The richest man in the magic city

No. [257] Magical two couples

The waiter said: "Mr., in the past, the dress is placed in the warehouse, because the price is expensive, no one is buying, generally do not take it out supply sales, today is this Mr. suddenly asked, we only took it out "

"It turned out to be in the warehouse. Isn't this not selling it? You still have to pack us, or you have to take the warehouse, these two people must not afford it, you don't think, However, you just said that he lets you take it out, don't he have to rob it? Then you have to be careful, this is a $ 200 million clothes. If you are robbed, you can't afford it. "

The obese man nowhere is to say something, they have to degrade the filial piety and Ou Fei. This time, the two people are robbing, and once a time, let the waiters sell them, rather than selling to Fang Xiaoyu and Europe.

"Just, there are not many people like us like us. If you are coming to us, we don't buy it, you still look at yourself in the warehouse, don't hurry to sell it, really no Eyes. "The woman should also be with her husband. This husband and wife sing one and sing, it is a big joke in this mall, but the couple are completely unknown.

Fang Xiaoyu and Ozheng Fei were just dry standing in the same place where the lady and the middle-aged man were listening to their ridicule. They didn't care in their hearts. Instead, they feel that they have some self-satisfaction.

Fang Xiaoyu's hands crossed in front of the chest, the corner of his mouth did not care, and his eyes were coldly looked at two people who were in front of themselves and Oufu, like watching puppets.

That lady and middle-aged man, you have a saying of the style, the eyes are contemptuous, the words are slow, and the two people are dressed up.

Fang Xiaoyu listened to some annoying, so he raised his hand casually, and then it was like a thing from the ear, and made a movement of the fingertips, some impatient openings, directly cut The noble woman didn't stop the woman: "Are you finished?"

The precious woman suddenly cut off, it was a bit surprised, put down the hands of the two, and suddenly slammed: "How ... What?"

"I want to ask you to say so much, thirst is not thirsty. This waiter said, let's come first, I don't know what it is to have a problem, what is it?" "Fang Xiaoyu The opening ridiculous, there is some expression on the face, like laughing, and the eyes flashed.

The Eufa flight on the side also cast a proud look.

The no woman listened, the gas is coming, hurriedly: "Hey, I said the young man, you can't understand the politeness, what can you buy, can you buy?" The lady said, and began to blame the Fang Xiaoyu.

Fang Xiaoyu helpless, only had to fly around the European, and the two did not have to sigh, and then turned to look at the "performance" of the lady, and the middle-aged man standing on the side is a face. Looking at two.

At this time, the waiter standing suddenly in the next side came in, and the other side of the delicate language said: "Two gentlemen, this dress, you don't want it, then I will give these two packaging. "The face is still hung smiling. After finishing, I have to take the dress to pack it.

Fang Xiaoyu listened, the heart was shocked, and watched the lady and the middle-aged man in the heart, and looked at the waiter, then quickly stopped the waiter's movement: "Wait, you stand."

The waiter whispers looks to Fang Xiaoyu, and the eyes are somewhat dodge, and the face has become a little unnatural.

"Sir, how ... What happened, you ... Do you have any questions?" The waiter lowered to settle the Baba, and did not dare to see the waiter.

"When do I say this dress? Don't you have to hear it, ah?" Fang Xiaoyu asked, tone is full, he takes the attention of the waiter.

I don't say anything in Ou Fei, but I just smashed at the waiter.

The lady and the middle-aged man heard the waiter, but it was even more proud, and the mouth is open, and smiled in the mouth.

Fang Xiaoyu is indifferent to their two, and continue to stare at the waiter.

"You ... You just don't say ..." The waiter supported the way to itself, and the face flooded on the face, some embarrassing expressions, looked at the eyes from time to time, seeing Fang Xiaoyu stared at him. After receiving the eyes, she crossed her hands and kept, standing there, I don't know what to say to you.

The atmosphere became awkward.

"Is the service of this brand store original? The customer did not sell things, unknown is right, and it is still casually trying to figure out the mind." Fang Xiaoyu immediately asked, deliberately improved the door, breaking this moment The embarrassment, I want to attract someone who comes to the street.

Sure enough, the guests around the store have heard that the movement also turned its eyes to this, some people standing and talking without pain, and the sea is going to see what happened, and there are more and more people. There have been people.

The waiter uses Yu Guang to see this more and more people, and the heart can not help but feel a little panic. The center of the body is still somewhat unstable, one is almost falling, her hands are not trembling, and the feet also started I am gone, my whole body is somewhat.

The middle-aged man did not think about the people around him. It doesn't matter to smile. Then it is unexpected to increase the strength of the fellow, listening to the waiter is being cleared by the waiter: "This little girl is What happened? She is also right, it is right, it is clever, this dress we look, even if you are the first, how can it? I think this little girl is still eye-catching, it can be seen, You are the poor, I can't afford this dress, so I will give us the clothes to us. How can I give you this kind of ? "Finished, the contemptuous eyes looked at Fang Xiaoyu and Ofly.

"Who do you say?" Fang Xiaoyu listened, his eyes suddenly became fierce, widened, staring at the middle-aged man, and then directly took the step to the middle-aged man.

"Hey!" Two crisp sounds.

Fang Xiaoyu is directly on the middle-aged man. It is full of anger in the eyes.