickets. Fang Xiaoxuan stopped the car. When he came back, he saw Chen Li's snacks in the outside of the small alley, and the Fang Xiaolu smiled.

"How big people, how do you like to eat?" Fang Xiaolu helpless.

"I am different from you, I can't do it, I am, I am still a normal human." Chen Li shook his head, not inommptive, these is normal human beings feel good? "