The richest man in the magic city

The [249] is not convinced.

Soon, Li Jian has appeared, he walked on the conference hall, first glanced over the big champion, then announced an amazing news, he was about to retreat, and his big brother, will be held by Fang Xiaoyu.

Then, in the eyes of everyone, brought Fang Xiaoyu to the center of the podium, introduce the big church of the big church.

Fang Xiaoyu is on the verse, and the owners see him is just a student's little fart, the entire conference hall, and suddenly boil boiling water is generally boiling.

Their face is a horrified expression, and there is a refused expression. I feel that Li Jian is decided. It has not been too grass, how can a black bureau? How can it be handed over to a small boy who does not have the world?

From their expression, they probably think that Li Jian is not a faint, and will make such a confused decision.

Li Da Mao, who Nanyang Street, immediately stood up: "Boss, you are not joking with us, we don't even know this little boy, how can he let him lead us?"

Li Jian looked at Li Mao, only asked: "Li Mao, you don't accept it, is it?"

"Yes, boss, I don't accept it, I believe that other views are the same." Li Mao met.

Li Jianyi listened, silently reached a finger head, and then said: "Bodyguard, play him!"

Then, after Li Jian, jumped out of the two burly bodyguards, rushing over to Li Mao is a boxing, and always put Li Da Mao's eyes, this is only.

Li Jian swept the main one, asked: "You, who don't worry now, try it out."

Li Jian's voice is just falling, the Pig Ben Street is the master, a man who has long, like a pig, stands up, loudly: "Boss, I advise you to think twice, this is not a play In addition to you, we will not serve others. "

Originally, this sentence is very concerned about Li Jian, after all, the sentence is holding Li Jian, the main heart of the pig bar street is thinking, however, why, Li Jian is not happy, will not Have it.

Unexpectedly, he just finished, Li Jianbei wrinkled, still the same sentence: "Bodyguard, play him!"

The two bodyguards heard the order of Li Jian. I didn't say it. I jumped out again. I was huggish to the Piga Street, and the church was hit, and the heart did not stop.

One breath, I packed up two churches, Li Jian thought that there should be no words to kill the chicken monkeys, but there should be no words, but I didn't think of it, when he once again, asked them, when there is no opinion, these mainmen There are still a few uncomfortable, and they are not convinced together, this is hard, he thinks, can you always punish them together?

"You are too disappointed," Li Jian station on the podium, a face angry: "Do you know why he is? Why don't you support me?"

"We don't care about him, we only know that we have only one helper, this person is you." Aries said the main Tang Feng.

"Yes, let us recognize him to make a big brother, it is impossible, we don't accept the gas, we are not convinced." Zhenhe Street, Dawin said.

"Why is it temporarily replaced with a helper, boss, you have to give us a reasonable explanation." Daxie Street Hall said.

There is also a lot of people who stand up to speak, anyway, what they mean is, which is to oppose Li Jian's decision, saying that it will not obey this new helper.

Li Jian heard that his opposition is so high, between him, there is no way, you can't always punish all, he must punish it all over, then, put them all punish them, and don't see them. Will take it.

At this time, Li Jian returned to the Fang Xiaoyu, full of difficult expressions, then he said to the chitinant who was uncomfortable, the sound was gone: "Do you know? This is my Big brother, I am grateful to me, so it is your big brother, why can't you listen to me, recognize him to make your big brother? "

"Boss, although he is your big brother," The Aries Street is said: "But he is not kind, how can you force us to do what we don't like?"

"Yes, and like this little fart, what qualifications are to be our boss, I am the first to not accept him." Daxie Street is connected to the mouth.

"Let's make him do the big brother," Zhenhe Street, the main forest, said: "Unless he is there, let us know, if we really let us get ok, we will recognize him to make big brothers."

Li Jian listened to them, the more unliked, the eyebrow wrinkled, hate to put these perfi guys on his face, but he also knows that he is a helper, can't do this, so doing this. His brethren will not take him more.

When I was in the difficult, Li Jian suddenly saw the Fang Xiaoyu, who had been talking, could not help but, he didn't know what Fang Xiaoyu was prepared, and looked at him with his eyes.

Fang Xiaoyu has listened to these main ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I am going to horses.

When he was on the game, the patriarch of these expressions were patrolled, and then the figure was moved. In a second, he made all the director of the conference hall, and played them to the west, broken arm. There is no one in the feet, there is no one is complete.

Then, he took the clapping, continued to return to the podium, just asked the cold voice: "Now, have you worn?"

Those churches are green, but in order not to be filled with Fang Xiaoyu, I will rush to answer: "I took it, I licked, we serve ..."

Fang Xiaoyu continued to ask: "That starts from today, what do you have?"

Those who have answered together: "No opinions, no opinions ..."

Fang Xiaoyu grinned: "That's good, scrap!"

Li Jian looked at it, and he didn't spend an hour and could not solve it. Fang Xiaoyu actually got in a few seconds. He looked at the filial piety, and his heart was either eased in his worship.

Now Fang Xiaoyu replaced Li Jian, became the boss of the gang, and the church of the church fellow is also in the hands of the people, and will be willing to sell him for him.