The richest man in the magic city

No. [245]

I can't eat if you eat chickens, and you will be cool at home. It is also necessary to rush to registration at seventh. Now it is half-point, and Lao Zi is gone, and there is no need to register chicken. Have this time Laozi can cool two. Don't go, you will never go. Fang Xiaoyu told these ideas to Chen Li, saying that he will sign up with him to sign up for the game of the king's glory, so that Chen Li wants to find a teammate.

Chen Li and Fang Xiaoyu have been said for so long, and the attitude of listening to the phone is not too much to think! There is no way, and finally I can only tell Fang Xiaoxun that this king's glory game Fengdu all high-end players will go, he is not there any opponent in a place? Then teamal together to go to Fengdu to sign up for the competition, with high-end players in other places, discuss what is discussing tactics!

Fang Xiaoyu, I heard that the high-end players in the city near Fengdu will also go, and they can't resist the temptation for a while. If I promise to register with Chen Li.

Fang Xiaoyu found two casual clothes from the wardrobe, and took the car key and set it with Chen Li to the point to the ground.

Fang Xiaoyu received Chen Li and took the car to the registration place of Fengdu. In the car, I asked why I didn't know if there is a king's glory game in Fengdu. How did he say it. Chen Li is just a saying that is a king of Fengdu, a glory player tells him this afternoon. No! Why didn't I receive a message? Fang Xiaoyu took out his mobile phone after he finished this sentence. I went, I came so much news, I didn't see it, it is really sleeping too dead.

Fang Xiaoyu's reasoning finally promised to register with Chen Li's team to register because there is a high-end player temptation. Fang Xiaoyu will not forget this, so I also asked if there are high-end players in other regions. What are they all, know yourself and know each other! Fang Xiaoyu felt that he was watching the phone when he drove, it was too much trouble, so the situation of the game was still as convenient.

Chen Li listened to such a problem, so Chen Li took out his own mobile phone, afraid that he remembered something for some details. Fang Xiaoyu said to the mobile phone and said to Fang Xiaoyu.

The content is asked to register, players participating in the competition will play in the British Hall tomorrow morning. The rules of the game are eliminated, and the ratio of the ratio, and finally the six groups will be finalized in the same time. The top three players will get the official certification of this king's glory, and there is a bonus.

Fang Xiaoyu heard the first three welfare, he was excited, but this excited and bonus did not matter, and then he said that when he fellow is missing! He is only interested in the official certification of the king. With this certificate, he is easy to play the king's glory equipment brush.

What about the player? What players will play? Fang Xiaoyi can't wait to know which players, to win the game, know more about the opponent, and will win more.

Chen Li said that this specific him is not clear, it is not yet started. However, Chen Li knows that Fengdu's dream team, Jiangcheng's chasing the wind, Ya City's innocent teams will be will go. These people are the top players of these local kings, their team wants to have official certification of the king's glory, there will be a fierce battle, and there is a strong opponent in the player who knows, I don't know. There are still a lot of players, so it's not easy to win! Fortunately, their equipment is relatively high-end atmosphere.

Fang Xiaoyu opened the sports car and finally arrived, and when they arrived, they had already ruling a long team, and they also came behind them later. It seems that there is a lot of players who come to participate in the competition!

Fang Xiaoyu has risen nearly 20 minutes of team, and finally is the name of the newspaper. Fang Xiaoyu looked at his long team behind him, and he had a long breath. Fortunately, you will open it.

The name has been reported, and Fang Xiaoyu is waiting for tomorrow's 9:00 am tomorrow.

The next day of the game began.

The competition venue, a hot, the king's glory as the most popular game in the country, the kind of hot, and the people have surrounded the entire competition site.

On the weekdays, the gods of the star, there is no, even if it is, even if it is the strongest king here, I don't dare to be too arrogant.

Here, maybe there is only a glory king, and it's a bit of a little and confidence ...

Sitting on a soft chair, Fang Xiaoyu looked at the very exciting Chen Li, turned over the white eyes, in these people who participated in the competition, perhaps only the latter is the lowest ...

Although I have a good segment with Chen Li, he is now just the strongest king five stars.

In the past, the strongest king could be counted as a big god, but in this "master gather" competition, the strongest king can only be jumped out of the row of rookies.

On the king, glory is the respect, the king, the best rookie ...

Because Fang Xiaoyu only had him and Chen Li, organized the game to complement three people for the competition.

Originally five people form a team, it should be united, but the filial piety did not expect that this is a teammate, just gave him a proud you!

That kind of look, no one is not enough to describe, always with a passionate gesture, it seems to "Hedi Chicken Group" general ...

For those who are high than top, Fang Xiaoyu is not dismissed.

His is a conceited person, but his arrogance is like this person, but it is a lot of raise.

It is undeniable that his strength of the king is indeed, but his arrogance, it is better than him. The strength of the glory of the king!

Fang Xiaoyu has something to do, even if his game strength is strong, it is just in the virtual world, what is worth a good show.

Moreover, his strength of his king is compared to this, it is not much more, even ... I still have to pass ...

With such a team of such people, Fang Xiaoyun has no heart, he wants a person who can cooperate with the tacit understanding, but it is not such a proud person.

Strong strength, can he still fight five!

Fang Xiaoyu is willing to lose, and it will definitely not fight with this person.

The technology of the glory of his king is equally enough to be proud of the group!