The richest man in the magic city

The [252] I bought this company.

Fang Xiaoyu saw almost the same, only to stop his hand, he waved a retreat, and those people were in half a minute, and they disappeared without trace.

Then, he walked to the Xia fat manager, he snorted: "I told you, you have to sin, you are absolutely not good."

The little fat manager now finally knows the strength of Fang Xiaoyu, scared his face, saying weakly: "This is our boss let us do this, we are just a matter of people."

"Your boss?" Fang Xiaoyu was shocked: "Who is your boss?"

"My boss is Zuojiang." The little fat manager told the Fang Xiaoyu: "All this is what he lets us do, and we have nothing to do with us."

Fang Xiaoyu browed: "You call him."

When the little fat manager heard, he dared to listen, immediately dialed the phone to Zuojiang on the boss, and said something briefly said.

Soon that Zuojiang came over, I went to the company, I saw the full surface, I couldn't help but wrinkle, and I looked at the filial piety. The face was even more incredible.

"Is you taking my company?" Zuojiang said coldly.

"It's me," Fang Xiaoyu admitted: "Who let you say without trusted people?"

"You are called my company, but I have to pay." Zuojiang coldly said with Fang Xiao.

"Nothing," Fang Xiaoyu is easy to answer: "You will buy your company."

When Fang Xiaoyu came out, I was shocked by Zuojiang.

After paying the money to Zuojiang, this company is completely a fellow, such a thing, his fellow is not the first time, there is no feeling in my heart, just in the two people who don't know, he It is not so easy to let go.

A manager of a book, an unconscious, did not expect to be very bad, a front desk that supported a company's first image, actually takes people, such a person is still in the company, don't know What troubles will bring you your company?

Although this company is not worth mentioning for yourself, if you have trouble, if you have trouble, you still need to take time to adjust, you can do this when you usually do this, you have no time to do this meaningless Best.

Therefore, he bought the first thing to buy this company, that is, the manager and front desk of this construction company will be opened. "From tomorrow, two people don't have to come to the company, as for this month, you can still go financial there. Leading the whole month, it is a compensation for you. "

The two people who bought their own filial piety and their behind-the-scenes, they felt very fear, they all felt very fear, they blamed two people unclear, if this person learned so much, she had long. The real obey.

It is not enough to fall now, although the two people are very unhappy, but the two people who face the filial piety are even more sentences.

Now he is still very tongly, they still have to pay close attention, otherwise, wait for a while, if they have filled, they really don't know where they are crying.

The two people who move towards the Ministry of Finance must repent, especially the manager, in this construction company for a long time, it is hard to mix the position of a manager, the result is not a lichen, because offended The person who is sin is being opened, and he is really unlucky.

I saw the back of the two people walked into the Finance, and the Fang Xiaoyu did not feel anything. He didn't do it at all. He gave the opportunity of these two people. Who told them that these two people don't know how to know, I am so It is very friendly.

Also, these two people don't have a particularly big problem, just look down on people, did not do it very much, but in order to prevent, this company will definitely can't appear, in order to give I will find some trouble later, I have to do this.

After all, I have no time to deal with the company who is not counting, but still wants to cut the root, and the blame can only blame these two people a bit unlucky, who told her own character is this, It is not a wise decision that suffers from it.

Fang Xiaoyu responded from his own contemplation, then people found a work, and then let them go to Nanyang Street, with the two people who have just been, this helper is naturally not unrestrained, After all, there are people who come to work, no one wants to lose this job because people who are sinful.

Then, this helpers didn't say that I went to Nanyang Street with Fang Xiaoyu. Fang Xiaoyu was very satisfied. It seems that it is very easy to use, sometimes it is very easy to use. As long as they can seriously work, they don't care about it.

A group of people came to Nanyang Street, one of the bodies of the people similar to working, looked at the scenes of the eyes, and then inquired by the filial piety

"Boss, this place is so deserted, we have to build something here." This Fang Xiaoyu did not choose silence. After all, this helper is helping to help work, if you don't give people clear instructions, I am afraid those people. There is no way to work at all.

I have an idea for this to build any part of the filial piety. He is ready to build a game city. In this case, when you are bored, you can come here to build a time. If you go anywhere, you will not meet what to find People.

In order to avoid this happening again, he decided to build a game city here is the best thing. If you open the store, even if you use it, you will be strictly cheat, this place, true There are not many people who dare to come to their own store.

In this way, he can make a good place to do in the past, and you can punish those who come to find , after all, this place, others can absolutely can't afford.

Then, Fang Xiaoyu said with the idea of ​​the heart and the people of the construction company. There is no opinion of the help. After all, it is just to work, and there is no qualification to say, after all, they are ready to start building.

Others don't say, no matter how this construction company is, the company's work ability and business capabilities are the leaders in the peers, otherwise Fang Xiaoyu will not start this company.