The richest man in the magic city

Chapter [260]

Due to the joining of Fang Xiaoyu, the live broadcast platform is not very lively.

In order to receive more rewards, the anchors began to take out their own truth, and it is really a variety of demonstrations.

Some live broadcast eat the turkey noodles, let's put dozens of packing packages, eat it, no drink, spicy straight sweat.

Some live broadcast mechanically dance, even say that sing, the action is very coherent, like special training.

Some live fire, put the gasoline into the mouth, holding the fire, then spit gasoline in the torch, take a lot of sparks, very spectacular.

Some live sprinkles, find a small box, make yourself indent in the box, the average person just looks like it.

Fang Xiaoyu is very touched.

Fang Xiaoyu saw that everyone is so excited, and he is very satisfied, so he prepared a small surprise for everyone.

I can't let everyone sell so much, but I haven't returned, Fang Xiaoyu prepared a big red envelope.

This red envelope is not given to a person, but a full platform red envelope, which means all live people, everyone has a copy.

The entire live broadcast is cheering, and the mouth contains gasoline, I haven't come out and spit it out and see the big red envelope almost swallowed.

Fang Xiaoyu saw that this scene was almost smiled.

Everyone grateful to Fang Xiaoyu, "Thank you, less." "Thank you," "Fang Chang often, we all miss you ..."

Fang Xiaoyu is clear, this is what you want yourself, obviously think about your own gifts and red envelopes.

However, Fang Xiaoyu is really uncomfortable.

Fang Xiaoyu is rich, it is envious, this is the capital of Fang Xiaoyu, there is no!

When Fang Xiaoyu is full of joy, he is too happy. At this time, there is an unlike guy, it may be itchy.

One ID number is "I am your father" coming in, and I'm telling the words on the screen. "Is that the XX called Square?"

It seems that people who are filial piety are coming out.

Fang Xiaoyu is most annoying people.

Dare to do so, the filial piety, Yao Yuli, is not good at all, Fang Xiaoyu naturally did not put the ID is "I am your father" person in the eyes.

Fang Xiaoyu is very clear about the rules of the live broadcast platform. This is a place to show talents. Generally, this insulting vocabulary is not allowed.

People who usually appear in live broadcast platforms are all dinked by this earn some money, or make part-time earning a zero flowers. It's not easy to come out, and you will be able to paste your air, very friendly.

But this ID called "I am your father" is also a wonderful thing for the live broadcast platform.

This registration ID is "I am your father", it is really arrogant, and it is actually expressing his ID name with insulting words.

This person is really a heavy taste, which will use this name. To be honest, this name looks a little non-mainstream.

Fang Xiaoyu's mouth is slightly rising, and the eyes are contest.

Fang Xiaoyu is really a blushing for the ID is "I am your father", I like to put it forced to secretly put it, don't lose face in such many people.

Since this person is so arrogant, he has a forces, or it is behind him.

Fang Xiaoyu thought that since you can register such a name, you will show that the ID is not the average person behind this ID. Think of this. Fang Xiaoyu is even more sleepy, he is a thing likes to stimulate.

Although this "I am your father" is so powerful, Fang Xiaoyu is not refused.

As so much, Fang Xiaoyu is still not afraid of people!

It seems that this "I am your father" tonight is deliberately kicking the pavilion. If he is filial to the side, then he can only be unlucky.

It seems that this "I am your father" is very uncomfortable, and I started crazy spray filial piety, like eating it in my mouth, stinking.

"It seems that your kid has a few money, you can squand here, you have a kind!"

"Why don't you talk, is it told me? You see you like this, let's go home and eat milk, don't be in this eye. Hahahaha ..." This person keeps ironic.

Fang Xiaoyu thought, come out, you are looking at you, like a flies like only a centime.

"I am your father" the other party's filial piety is not screaming, it is terrible.

"Haha, let it, this is not where you have such a small child, and then say, your money is not stolen, hahaha ..."

This person is really a problem.

He actually said that Fang Xiaoyu stole money. Fang Xiaoyu can't accept such an insult, don't look at this person, let him cry if he is not believed.

Fang Xiaoyu is the most annoying person. This person dares to start the soil, really don't live, Fang Xiaoyu really wanted to sharpen him in the past.

"You are coming to the child, I will let you eat!" Fang Xiaoyu is angry, everyone can know that Fang Xiaoyu has a fire, maybe yourself!

"Ye? Why haven't you go, how is it? Hahaha"

Fang Xiaoyu can imagine "I am your father" that is disgusting expression.

"There is a single order, what is a man in the platform! Just let me solve the lack! Don't cry!" I really don't know how to fly, I think it is calm and talking to him.

Yes, Fang Xiaoyu is to let him lose his mind.

If two people are separated by the screen, Fang Xiaoyu will definitely put him mad, and he called him that he can't call the ground. Even if you cry, you will not spare him, this is the consequence of filial piety!

"Okay, young man, you are still not small, do you have a kind! How are we playing a bet?"

Fang Xiaoyu is stimulating him. I didn't expect "I am your father". I don't know who gives him such a big courage. I actually issue a gambling.

This gambling is simple and complicated, and it is simple to say. They support a small anchor to see who can get this month, whoever wins.

This kind of small trick is very simple in Fang Xiaoyu, which is simply a pediatric. Fang Xiaoyu is full of confidence and accepting challenges, squinting "Yes".

Just with the charm of filial piety, no matter where. Can Fang Xiaoyu can't get the first? It's really funny.

Then the gamble started.

Fang Xiaoyu can't make yourself passive, you must get the initiative. Fang Xiaoyu is very mindful, he is absolutely will not let himself fall into a dilemma.

"The game is beginning to start, you will wait for the admission!"

"If you can agree with my request, then the game can be officially started, how is it, is it mentally prepared?" Fang Xiaoyu must be ourselves and him.

"I ask for it very simple. If you lose, then you have to go ten slaps! Hahaha, dare not dare!"