The richest man in the magic city

The [256] I will come often.

"Mr., the light here is very dark, I will take it out to you, then decide to buy it." Said that the waiter took the clothes from the cabinet.

"Good, or waiter considering Zhou Quan." Oufa felt that the waiter said, so he followed the waiter out of the warehouse.

"The gentleman is polite, the customer is God, serving God, is what we should do, is our original responsibility." Oufei flew over the waiter, the waiter said.

"Okay, I will often patronize your store in the future." Oufu flying the impression of this store suddenly became very well, the attitude of this waiter also made him very satisfied.

It is not like the one I have encountered in the cake shop, I am very angry, I actually feel that filial piety is not worthy of money, it is really a dog eye.

After returning to the store, Ou Fei flew again, after the shirt, the clothes became more expensive, Ouzheng felt that this dress was very in line with his heart, so he told Folk piety: "Filial piety, I think this The clothes are good, it looks quite expensive, do you think? "

Fang Xiaoyu looked with the clothes and said: "I think it is good."

"Since you also say good, then I can buy it, I feel that this style is quite expensive, it is very good, as a gift is just." Ouzheng flew, Fang Xiaoyu, said that this dress is good, feel that his own eyes are sure No problem, come to this store is really coming, and you will be more than that you have just asked the waiter, if you go straight, it is estimated that you can't see so good.

"Well, it's really good, I want to buy it." Looking at Oufei is not easy to pick a gift, Fang Xiaoyu is worth a little, it is really good, it is really the one of the nobles, I didn't expect it here. You can still have such a good thing, Fang Xiaoyu also felt very unexpectedly, I feel that I bought it or worth it.

"Waiter, give us this dress ..." Ou Zaji just said that this dress he wants, immediately gave him a package, this time a lady interrupted his words.

" , husband, you see, the dress looks good, we bought it?" When you talk, you will be very high. If you are afraid, you don't know what she wants to buy that clothes, she is standing next to her Men sprinkle.

The woman looks very small, the body of these two sons is very similar, the fat is quite moderate, the woman's face is shaking, the face is shaking, the face is so thick, live off A demon, not more ugly.

After standing next to her, after listening to the woman, the unremitted waiter asked: "Waiter, how much is the two men's hands holding the gorgeous clothes?"

Just starting the man called Fang Xiaoyu and Osui Fei is the two men, this word sounds, there is some awkward, the voice of the opening is so paralyzed.

After the waiter listened to his question, because the customer was the principle of God, he could only answer, and others just asked the price and did not ask something else. The waiter replied: "Mr. Hello, this dress is the Royal Emperor The same clothes, so the price is expensive, worth 200 million. "

"What? The emperor of the Lanki, only 200 million, still saying what is expensive, this is too cheap, give me a package, I bought it, I thought that there is so noble clothes in the end! I originally The emperor wearing clothes is like this, although it looks quite expensive, I didn't expect it to be so cheap, I also wear this emperor wearing clothes, experience the feeling, giving me a package. "The obese man said. It is all contemptuous and disdain in the tone.

"Sorry Mr., this dress is currently in this store, and it is the first one, so I am sorry that I can't give you a package, I still have to ask the two sides." The waiter is still very speaking. Conscience, pointed to Fang Xiaoyu and Oufei said that the obesity man said, and quickly said a few apologies.

Fang Xiaoyu and Oufu fly watching the pair of royal couple, they have been in the words of them, and the Ozheng flying is very uncomfortable. Now they have to grab their own things. It is really looking for death, but watching the waiter does not give them, I don't think there should be In this store, I didn't talk.

The obesity man looked at the way to fly and Eutei, even more dismissed, watching them wearing ordinary, one of which long, it is a student, the other is not like a rich person.

How can these two people can buy this set of clothes, people who eat poor acids can't eat expensive, and how to wear so expensive.

The poor bought hundreds of millions of clothes, this is a funny, it is hard to wear this dress, do you want to eat? However, they are estimated that there is no more than 200 million, and I don't know what this waiter thinks. How can I believe that these two people want to buy such expensive clothes?

So he said to the waiter: "Don't ask them two, you see that I have not refuted me, it should be no opinion, and then don't look at the actual situation, see them a student, another So casually, you look at the so poor acids they wear, how can you buy such expensive clothes, although it is very cheap to me, but it is not necessarily for them, your waiter is not Considering the actual situation, how to deal with the relationship between customers and customers, how to deal with the relationship between shops and customers? "

That obesity man is all in the face of the filial piety and European flying contempt. He thinks that these two people have no power, but they have no money, even if they grab their things, how can they? It's not that the sitting is not awkward, they don't have the courage to rebel with myself.

After the obesity man was finished, his wife, that is, the lady should be asked: "Just, seeing them so poor acid, definitely can't afford, two billion is not a small number, they Don't have enough food to eat, how can you use clothes? "

The lady said that she was more sorghum, she didn't play their clothes, and involved their families. As the saying goes, the dog's eyes looked low, used to describe this couple, was wrong.

"Just, you will pack us, so you have not been interested in a while, you can't sell this dress, but I have never seen such clothes before?" The obese man continued, He asked a thing asked a waiter and asked the waiter.