The richest man in the magic city

No. [262] Waste welcomes punishment

At this time, he regrets and bets and is late.

"No, I can't lose, I can't be smashed by the pilgrims, otherwise I am destroyed."

He is so angry with him in the live broadcast, so isn't it more terrible?

Fang Xiaoyu saw the uncle's uncle in the live broadcast, haha ​​laughed.

"Uncle, I will wait for you, you should be careful not to dizziness, hahahaha."

It seems that he is four or five years old in the live broadcast, and it is very good, and Fang Xiaoyu did not ask his uncle.

The face of the uncle has been red, and finally gave two thousand eight hundred and eighty-seven square filial piety.

Finally, Fang Xiaoyu won this contest with 500 rockets.

"Uncle, contrace, don't forget to owe me ten slaps, hahaha." Fang Xiaoyu knows that he will definitely win.

Fang Xiaoyang said, live platform system prompts, Xiao Wang's live broadcast account has been locked, "I am your father" live account has been locked. Fang Xiaoyu's mood is really cool.

As the saying goes, I can't do it.

Fang Xiaoyu closed the website, and he was happy to drink soda.

I don't know if the owner of the main broadcast between the king is so dizzy. I don't know if the owner of the live broadcast of the pitiful king is crying in which corner is crying.

The id "I am your dad" is immune to a luxury office inside the capital building in the capital building.

Uncle sat on the chair and looked at the message in the information bar, the news that was locked, and the high blood pressure almost made.

"This damn old man!"

It seems that uncle is really bad, he is defeated in the hands of Fang Xiaoyu, some is not willing. But let him be more exciting, there are ten slaps where Fang Xiaoyu is waiting.

This is the retribution.

Netizens are closely eye on the screen. Suddenly, ID I am your father is gone, netizens are wondering, what is going on, why not brush? And some people have begun to ridicule.

On the live broadcast screen, the netizen's message quickly brushed.

"Hahaha, did you not still be a bomb? How can I not brush now?"

"It is estimated that the credit card has been brushed, it is sealed!"

"2333, loaded by thunder!"

"Square is heavy! Fang Shao is a real big might!"

"Fang Shaoqi to hold the thigh!"

Fang Xiaolu looked at the live broadcast and looked at the window. Wind and sunny, suitable for hitting.

Fang Xiaoxu itself is not a strong fighting person, but people don't commit me, I don't commit crimes, if people commit me, I will commit people!

This is just ten slaps, Fang Xiaolu did not think he was dead. But but also let him understand, not anyone can provoke, he is not hurting.

At this time, mushrooms also entered the live broadcast. When the netizen saw it, it was actually a big mushroom, and the swam of friends called friends. As the appearance of mushrooms, a large number of netizens poured into live broadcasts.

The small anchor saw that the big mushroom has also been excited.

Today, this small anchor is too crazy, it is estimated that the gift has been broken, and this is really a full day. Thanks to the big man. I really accumulated that the luck of the eight generations is today!

On the other side, the small anchor is also extremely excited. Although I did, I didn't move, but the gift before the brush was so long enough, it was really good luck.

Several shark TV executives also look at the heartbeat acceleration, this amount of brush, unprecedented! This platform can also make a big profit, this matter will definitely on the headlines tomorrow, the popularity of the platform can also be expanded again. Thank you for your two mighty!

Mushrooms also see ID I am your father is not moving, I know that I won.

Mushrooms are also happy for Fang Xiaolu, brush "Fang Shaowei! Congratulations!" I sent several rockets as a congratulatory ceremony.

At the same time, I also sent a message to Fang Fu, "Square, Shang Xi, this time I encountered this neuropathy is also suffocating, but I have a bit background, and Square should pay attention to safety."

Fang Xiaoxuan is polite back to "Thank you, don't worry about me."

Mushrooms are also clear, Fang Ye is not ordinary, he is only for his position to care about him.

This is less, he is not clear, knowing that he is very strong and strong.

Fang Xiaolu has issued a full platform red envelope, and everyone can get not less than 999 yuan. Netizens have started boiling. It can be said that there is no one of the people like a big hand. Everyone has pulled the relatives and friends to grab the red envelope.

Comment started to mad brush "Thank you!" "Dad wants to support!" "Fang I love you!"

Fang Xiaoxuan is really not worth money, after all, he has a magicity system, unlimited gold coins. Just send some money, let everyone have fun, he is also very happy.

This id, I am your father, it is also worth making money, huh, who makes him can't provoke people.

ID I am your father and look at the comment of the comment of the crazy refreshing. Pick up the cup on the table, I want to drink the water town, one, no water. Mom, people are bad luck!

This is even more angry, raising the cup, slamming, quits four minutes.

"Assistant! Inverted the glass!" The assistant guarded the door was jumped by the man's roar.

The war is very good, and I will go to the water.

At this time, the filial piety of the screen issued a "I have to fulfill it."

ID I am your father sitting on the screen and laughing, "I laughed, you have to have this matter, come."

To be honest, this is not willing to be humiliated in the face of so many people, so even if the filial piety is not coming to him, he also wants to find a filial piety, give him a powerful, so that you will return your face.

Temporarily, he also wants to make Fang Xuanru's ugly. Now Fang Xiaolu can look at him to find him. When you can't find it, let your netizens look at his joke.

At this time, the Assistant is put into the glass, gently put it, try to make yourself have no sense, but it is still afraid of the straight shock, and squatting down the glass slag on the ground.

"After packing up, hurry!" The man screamed.

The assistant scared directly to grab the glass slag directly. Hand was scored, blood DC.

The man is gloomy face and continues to stare at the screen.

Netizens were blown up.

"Square is really going to play him? How did this find him?"

"It's hard to find, that id, I am your father, there must be a background."

"It is estimated that there is other way to solve it?"

"Supporting party! Fang less than ID, I am your father!"

ID I am your father, I feel impossible, how can he find me? The finger has rhythm, and the other hand plays a gold card.