The richest man in the magic city

No. [253] Construction personnel come

But just wait for someone who wants to start building, a group of people who look at them is like a bunch of small mix.

That gang walked to the face of Fang Xiaoyu and the people who were preparing to work, and then satirically, ready to build, after we permission, know who we are, today you intend to protect Fees, this place will be used for you "

"But if you don't know if you don't know, don't blame us." "" "" Protection fee is not much. "Which person was more than a number, the help of the opposite work This little mixed finger is surprised.

This person doesn't know where to come out and receive protection with them. However, Fang Xiaoyu did not speak, they naturally did not dare to open.

"How can I lose money, you can't afford it. If you don't have some money, you still build a shit." The little confused voice just fell, Fang Xiaoyu only took a fist, "it is true to give Don't face your face, do you count what stuff, still find you, hurry up. "

Then, it is natural to be easy to leave, and then play with Fang Xiaoyu. As a result, Fang Xiaoyu will solve those people, then the blending is not good, and even rolling and climbed. .

Looking at the back of the boy, Fang Xiaoyu, the heart is clear: it is also a bunch of people who don't have anything to resist, it is really impatient, if you don't have Kung Fu to take care of them, their It is much more than this.

As for the opposite people, I saw that the fellow fuma was dealt with so many little confuses. He was very admired. I didn't expect this person not only rich, but also very capable. It seems that this person must be guilty.

Fang Xiaoyu has not too much in my heart, laughing at the little confusion, after all, she has something else to do. Then he turned his head and looked at the surprises, why didn't you work, the voice of the party has reacted from the surprises, and then use them to start construction.

That helper also has a good hand, it is a few minutes, it is officially constructed. Although Fang Xiaoyu is not very recognized by some people of their company, he is still very recognized for the work efficiency of this help, he is I will stay here for a while.

After all, he asked someone to help himself, if you have been staring here, you still use what they do, the time when he is filial is not used to do these things.

There is no matter what you leave from the construction site. If you return home, after returning home, you just haven't just sitting, there is no long-lasting party, I will receive a phone.

It is Ona's father, Europe, Fang Xiaoyu, did not hesitate to pick up the phone, "Hello, what is the uncle?" For the European flying filial piety or very respectful.

"I will be prepared to come back. Now I am going to take off at the airport." I haven't been able to get it, I will send it to you, I will pick me up for a while. "

"Yes, don't tell Ona first, say that I am back, I am ethiy's birthday, I want to give him a surprise, after picking up me, we will buy a gift to Ina."

Oufu flew in the phone to the Fang Xiaoyu. "Well, good, uncle, you can rest assured that I will pick you up for a while." Fang Xiaoyu is a promise to the European.

"Okay, don't tell Ona" Oufu, I will have another time before the phone.

The voice is just falling. It has not hesitated the phone. Anyway, he is very relieved. After all, it is a son-in-law that he recognizes. Although he doesn't know that his daughter and Fang Xiaoyu are very good, there is no close point However, this does not hinder the son-in-law of their own recognition.

As soon as this is a mobile phone, I think that this Europe is flying out for such a long time, and it should be returned. If today, Europe does not call himself, it is estimated that he will definitely forget the birthday of ea.

I have been so busy recently, I have forgotten this important thing. It seems that I have to use my mobile phone to remember, otherwise, my own breakdown will be forgotten.

However, you should give ea to buy a gift, I'm of the identity of Ina, nature is not lacking the golden gift. After all, people are also a family of two families, from the small Various golden things have long been, I don't care about this.

However, I really can't think of something, I don't seem to be so perfunctory. This question is really difficult to fall, but since I can't think of the problem, the fellow is not thinking, anyway, this kind of thing It is not good at all.

Let him think that the problem is better than letting him deal with a few people who don't know, this is much better than letting him do this. Waiting for a while, I will discuss what I like when I pick up Oufu flight.

After determining his thoughts, Fang Xiaoyu took his mobile phone to see an eye, and found that Ou flied to him flight number, then looked at the time, I found that Ouhuang flying plane had to have a few hours to reach the airport here.

I haven't eaten yet, there is still a dinner, the airport is still rushing, and Fang Xiaoyu is thinking about eating it, but filling his belly is still very important. After all, I will fly after the plane will fly, I will go to him. Give Ona pick gifts and cakes to Ina's birthday, it is estimated that I have a long time.

So thinking, Fang Xiaoyu is ready to eat, so you can go to the airport after you go out. Fang Xiaoyang wanted to go out and found that it was a bit dirty in his clothes. After all, he just wore a job site for so long, or changed a piece of clothes.

However, although it is said that it is not very grand, anyway, he is picking up, and he is not to participate in any important party, then he will find a dress from the wardrobe.

After that, I went out of the house, then took the car to a small shop you usually eat outside, although the store is very small, but the things inside are very clean, it is very delicious, usually filial piety and ena does not cook It will come here to eat.