The richest man in the magic city

Going down [247]

After the news, the man was proud of his face, it seems to be demonstrated to Fang Xiaoyu, as long as his friend came up, there will be you better.

Fang Xiaoyu saw the man's look, guess what he was thinking, but he didn't think about it, continue to pick up the music, use the back to go to the table, slowly drink.

He has a habit of drinking, and it will not be drunk for a while, but he slowly drinks several times. He feels like this.

Sure enough, how long, I heard the voice of the disturbance, and more than a dozen people have to go upstairs, almost didn't squeeze the stairs.

The staff of the competition saw this situation, hurried forward, the staff arrived, worried that this group would play the group upstairs, so try to block them, do not let them go.

But these people look into anger, and many people have many people, the staff is like an arm, and they are pushed by them, and then they are in the hooded.

Needless to say, these people are the man's friend, they see the news from the man in a circle of friends, from the rivers and lakes, immediately come to support.

The man saw his friends came, and the heart was dark, he didn't smrate out Fang Xiaoyu, with these friends came over to help, Fang Xiaoyu is so powerful, he will not be afraid.

"Big Brother, is this a boy?" Asked the man asked.

"Well, it is him," The man nodded, then reminded him: "This kid has some things, you have to be careful."

The man's friend looked at the deposit filial piety, and the age was still small, and it seems that at least a high school student. I didn't put the Fang Xiaoyu in my eyes.

"Big Brother, you can rest assured, we must make this kid into a pig, even his parents can't recognize him." The man's other friend said.

After finishing, these people laughed together, as if they were filial, just like squeezing an antity is so easy.

These people say that you said in the side, Fang Xiaoyu is too lazy to pay attention to them, continue to drink your own cola, he is drinking very slow, because he feels that today's Coke is particularly good, so I can't bear it. The tone is finished.

However, just like the world, it will end, and then drink cola, there will be a drink.

Now, Coke finally finished drinking, Fang Xiaoyu put the cola bottle of the drunk to the desktop, then, I also played a full loudly.

After I was full, he turned his attention to those people in front of him. However, everyone can see that he did not take these people too much.

"You are a one, or come together?" Fang Xiaoyu said indifferently.

I heard the Fang Xiaoyu said so, those people suddenly appeared, and Fang Xiaoyu was so arrogant, so that they had already awkward.

The man had a bitterness, knowing if a one is going up, less than a second will be killed, just like himself.

He estimated, let his friends together, the encirclement is filial, maybe some will win.

Now he only wants to defeat the filial piety, and you don't want to think about the rivers and lakes that don't have the face. First, you will be filled, and you will return your own face. It is what he is now here.

At the moment, he looked back whispered to his friends: "Listen to me, everyone together, this kid has some things, you have to be careful."

His friends listened to that man, nodded, and then concentrated on the bodies of Fang Xiaoyu, slowly step down to Fang Xiaoyu approached.

Fang Xiaoyu did not look at them, but he snorted, reached out the empty cola bottle on the desktop, and the neck wants to drink again, and I think that Coke has been finished.

He is slightly disappointed on his face, just put the cola bottle in his hand, caught it into a group, then throw it to people who approached him.

Those people saw that there was something to throw it on their faces, scared, and then looked down, and the figure was moving.

Then, these people have not figured out what is going on, they have been kicked by Fang Xiaoyu, and they have rolled down to the stairs. The head is on the stairs, and the table tennip pong is a piece.

Where did they come, now they come back.

Fang Xiaoyu packed these guys, patted the dust, opened the mobile phone, and continued the king game.

Time has just come, when he appears, his teammates just look for him, he joined their team, all the road to slaughter, such as entering the unmanned.

It seems very hard today, I will pass all the opponents, and I will get the championship.

Although the championship has already got soft, but he saw the captain's word to his compliment, still feel very happy.

More than the mood, he went home with joy, watching TV and live, feel boring, just go to bed.

The next day, Fang Xiaoyu had already got up early, winning the champion of the king competition yesterday, he is still excited yet.

However, it is better than the finish, today seems to be done, Fang Xiaoyu can't help but feel bored.

I came back yesterday. He hasn't come yet and tells Ona, so I plan to tell her now.

Into the room in Lua, there is no sound inside, and then look, I turned out that Lua is sleeping in bed.

, only wearing an animal cartoon underwear, she leaning against the pillow, sleep, the expression on the face can not say cute. Although it is just a high school student, but her body has developed like a charming girl, the body's curve, at this moment, in front of Fang Xiaoyu.

Fang Xiaoyu approached Ona, a burst of deer hit, and his eyes did not help but stay in the hill of Meana, it could not be removed for a long time.

Suddenly, Ona had a voice, it seems to have done, then turned a body, I don't know how to wake up.

Fang Xiaoyu was shocked, and the body was returned, and the result was hit the chair behind him and sent a sound.

Although the sound is not large, I wakes Ona, two clear eyes open, see Fang Xiaoyu standing in front of her bed, full face, and asked: "What are you doing, scare me. "

"Nothing ... Nothing," Fang Xiaoyu is a red road: "I want to find something."

"What? I haven't woken up yet." Ona made an yawn, then closed his eyes.